29 Temmuz 2010 Perşembe

Pleiasdian High Council Warning


I am Nibara of the Pleiadian High Counsel.

I come with news of great importance. Around your planet are hundreds of ships from many worlds. They come to watch your Earth's Ascension. They also come to make themselves known to you at a time of great global distress. They come as saviors for your environmental woes; however, they do not offer solutions to your one great need. You are divinely contracted to remain on Earth and be part of the Earth's Ascension Process. This has significant meaning dear ones.

You must remain on earth if you wish to experience Ascension. You must not go aboard any ship that promises to take you away to safety or a better world. We of the Pleiadian Counsel wish you to know that you will be approached by some who look like angelic beings. They will glow with heavenly light and be beautiful to see but they are not angelic in their desires to lure you away from earth. Their goal is to take as many souls as possible off world so they cannot Ascend. They have their own agenda and it does not include what is best for you or Mother Earth.

When you see them land the correct protocol and greeting is:

"It is the manner and custom when entering my space to ask permission."

They will ask. You then say:

"I am of Earth. I am sovereign. I am an equal. You may not interfere with me."

They may or may not continue at this point. If they continue ask them:

"Are you of the Light?"

Only true beings of the Light will respond with a yes. All others will be unable to respond because this is a Universal Law that we all must abide by and it is your key to discernment.

I am Nibara of the Pleiadian High Counsel and I send you are love and blessings.


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