18 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi

A Message From VERONICA Connection

A Message From VERONICA


We are often asked if this can be defined as a soulmate. In linear time the need for definition crowds the experience limiting the view point of the parties involved.

Energy is simply energy. When it has the same inception and vibrates with the same consistency it easily gravitates to familiar territory. The connection blends together recreating the environment from which both energies were formed.

From most linear points of view the connection appears to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. They do not take into consideration the dramatic moments enlisted by the energies to learn and evolve. Sometimes the exterior moments detour the connection for that current point in existence.

The so called disconnect from like energies occurs most often in this manner.

As disappointing as it may be it would be better to understand that more than one energy intersection is possible in any given timeline.

The romantic notion of one and only has been enhanced through unrealistic perspectives.

So the answer to the soulmate question reveals itself to be a multiple if one adheres to all the energetic probabilities available.

Soulmates are not limited to male/female romances. They may also occur between female/female and of course pets within the the time frame.

In the search for a perceived soulmate openness to all probabilities is warranted. Often the energy connection occurs without warning when both parties are engaged in a relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly be your true self. Another conversation will reveal the path to that moment.

Be open.
Be without opinion.
Be yourself.

You never know what your pure energy will attract."


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