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Day 6 of 7 Days to Valentine's Day Preparing yourself for Love

Day 6 of 7 Days to Valentine's Day

Preparing yourself for Love

This week we celebrate Valentine's Day, a time when the world celebrates love-from a one-sided perspective. What we celebrate on Valentine's Day is love from others and with the hype and marketing we believe that if we don't have someone to show us how much they love us, we are missing out and there is something wrong with us. And that is where it is one sided because real love, the kind that is unconditional, incorporates all aspects of love, what we receive from others and most importantly, the love we have for ourselves.

So during the 7 days leading to Valentine's Day we will take a journey of love together, that will bring us back to our core of love and prepare us to manifest the loving, fulfilling relationship of our dreams. Let's get started.
Day 6 Forgiveness

All healing work has a forgiveness aspect as every healing path exists because there is an energetic imbalance. The only way to resolve the imbalance is to bring the energies back to unconditional love and that is done through forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. It is the gift of healing and release that is very 'selfish' in that we do it strictly for ourselves. When we forgive someone we release ourselves from all fear-based connections to them within the vibration of our relationship with them. What happened, what they did or did not do is not important. What we release through forgiveness is every emotion that is not at the vibration of unconditional love.

It is just as important to forgive ourselves as it is to forgive others. When we forgive ourselves we are releasing our judgments, anger and all emotions that we feel about this situation. We weren't stupid, blind, ignorant or gullible; we could not have done or known better and made the best decision we could at that time.

Today, forgive everyone in your life and feel the release of these connections that keep you tied to your past and karmic history. By doing this you open yourself to manifesting new relationships at different energetic levels. Then, forgive yourself for everything you have done in these relationships, including their creation, and see yourself as a new, fear-free, love-filled soul who is ready to manifest the relationship of your dreams.
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Manifesting Class
You have asked for a class on manifestation and I am offering a four part series on manifestation, prosperity and abundance, intention and co-creation starting March 1, 2010 at 8PM US central time.

Visit the website for details and registration information.
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Expanding Love Project on Facebook

Join me in expanding the love energy that is available during this Valentine's Day week to everyone in the world. Join the project by searching for Expanding Love Project on Facebook, take the project commitment and invite your friends and fans.
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This program is brought to you by Jennifer Hoffman and the Uriel Heals community. For more information visit www.urielheals.com or email info@enlighteninglife.com

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