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Holographic Matrix Realignment

Holographic Matrix Realignment

Holographic Matrix Realignment is designed for people whose purpose for incarnating on this planet is universal synergy. It deals with vast holographic structures that people are carrying from other planets, stars, and universes, as well as, many structures from within this planetary game.

Holographic Matrix Realignment

The transformation is in three stages of three days, three weeks, and three months. In the first three days, the inner reality landscape reconstructs itself. You may not be able to hold a thought in your head and feel like you were energetically hit by a truck.

In the next three weeks, the outer reality shifts and people drop in and out of your life. If you have been doing karmic monads and co-dependence with someone, that person will probably pitch a fit. If your parents are alive, usually Mom calls within twenty-four hours with; "I was worried about you" This is because we cut the parental cord.

By the end of three months, you will look back and see that the entire basis of reality has changed. The changes may not be traceable though because the change is holographic and happens everywhere at once.

The cocoon that we infuse at the end is made of interlocking fibers. They are designed to screen out other people's telepathic images, monads, cords, thoughtforms, and emotions. It gradually moves out away from the body over three weeks, growing thinner over time. It dissolves at about the three-week point. If you encounter any negativity in that period, you can say, " Please tighten cocoon." It will tighten back to the original position but move out faster.

Effects of Karmic Matrix Removal or Holographic Matrix Realignment

Complete and sudden life shift. Any relationship or situation may suddenly go into crisis, release or disappear.

Sudden personality / identity shift. Since lots of the matrix is self karmic, if your identity is based in dysfunctional patterns of limitation, you may have an identity crisis or a breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional identity.

Change in relationships. Anywhere a relationship is karmic based is likely to dissolve. Relationships based on Spirit will strengthen. That means people will likely leave your life.

Descensions of Spirit. This is very common soon after. It's often a very intense descension with lots of physical manifestations such as shaking, rushes, dizziness, and nausea, as Spirit does a shake out of density, stuck emotions and closed systems.

A deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of limitation. A whole new level of vision and determination emerges. This technique allows the old world to die and the new world to be born simultaneously. It drops out the time lag between the release of a dysfunctional pattern and the infusion of a new vaster vision from Spirit. Focus on the new life that is emerging rather than on what is leaving. It makes the integration much faster and less traumatic.

Saturday December 12 at 9:30pm EST

Cost $ 25.00
you can register here

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