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An inspirational Reminder by Lady Mary

An inspirational Reminder by Lady Mary
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 16/08/10

As the colours, light and frequencies of the Creator manifest in greater abundance with each day on the Earth, it is essential to determine what is correct and appropriate for you to hold focus on within your reality. So many changes are occurring on the Earth due to the alterations of a gradual process within the minds, hearts, souls and consciousness of humanity. Times of change in energy can bring forth confusion and a feeling of disappointment or an inability to achieve one’s goals; this can convey a feeling of a drifting focus rather than a precise focus. While it is sometimes appropriate to allow ones focus to drift as this may be needed to acquire new skills, lessons or to re direct intentions, it is essential to remain alert to the focus that is most appropriate for you as you exist in the present or the moment. Many people continue to hold onto or remain attached to a focus, idea or goal that is no longer needed in their current reality, these can be difficult to detach from because of a feeling of incompletion. Some become distracted by feelings of expectations from the self and others which can lead them from a path of truth and the will or divine plan of the Creator. To let go of a focus that no longer serves a purpose in your reality or spiritual growth can be the key to unleashing new abilities or a new path way forward. It can also clear your energies to allow new experiences and lessons of growth to come into your reality. If you are ever feeling stuck then it is a wonderful practice to re-examine your focus, ideas or goals as we can become so involved in certain thoughts that we miss opportunities that are waiting to be accepted and adopted. Letting go of an unneeded focus can assist you in accelerating along your spiritual path.
To live in the moment is a necessity when change in energy and therefore in your reality is a foot as it signifies moving with rather than against the energy and flow of the Creator. From day to day the energy and intentions that are aligned with the Earth can alter and hold diverse influences on your life, being accepting of this and focusing on the present allows you to learn from and manifest the will of the Creator while receiving the energies that are sent to the Earth to be accepted by humanity rather than ignored or misunderstood. To live in the moment is to live in truth and free from illusion as you are discarding the influences of the past and the prospects of the future to align with your own body, existence, mind and energy. This habit allows one to align with the Creator’s soul as boundaries between the Earth and all that is the Creator are nonexistent.
Allowing yourself to simply be, experience and acknowledge your current experiences and senses expands your mind and brings forth a clarity that encourages your focus on what is needed in your life to be accurate, strong and precise. When we have a mind that holds a strong focus on our desires and our intentions for our current reality, with an acceptance of the energies of the Creator, we begin to realise that we can tweak our focuses with ease so that they remain aligned with the will of the Creator. We also realise that the focus becomes so deep that it develops into a natural part of our being and energy, thus our mind and focus become clear and we become our intentions or the will of the Creator. This creates a manifestation of yourself that is the Creator’s energies, the will of the Creator and the appropriate intentions and focus for your soul’s experiences on the Earth. To live in this manifestation is to live as truth and will attract all that your soul desires into your reality.
To exist in the moment, supported by the current energies of the Creator and to determine the focuses or goals that are appropriate for you now allows your intuition to step forward into the sacred space and clarity that you have created. To follow your intuition in these times of alteration is the most valuable tool and practice that you can adopt because it means that you will always receive the correct guidance to be in the appropriate place and time to further your spiritual growth. Your intuition will steer you away from negativity and towards positivity, allow the flow of Creator to build around and within you and to aid your progression on all levels of your being. Your intuition can become an immense feeling or a loud voice directing you appropriately allowing doubt, fear, confusion and insecurity to fall away. When we are secure within ourselves and almost feel a guiding arrow within us directing us on a golden path of love, we become secure in ourselves, abilities and experiences on the Earth, understanding that we are always safe and protected and that whatever occurs around you due to the awakening of humanity you have the strength within you to remain balanced and focused upon your mission and purpose on the Earth at this present time.

This is merely an inspirational remainder for those we are open and receptive to my energy.

With sacred warm blessings,
Lady Mary

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light, www.wisdomofthelight.com

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