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March 2012 Whale and Dolphin Cosmic Pulse

Dearest Light Family,

Welcome to my March 2012 Whale and Dolphin Cosmic Pulse. Today during my review of the energy for March we discussed the current energy trends for this month and the ebbs and flows of our collective journey.

March opened with strong significant "pulse" which is being further amplified by the strong solar flares and geo-magnetic storms of late. The deep inner review of January has tunred into the "modus-operandi" for the balance of this pivotal year in our evolutionary process. Planetary alignments most notably Venus and Jupiter (visible wherever you are after sunset) are providing further blessings as we build to the Equinox later this week on March 21st. This Equinox like all the others is a doorway or portal to heightened frequencies moving towards us later this year. Most of us are feeling "stretched" in some area's of lives at this time - stuff is up, things are changing and surrender is a massive part of journey at this time.

The Whales and Dolphins work with the planetary frequencies on a daily basis as they balance the ley lines and grid lines of our planet. Today they took us on a journey to "sun" temple on The Great Central Sun. The flurry of solar flares have a massive impact on our planet and our body. We are divine multi-dimensional beings and today with the help of beloved whale/dolphin matrix and the Violet Flame we birthed a new awarness of grand non-physical part of us. We also reconnected with our "akashic records" from last months journey. They helped us with joyful playful frequencies as we accessed whatever "records" were needed, and more importantly how to continually access this vital information.

The Whales have always been know as the "Living Libraries" carrying within them the Akashic records of our beloved Mother Earth. They helped us understand that every thought, word, gesture is "recorded" in the Akashic record, like a universal software program. They explained that the Akasha permeates all realms, the access is often through a Library .Today they beamed a holographic inter-dimensional sun temple where we merged with the "pulse" of our universe and heart of our galactic sun. We transmuted, transformed and anchored the change in our sacred heart.

Recently, I have read two very good articles that serve as tremendous reminders of useful tools and information for these times. With all the frequency changes, most of us find our memory isn't what it used to be and these reminders worked perfectly today. Here are links to the articles or websites for your further reading. Gillian MacBeth-Louthan wrote a wonderful article "Solar Activity Illuminates Consciousness" here is the link: http://www.​thequantumawakening.com/​current%20QUANTUM%​20newsletter.htm

Dr. Suzann Caroll writes a fabulous monthly newsletter with great information. Her March artilces discusses the 10 Aspects of Ascension. Another great reminder and support. Her link to the newsletter signup is http://www.multidimensions.​com/TheVision/newsletter.html ​

This timing like last month is a time for "internal" mapping our frequency within our sacred heart space. The whales and dolphins along with our beloved multi-dimensional selves beamed an images of a transcended sun temple or palace where we could cohere all of our unique frequency signatures into balance. The whales and dolphins offered a loving message of support and understanding as we move through these challenging times.

I want to thank ALL that were able to join in and participate with me today. The love and energy allowed a deepening to our connection with the "Whale Matrix" which will be the foundation for all further meditations. We aligned today with the powerful energy of March and the massive change that is occurring on all levels. The Whales and Dolphins showered us with the frequency of "Love" today, giving each of us a new found inner strength and a new level of trust.

We connected with our non-physical, multi-dimensional selves within a 5D crystalline sanctuary and the Whales and Dolphins played in our transcended "puddles" of light to fill each one of us with light filled awe and honour. We connected with the energy of this month and coming year and all its opportunity for change.

We are and will remain in dramatic times of change over the coming months, and our beloved Whales and Dolphins are within us offering a cohesive integration and interface between our sacred heart and our 3D/ 5D bodies. The Whales and Dolphins offered support for us and our beloved Mother Earth, by weaving the vibrational frequency of LOVE, uniting ALL in this NOW timing.

Our beloved Whales and Dolphins along with our Beloved Arcturians, Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, and Star-Seed families will continue to support the interface of our 3D/5D systems as we continue to surf the crystalline vibrational upgrades of 2012. The entire meditation was recorded, below are the links.

It takes a few seconds for the recordings to begin.

Marhc Overview and Meditation

http://www.audioacrobat.com/​play/W57WkqC4 For Listening on Desktop

For Download as an MP3 File


My April 2012 Whale & Dolphin Cosmic Pulse overview and meditation will be Sunday, April 15th 2012 @ 11:00 am PST. You can confirm your local time below. Conference line # is 712-432-3900 Access code # 9735255.

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With Love and Deep Gratitude,


Shala's Whale & Dolphin Cosmic Pulse

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