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Love Yourself to Transform the World by Lady Mary

Love Yourself to Transform the World by Lady Mary
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 23/08/10

Greetings to all, I am Lady Mary, I come forward with a wealth of love from my heart and soul but I hold a torch of love for all of you. My torch of love is held within my right hand, it is a manifestation of my own loving energies and devotion for humanity and the Creator. My light shines so brightly and it is my wish to guide humanity forward with a torch of love lighting their path. There are many paths that a soul or human can take on the Earth to achieve their goals and to become one with the Creator but there is a focus and a state of existence that is essential for all to adopt and is the truth that is needed on the Earth as healing and upliftment. Love is this sacred focus, love is the existence that is necessary to maintain and empower. With the presence of love you are more powerful, enlightened and healed than you could ever imagine as love is naturally intertwined within every manifestation of the Earth and the Creator's universe. Love is present within the food and drink that you consume, within the clothes that you wear and the thoughts that you create. You do not have to charge objects or experiences with love because love is eternally present. Many people have the perspective that love can be difficult to see or experience in the world and that most situations become charged with negativity. When we realise that the Creator manifests and exists within everything on the Earth we must also accept the truth of the Creator therefore acknowledging that love is constantly and eternally around and within us. This is the greatest realisation of all, it is the realisation that all of humanity are striving to accept at this time of spiritual ascension. Yet it is such a simple thought and realisation, it is due to programming and false interruptions that humanity struggles to see the natural presence of love which is in abundance on the Earth.
If you imagine a room which has been decorated in your favourite colours, you enjoy the room and see its natural beauty. Then decorators come into the room and put up false walls and repaint the walls in a darker colour which makes you feel unease. Your favourite colours and decoration are still present and in the room, but they are being concealed by the false walls which give your reality a new impression. You have the ability to remove all false walls and exist within the decoration that appeals to you but the darker colours look so real to you that you do not question them and so allow them to exist within your reality. In many ways we adopt beliefs and understandings from our experiences on the Earth and from the opinions of others which distract us from the truth and what makes us feel complete and happy. When we break down the barriers that distract us we are able to live a more fulfilled and valuable reality, because of the greater sacred presence of the Creator and your alignment to all that is the Creator. Many things and experiences can be created with your mind with such ease but when you allow yourself to exist within love you are allowing your soul to create your reality which means that only truth is created. Imagine if you could live in a world where everything you heard, saw or experienced was the absolute truth, there were no false beliefs, no hidden agendas, no lies or miss interruption, everything that you thought was true because it was flowing from the soul of the Creator. This would bring a tremendous feeling of comfort, confidence, peace and faith allowing humanity to evolve further to accept new realities built on the foundation of love and a oneness with all. This is the wish of all on the inner planes, to allow the Earth to manifest as the truth of the Creator and for all to exist as the truth of the Creator. A simple wish but one that requires great bravery and inner strength, which in turn develops from the presence of love.
I believe it is wonderful to sit in peace and imagine how you would experience your reality if everything around you was the truth of the Creator, if everything was love. Would this differ from your reality now? Allow your imagination to flow, energising it with positive emotions of happiness and bliss. When love is present then limitations and barriers are dissolved. It is our wish to assist you in freeing yourself from the chains and locks that bind you so tightly and block your vision forward, a vision of truth. Imagine yourself breaking all chains around you as you throw your arms out and dispel all false impressions allowing yourself to realise that love is eternally present within you and around you and you have the ability to now breathe in this love to feel and experience it fully. It will help you transform your being and reality, in a way that it breathtaking.
The only way to truly alter your perception and align it once more to the truth so that all thoughts manifest perfection rather than further challenges and lessons, is to focus on loving yourself unconditionally. In a time of change many people are seeking love, support and understanding from others but now is the time to realise that you will never find the wealth of love that you require to satisfy your needs in another soul on the Earth, because each person is focusing on bringing a complete wholeness to their own energy and needs to learn the practice of unconditional self love. The Creator will share with you all the love and support that you desire and need as the Creator is a whole energy, a true and complete manifestation but even with this connection if you are unable to love yourself then you will not be able to accept the love of the Creator absolutely. When we love ourselves unconditionally we are actually completing a process of accepting love and being worthy of love. We can ask for love from the Creator but if we do not hold the belief of loving ourselves unconditionally we do not hold the ability or the key that opens the door to acceptance. Loving yourself is the tool that opens you to exist as love. There is no other method that allows you to truly accept the love of the Creator. Now is the time to create a belief system of loving yourself unconditional as this will allow the love of the Creator to pour into your being and the Earth abundantly, attracting you instantly to the presence of love that has been with you at all times.
Call on me, Lady Mary, to sit with you as you meditate or sit peacefully and ask me to shine my torch of love over you. Breathe in the loving energy and simply say to yourself,
'I love myself unconditional, with every aspect of my being I see and feel the love of the Creator around and within me.'
Say this in your mind or out loud for as long as you wish, you should feel the natural energies of love building within and around you.
My teaching this week is to simply help you to realise that you are love and that you are supported by a love that is so pure within you. You do not have to live in false impressions and beliefs but can change your perspective to see the love and truth within everything. If all could achieve this then the Earth would transform and exist as the heavens of the Creator, allowing your inner presence to exist free from chaos or pain.
Love yourself now and transform the world,
I am Lady Mary

Sacred School of Om Na and the Wisdom of the Light- Natalie Glasson

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