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The different roles and teachings for light workers - Ascended Masters

The different roles and teachings for light workers

After writing about the one thing we need for the awakening of humanity it came to me that we all have different roles within this process.

Some are just meant to ride the waves, while others are here to actively be present during the waves, and even others are here to actively work with the waves to bend them in the right direction.

Everything is energy and what is happening is a movement of energy, something that is part of the natural flow of energy within us and around us.

The difference is somehow that even though we think that this flow is moving in a certain way, there is a driving force behind it and we can influence this force as well.

Just like many are saying we can create our own reality, this is something like that as well.

Creating your own reality is moving the energy in a certain direction that creates a reality that you like to be in.

As we have many old souls on earth, there are many who have chosen different roles within this process of moving the energies according to the plan that was setup a long time ago.

Now having many old souls, means we have a lot of knowledge but this is also where something came to my attention.

We have many who are connected as they see it to certain planets and other civilizations not upon earth.

This is where the thought came in that even though many of them are very advanced as we would say and have a lot of knowledge, their knowledge is related to the experiences with those civilizations and their realities and not the earth reality at this time.

We also have a lot of what we can call young souls, souls that do not have much experience within this earth reality. At least this is what simple logic tells me as the fact is that the earth population has grown and logic would tell me it is because more souls have come to earth to experience the earth reality.

They are at the beginning or maybe middle of what they can and want to experience on earth.

We also have of course old souls that do have earth experience going all the way back to the beginning of time where souls started incarnating or in the beginning just living upon earth, as in the beginning we just came here without the incarnation process.

I think what is happening at this time is that we have many that think they have all the knowledge as they remember parts of their experiences upon other planets and within other realities and they are applying that knowledge to this reality as a fact.

But the knowledge they have is related to a different reality, a reality that might have some similarities with the earth reality, but still is different.

Many of these souls have just come to earth for assistance as they have knowledge of how the ascension process worked on their own planets, or within their own realities of those planets and experience upon those planets.

This is why I would like to talk about this as some come in and think they have all the answers, but none of us really has all the answers and we have to really see if what we know is in fact related to this earth reality, or the reality of another planet.

When I say we have to carry humanity into the new reality, the new earth, I mean we have to create the reality that makes it possible for all to move to a place where they can see for themselves.

We can talk all we want about where the portals are, within us, outside of us, it does not really matter as what matters is that we create a reality where all can see through the veil of just the 3D reality.

In the past groups have ascended out of this reality, some stayed within the earth, others moved to other places.

We have the groups that are within the earth getting ready to join us again, why do you think they moved into the earth, why did they not just completely move away from the earth reality.

They were able to ascend into a different reality, but they did this with a small group opening a portal within the energy and take their whole group through it.

I don't know if anyone has ever seen the movie and I don't even remember the name of the movie, but it was the time of the druids and they were able to move through the dimensional veils, they would just make a slit in the veil and move through it. This is what some of these portals are and not everyone has the ability to do this as it requires knowledge that not everyone has acquired.

This is why I say everyone has a different role within what is happening upon earth.

Some are here to just support the energies, some are actively working with the energies, and some are just here to further their own experiences.

It is up to everyone to find their own role within this process, but I always think you can make a choice as well as make changes to what your role was and what you want your role to be at this time.

To make choices you have to be well informed and that is why I think awareness of everything on earth but also beyond the earth reality is becoming more and more important than ever.

We are moving up into a new reality again as we have wandered down the mountain, we are now going up the next mountain again.

We have moved into the deepest unawareness ever and are now moving up in awareness again, meaning we have gone to the point where we completely lost our awareness of our own spiritual being and now we are moving up into our own spiritual being again.

This is the turning point and we can choose where we start up the mountain.

We can just follow along and start at the bottom or we can skip a couple of steps and start a bit higher.

The little bit higher will be what allows for all of humanity to start seeing beyond the 3D reality if they choose it.

That's all, it removes some of the veils that are present for the ones that are still asleep and are not able to see yet.

It's like we turn on the light for them to see more than they are able to see at this time.

Nothing more than turning on the light.

But to turn on the light we have to first get them through the door into the room, and this is where some of us have work as some have the knowledge to open the door to the room and keep the door open to allow all to see into the room and enter into the room.

There is a lot more to the process and the ancients have left us a lot of clues about this that we still haven't deciphered yet.

But many of the clues are also within us and this is why we are being told to look within.

The clues left behind, I would think are probably clues we left for ourselves as many of us have had times upon earth and were there during those times.

So all we have to do is find the key within us to decipher the clues, easier said than done but still not impossible and this is the path for some.

We all are finding our own role within this time and many will find that their role extends beyond this time, or might not start until we are beyond this time.

There is still so much we don't know and might not know until the moment happens where we move through the alignment.

All we can do is find more within and follow the guidance from within no matter how you do this and what you see, allowing ourselves to be open to new guidance, new knowledge and new realities.

This also applies to teachers and teachings, there are many teachers out there and many teachings, and we cannot say one teaching is for all to follow.

I see that happening when it is implied that when you are ready the teacher will come, this is only true for some as others will actively look for a teacher.

Or the fact that one teacher says to never pay for spiritual teachings, that is one teacher amongst millions of other teachers, who is to say that what this teacher says is the rule for everyone.

Each person has chosen their own path, your path of not paying for teachings as your teacher tells you, is not what the path of another is.

The teacher might have told you that you should never pay for a spiritual teaching, but at the same time the teacher might have told another student the exact opposite.

What is right for you might be wrong for someone else.

Keeping an open mind and not limiting others by what we believe is the truth is the key for awakening others as well.

To create a new reality and be part of creating that new reality might be your path, others will follow and others will work against it.

That is part of the experience upon earth as we learn and grow and this will always be part of the learning experience upon earth as we have many new souls coming in even at this moment.

It seems many think that when I say skip a part of the mountain, that part of the mountain will not be available, it still is.

Only the path that one wants to follow is more clear, and not just one path but all paths will be more clear and the ones that are following up the mountain will still have a choice to either see them or not see them.

There will still be many who will start at the bottom of the mountain, and they will have their lessons to learn.

There are no rules as people are walking up the mountain even though we would like to see all of them follow the spiritual path, many might stay on the physical path.

Leading by example shows them there are many different paths, but only if we show them without giving them certain rules on how to follow the paths.

You can see the paths as the tree of life, many branches, with many side branches, many leafs where some might take a rest before they follow the branch again and as the follow their path they have many side branches to choose from.

It is not our job to tell them what branch to pick, it is our job to show them they can pick anything they want as that is what creation and free will is all about.

All I am saying is let's give everyone the opportunity to see all branches, even the ones that are now still within the clouds that surround the tree.

You can tell someone everything that is there, but if they cannot see they cannot choose what is there.

Petra Margolis


June 14, 2012

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