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Uriel's Message -- When Are You Being?

Uriel's Message -- When Are You Being?

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The relationship between human and time has always been one you consider as a limitation to your creation. You have to wait for results, to know spirit and heaven, to understand your purpose and life path, to be ready for your connection and so on. Yet the issue of time only exists in your third dimensional reality. All results are measured in the days, weeks, months and years that they take to manifest. Yet this is another third dimensional illusion. When you shift your understanding to higher dimensions you see that time is no more than the motion of energy through the density of illusion.

The more dense the illusion, the harder it is and the longer it takes for energy to move through it. Since you judge your manifestation results by how much time they take to manifest, you believe that time stands between manifestation and creation yet it is not responsible for any delays. Density, which is a mirror of your being, is what creates time or delays in manifestation. And while the greatest amount of density is created by doubt, fear and confusion, it is the 'when' of your being, where you are in your own individual timelines that creates the aspect of time and the level of density associated with it.

When your being is grounded in the past, which is the experiences you have lived, your emotional DNA energies, the vibrations you are at and your energetic frequencies, you are being in a space of great density and illusion which is a mirror of the past. This limits the flow of energy movement and activates the element of time in your manifestations. If you shift your attention to being in the moment you remove the density and time seems to go by quickly which is just another illusion created by the lack of density. From the point of spirit, it is only energy movement that corresponds to your own energetic vibration.

You know 'when' you are placing your being by asking whether you are in the present moment. As you set your intention for each moment, ask 'when' you are being, the point of your timeline where you are energetically. This is the point of your being. You cannot undo, change or re-do the past but you can use that information to create differently in each moment. Stay focused in the present and you will release the density that blocks energy's movement and the illusion of time and waiting, and you will experience instant manifestation as you connect directly and powerfully with the energy that is yours to create with, without density and therefore, without time.

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