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Message From Sananda, July 2010 Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

Message From Sananda, July 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

"Love Is The Answer"

Beloved Ones,

In the dawn of a new era, there are many challenges facing each one of you. Face these challenges in the Love and joy of your Sacred Heart. We ask you each to remain in the Love of your Sacred Heart. This Love will carry you through all challenges which confront you. This Love will carry you through every Moment in the Now. This Love is the foundation of all Creation and is the key to your New Age and your new life in the fifth dimension. All challenges will be resolved to the highest vibration you are capable of holding when you approach solutions from the vibration of Love. Love is the highest vibration, and the solution to a challenge is always found at a higher vibration than the vibration of the challenge you are facing. Sit quietly and breathe deeply, when you are faced with a challenge, Beloved Ones. Sit quietly and breathe in the All, breathe in the Elixir of Life. Feel the expansiveness, feel the fullness of the Love of your Sacred Heart. Sit quietly and breathe deeply as you allow the Love to overcome the negativity of the ego and the lower self desires. Creating solutions from the lower self and the ego will only bring imperfect solutions into your conscious awareness and theses solutions will only bring you more pain and suffering. Create from the Sacredness of your Divine God Self and your heart. You have the capability to remain in Love in every Now Moment. Accept this, meditate upon this and allow your solutions to be created within the Love of your Sacred Heart.

Be the vibrations of Love, Dear Ones. Hold your consciousness, your awareness, your Divine God Self and every aspect and facet of you, in the vibration of Love. Your four bodies will come into balance and harmony very quickly, when you hold the vibration of Love. For your physical body, sit in meditation and take your consciousness within your body. Go within each organ and radiate love to the organ. Use your inner guidance to understand what you are holding within each organ, of the lower desire ego. Each organ has a function in regards to your thoughts and emotions and will hold the negativity of your thoughts and emotions. Find the balance within each organ and release all that no longer serves your highest good within each organ and once again radiate love to the organ and thank it for its part in maintaining perfect physical health for your body. Go within your energetic meridians, your hands, your feet, your arms, your legs, your brain structure. Go within the thymus and ask it to produce the life giving hormone. Go within your brain structure and connect in with your pituitary and pineal glands, as these glands are taking on a more important role in your new crystalline body, as you lift yourselves up to the fifth dimension. Go within your body, and radiate love, and assist your bodies when healing is needed. You may become perfectly attuned to your physical body and you may once again be in perfect harmony with your body elemental. You body elemental has been waiting for you to connect with it and work in harmony for the perfect physical health of your body. The transition to the crystalline light body will become effortless as you fully attune to your body. You will find you experience less dis-ease as you are fully attuned to the physical.

Spend time dear Ones, connecting with your emotional body. Radiate love, and compassion, as you ask your emotional body to work in complete attunement to your highest good. Ask your emotional body to come into balance and harmony within each chakra and within the Seven Rays. Ask your ego to work in tandem under the guidance of your God Self. Your ego desires to be in charge as it has for millennia, as it fears losing its job. With great Love, you may assist the ego to come into balance under the guidance of your Divine God Self.

Your mental body will also respond to the great Love and compassion which you radiate to it. Your mental body has also been overtaken by the demands of the lower desire body and the ego. With great Love, your mental body will respond as you ask it to release all the lower thoughts and to come under the guidance of your God Self. Ask your mental body to come into balance within your chakras and your Seven Rays.

Release, release, and continue to release, Dear Ones, as you connect in with each body and transmute with the Violet Flame all that no longer serves you and all that no longer serves the highest good of all Creation. When you are complete, fill yourselves with the vibration of Love and bring your Self into the Love of your Sacred Heart. Sit quietly, as you make this connection, the spiritual connection associated with your spiritual body. You will have come full circle as you have completed a very powerful healing for your Self.

A healing of this order is not accomplished all at once. It is as if you are peeling back the layers of an onion. Be prepared to do this often, and you will see the results, you will live your lives with ease and grace as you come into balance and harmony within your four bodies.

Remember, each exercise you have been asked to do, is based upon radiating the vibration of Love. Love is the answer in every Now Moment. It is the answer to every challenge, relationship, situation you will ever be a part of. Love is the answer through eternity. It is the answer to the creation of all your heart's desires. Love is the All, there is nothing else. We ask you to understand this, and turn this understanding into a deep knowingness and "Beingness" within the Love of your Sacred Heart. Love makes all things new, and you will have found the secret to the life you choose to lead, when you are this Love, every Moment in the Now. Once again, we ask you to "Be" Love. Start the day in Love, live the day in Love, and end the day in Love, Make every thought, word, and deed, one of Love.

Call upon the guidance of those of the higher realms, we will surround you in Love and assist you to hold the vibration of Love, but you must ask for our help.

I am with you, to assist you also, to "Be" the love of your Sacred Heart.

I am Sananda.

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Love and Many Blessings,


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