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Urgent Magnetic Dissonance Calmed with Quantum Energetics of the Heart

JKM 3-3-12 Urgent Magnetic Dissonance Calmed with Quantum Energetics of the Heart
Tr. by Sean and ed. by Sandra
Judith in Hawaii and Sean in Kelowna 4:30 am PST

We open to the Infinite Wisdom. The moment I connect, I am shown an image of the Earth. There are places on the Earth that seem to be bulging. Pressure and I can describe it as bubbles. I see this magnetic force pulling on the mantle of the Earth. There is a word (I don’t know what this would mean) equilateral distribution of electromagnetic currents that are responding to the solar magnetism. There is an accumulation of (they are calling it) a dynamic force in (I hear the word) sporadic regions of the planet, a cumulative factor. In Chinese medicine, we speak of excess chi, stagnant energy or depleted chi. In this understanding, there is an inner magnetism of the planet and then the magnetic force from the sun, the solar magnetism.

The Masters are showing me that in certain regions of the planet, there is extreme volition of magnetic particles that are drawing the magnetism into these magnetic centers. When they are using the words, equilateral distribution, it is along the ley lines of certain regions of the planet that are in excessive magnetic reaction to the solar magnetic particles, which is drawing from areas of the planet extreme magnetic force into certain regions of the Earth from the grid, from the inner.

OK this is what this is about. I am having so much pain. I hear the word, axis tilt. That part of planet Earth is such a heavy weight of this magnetic concentration and response of the magnetic particles in the Earth to the solar magnetism, that it is affecting the distribution of the force of the magnetic grid.

Gaia is showing me the quantum key that she channeled through me, through the chakra principle of the 7 and the 7 and the 7. The heart key, the quantum key, the high heart, the solar plexus and the soul gate and the mantra, gu ah ama alof om. To focus on the quantum energetics of the Earth’s chakra systems from the quantum key.

Now connect to the star relatives and the heart grid of our galaxy. There is a heart chakra grid of the galaxy, of the Galactic plane. Just as Gaia has a heart chakra and chakra systems, there is a Galactic chakra system. Our star brethren are connecting with us to amplify the heart frequencies from the Galactic grid, utilizing the force of the quantum key through the heart, high heart, soul connection of the Galactic Source and the Galactic chakra systems.

I feel a connection to the Cosmic Christ Councils and their gatherings of Divine Beings in sectors of the Galaxy that are key points for the stabilizing of our grid with the Galactic grid that connect consciously to the circular patterns of chakra systems within the Galaxy. We are focusing on the quantum key energetics in the Galactic plane now.

With our breath, receive the breath, as our star brethren are focused on this dynamic of the Galactic heart chakra systems. As there are emissaries of light, who understand the universal pattern of Galactic Source, and are to relay energy vibrations into the magnetic core of the planet.

As we breathe in, receive the vibration through us consciously, that they are generating, of the heart grid of the Galactic plane. As we receive this quantum resonance, focus it into the mantra, drawing the energy from the Galactic pane with the Isaiah effect, atium, atium, atium, ma gu ha, into the key, into the key. Gu ah ama alof om.

Now send it back out in a gentle emanation of the quantum key to the heart chakra systems, the 7 and the 7 and the 7, distributing the heart energetics on the magnetic grid of the planet.

(The pain in my head is beginning to release)
Visualize our connection to the love of the Earth, the elementals, the devas, nature spirits and affirm that loving heart connection to the elemental realm.

Now connect to the whales. Last night, Grandma Chandra had me channel a rhythm. She said that our hearts were brought into rhythm with the Great Whale of Creation, the Heart Source of the Whale of Creation and the rhythm of the heart of every whale on the planet. That the whales’ heart beat in harmony and rhythm with the Creation Sources of the Whale vibration.

Last night, Grandma Chandra had us tune our heart into the rhythm of the heart of the whales. That our hearts beat in harmony, Oneness, with the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Great Whale Nation.

Now, just simply breathe and this is the mantra that we used as we toned this vibration of the unified field of the heart energetics of the Whale Nation and the 131313. Toning.

Now see the quantum key expanding to encompass the magnetic core of the planet, the vibration of the rhythm of the Whales’ heart and the Whale of Creation. The Whales are the heart. The Whales are the Heart. The Whales and the Dolphins are the Heart and they are able to be in harmony with the magnetic source of our solar plane.

Now connect to the magnetic source of the solar plane and manifest total forgiveness. Going into the akashic field of the planet, clearing this heart vibration, the energy discharges from the unforgiving vibrations. Bringing in now the power of compassion, into the akashic plane through the quantum resonance of the Galactic heart and the core energetics of our solar plane and solar source.
Now breathe and receive the heart vibration from our Galactic Brethren, the Galactic Heart Grid, and the rhythm of the Whales, the heartbeat of the Whales. Now receive, breathe in and now send the vibration forth through the quantum key, the vibration of the heart. Tune into the Whales heartbeat, the Whale of Creation. Feeling that rhythm going out from the quantum source, the quantum key of Gaia’s heart energetics in rhythm with the Great Whale of Creation, in rhythm with the Whales’ heartbeat, of every heartbeat of every whale on the planet. In rhythm now, receive the vibration.

Awaken now the Buddha of Compassion. Awaken the Buddha of Compassion and the invocation of Ganesh a, to remove any obstacles on the planet that would create the magnetic concentration.

Now see the magma of the planet, the planetary magma calming, responding and the magnetic flow of the planet being restored. The force of this cumulative magnetic factor is dissipating into the heart harmonics of the planet and flowing into the electromagnetic grid from the areas of high concentration.

(The pain has dissipated in my head. I have a sense of calm. )
This transmission has entered the quantum consciousness of the 131313 and the harmonics of the vibration of it is through the Omni intelligence of our common soul group, our common soul source. We are sharing this vibration now as a holographic field, transmitted through telepathy tonight to our soul group. It is a vibration that must be distributed. If possible, I request that it is sent out as a 131313 email with a request to have people focus in on the quantum energetics that is being conveyed to them energetically. This will give them the conscious knowledge to get their being infused with this energy, through our soul agreement, for the ascension of the planet. Do you understand? (yes)
Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

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