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Energy Forecast - Bridging Worlds - February 2012

Energy Forecast - Bridging Worlds

Emmanuel Dagher
Bridging Worlds - February 2012

Peace & blessings my friend,

The energies have turned up another notch once again, after a relatively quiet period from early to mid January. A great contributor to the amplification of energies has been the series of solar activity that lead up to the strongest solar storm since 2005 which occurred on January 22nd. The sun has continued to be quite active since then, which means a great amount of light/energy has been entering Earth's atmosphere. Although it may appear as if exterior circumstances such as solar and cosmic activities are the only things influencing the current personal, global, and universal shifts taking place, however it's also largely a result of the inner personal realigning we and our ancestors have been diligently committed to focusing on for centuries. Yes, we are that powerful. As we change, the world around us changes. Those who have set the intention to move out of fear and into love, and have been taking the necessary action steps to move into this direction have greatly contributed to the global shift in consciousness we are seeing today.

Let's get back to the energy/solar waves from the sun entering our atmosphere. What happens when a great amount of energy enters Earth's atmosphere? Many of us know all too well the answer to this question. On an energetic level, deeply buried emotions come to the surface sometimes appearing to come out of nowhere. It's less important to analyze why these emotions are coming to the surface, and more important to just observe them & let them be. By observing them, we give them room to clear out on their own. When we analyze these emotions, we create resistance within ourselves which usually reburies them until they come back to the surface more amplified the next time around.

On a physical level, feeling more tired than usual, dehydrated, on edge, experiencing digestive discomfort, ringing in the ear, dizziness, and sensitivity to our environment are normal and part of the integration process. During these periods when the energies are a bit more intense than usual, making sure we are well hydrated, nourishing our body/mind/spirit & slowing down to take extra special care of ourselves will greatly help make the energy shifts easier.

Bridging Worlds

Right now, there are two worlds that are coexisting at the same time. There is a world that is still operating from a space of separation and lack, and there is a world that is operating from love and unity. They are both here now. The world which operates on the foundations of love and unity is no longer a future timeline, but a very present reality. We simply have to choose to live in it. The gift of choice is what connects us to the timeline of our current experience.

Now, there are many who are still unconsciously attracting the experience of living in a timeline of separation, without even knowing they have chosen it. Usually, when we look at what causes a world of separation, we see that fear is the contributing factor. The truth is, there is nothing to fear because at our core we are eternal beings that can never be hurt or harmed in anyway. The sooner we adopt this understanding, the quicker we can move into a world that we know is supporting us and never against us.

So, back to those who are unconsciously still living in a world of separation. There is a part of them that is now questioning whether life really has to continue on this path of separation? Could something more hearting be possible in the near horizon? Through these questions, these incredible people are starting to awaken and become thirsty for a world that at its core runs on love and unity, even if they are unable to grasp this concept yet. In fact, that's how many of us got to where we are at today, by using questions like these to empower ourselves?

Here is where many of us who have been dedicated to empowering ourselves to live a more conscious lifestyle are being called to action. Because we are coexisting in two different worlds right now, we have the opportunity to use our knowledge, wisdom, gifts, and talents to serve as bridges to those who are also ready to move out of the world of separation.

It can be easy to get into a space where we may believe that since we've spent such a long time on our inner spiritual development, that we no longer have to contribute to the old world we left behind. However, this sort of mentality creates a type of separation in itself. It creates a type of exclusion that many of us chose to move away from in the first place. When we become inclusive to all, releasing all judgment that one belief, truth, or experience is better than the other, we create a bridge that not only aligns us with a higher vibrational reality; it also creates a space for others to enter a higher reality for themselves.

Understanding the World Bridger

A World Bridger is someone who is compassionate in nature, and who knows that life is about the 'we' rather than it being just about the 'me.' This is where their desire to be all inclusive comes in. The World Bridger also has a way of simplifying highly advanced ancient and new concepts making them accessible, understandable, and digestible for the world. Their ability to keep things simple is a type of alchemy in itself. A World Bridger is also someone who has consciously or unconsciously served as an anchor point throughout their life, with the purpose of grounding in great amounts of life force energy into their geographical location. They tend to be someone who gets along with most personalities and can adapt quickly to whatever environment or situation they are in. And, although they can adapt to any situation, they are consistent in showing up as their true self always. There is very little room for flip flopping who they are, which makes them great anchors for the people in their lives. They also have an ability to keep moving forward without dwelling too much on the past.

When a person is in the presence of a World Bridger, they tend to feel comfortable instantly. This creates the trust that allows the World Bridger to fulfill part of their mission of assisting others in moving out of fear and into love. Also, a World Bridger has the ability to connect the Etheric & Earthly realms in the present moment. They feel completely at home being on planet Earth, and have a strong connection to nature. If we are feeling a resonance and a 'yes' to some or all of these attributes, then we are most likely a World Bridger ourselves, and are more than likely feeling the call to use our abilities to help unite the world. If we're not feeling the 'yes,' it's absolutely perfect too, because it just means we have another role to experience at this time.

The Key

As we continue to move forward, we will experience many more breakthroughs that move us out of the world of separation. One of the most important revelations we will come to collectively understand about what is needed to move us into a more heart-centered society is that the world will be less about being in the mind where most of us have tendencies to over-analyze and more about being in the heart where we allow our feelings to guide us. It's in our hearts that we will find the key to the new world.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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