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Beloved masters, the SPIRITUAL TREASURE HUNT began in earnest when you, the Star Seed, started to respond to the nudgings of Spirit in the last half of the twentieth century. The vibrational frequencies of spiritual, mental and emotional awareness are bombarding the Earth and humanity in full force. However, you must have prepared yourself to receive this magnificent gift beyond compare. The treasures and miracle cures you are seeking can be found by tuning into the frequencies of love, joy and compassion. You must learn to maintain a loving indifference to small slights, differences and disappointments. You have millions of cellular response triggers, some are very powerful, some quite weak, with many frequency levels in-between. Practice and aim for balance and harmony as you engage with your Soul Self and not with your ego desire body. The pure Love found within your Sacred Heart and the wisdom of your Sacred Mind will give you the truth, power, compassion and fortitude to follow the nudgings of your Higher-Self/Over-Soul, for it will guide you to the innate, inborn condition you seek. Each of you were placed in a particular energetic environment with harmonic frequencies that would be most advantageous in assisting you to learn the life's lessons you chose before coming into this incarnation. In addition, you were given special talents, gifts and strong inclinations to assist you in learning your life's lessons so that you could fulfill your chosen life's mission.

Returning to the narrow path of ascension in consciousness is the beginning of transcending opposites where there is no good or bad, right or wrong, only harmonious personal choices within the accepted spectrum of duality . As a functioning Self-master you are learning to choose only the best choices for the benefit of ALL. It is vital that you free yourself from the strong, constricting forces of the solar plexus , which creates the push-pull interaction with others who are living in the third- / fourth-dimensional reality. You must strive to become harmless in order to tap into the wondrous God frequencies of Light stored within your Sacred Heart. First comes neutrality after which, over time, your capacity for love will increase to include all levels of creation. Gradually, as you tap into the more refined levels of your mental nature, you will begin to understand and integrate the many symbols and geometric patterns of the fifth dimension. Knowledge, talent and a high I.Q. does not create a genius. It takes concentration, courage, perseverance, tenacity and an ongoing drive, along with integrity, to tap into your spiritual genius potential . You must tap into and pursue your desire for excellence and strive to live your passion to the very best of your ability.

You are living in extraordinary times. To one degree or another, every human Being's Soul-self is straining to be released from the prison of thought forms that were placed around the physical/mental and emotional vessel at birth. The strain of bondage is affecting all of humanity. The ego creates the illusion of separation and instills a fear of nonexistence, which creates a self-centered drive for survival: "me verses everything that is not me." Awareness of the vaster Self begins with the Soul's nudgings to explore beyond the limitations of the ego-self.

Striving to know one's true Self can be a wondrous adventure or a painful, seemingly never-ending journey. Too often those who are struggling with the early stages of Self-mastery find that they cannot stand the pressure of the dramatic changes taking place within their personal world, and so they shift back into the frequency patterns which are comfortable. Even though they are dissatisfied and unhappy with their current personal reality, it is familiar territory, and they are not ready to move beyond the strong bonds of the mass consciousness belief patterns. These fragments of self that each of you has created are very strong-willed, and for many dear Souls it is a difficult struggle to gain control of the lower self. Those still stuck in the "herd state of consciousness " follow their leaders without question. They take the path of least resistance, which has already been established by others. They follow the ways of the past, for they fear the future.

As you access the more refined domains of expression, your knowledge and use of Light, Sound, color and, especially, the important Sacred Breath will greatly increase and will become an integral part of your spiritual philosophy of life. We implore you to take advantage of all the tools of mastery that we are supplying, for all of you are at a critical stage in the evolution process. The physical structure of those still mired in the third- / fourth-dimensional environment are in great distress as more and more strange maladies emerge. The origins and cause of many of these maladies cannot be diagnosed, and the traditional methods and drugs will not heal them. Therefore, the medical experts are becoming more frustrated and puzzled as to why so many new chronic conditions, for which there seems to be no permanent cure, are affecting the masses.

You must endeavor to shift from self-judgment to Self-love, which creates a resonance that extends beyond the physical body and begins to affect others. When it grows forceful enough, it can even assist in the healing process for those within your sphere of influence. The human body is a magnetic pole within the spectrum of Light and shadow or within the positive and negative forces of cosmic electromagnetic energy . The physical vessel is a complex organism which contains the Essence elements of all the lower dimensions: mineral, vegetable and animal, as well as the Stardust elements of Creator Light.

You have learned your lessons well, my sweet friends. You are mastering the ability to govern your thoughts and keep your emotions on an even keel. You have learned that pure Love must originate in the wellspring of the Sacred Heart, and you must first honor and love yourself before you can radiate this blessed gift to others. You are making great strides at becoming nonjudgmental and discerning as you allow situations and interactions with others to flow around you. You are fine-tuning your Inner Awareness so that you quickly garner the wisdom that is to be derived from the events of the moment. You are gradually beginning to sense the serenity and the magic of the higher dimensions as you weave in and out of the different levels and harmonic frequencies of consciousness.

Yes, there are still many lessons to be learned, and there always will be. However, you now have the insight to see the justice and perfection in the dance and drama of life that you must experience each day. You are being prepared to take a giant leap INWARD, OUTWARD and FORWARD, beloveds. The time has come for you to assume your proper role in this great event called, the Ascension of Earth and humankind. Your Light Quotient must blaze forth so that it can connect with that of other en-LIGHTEN-ed Beings, and in doing so it will gain strength and momentum. Eventually it will permeate and infuse the Crystalline Etheric Web of your home planet so that ALL will benefit from the CREATOR LIGHT OF TRANSFORMATION. Remember, using your "LOVE POTENTIAL" means sharing your earthly talents, gifts and riches with others. Love is the catalyst for Creation . By igniting the Adamantine Particles of Light which have been allotted to you and then sharing the resulting fruits of your labor with those around you, a steady flow of Sacred Fire Light to and through you will be assured. It is important that you understand the power and magnitude of the refined Creator Light as well as knowing how to use it effectively. Adamantine particles are much finer than the oxygen you breathe. When done properly, it could be called Soul breathing or breathing with intention whereby you breathe in the elements of Creation, energize them with your loving intention, and then radiate them forth into the world of physicality. In our last message we told you: The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened Self-master must continually circulate. Only a certain amount, that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at his/her current level of en-LIGHTEN-ment, can be stored within the physical vessel; the balance must be RAY -diated out into the world of form. As a gift, to assist you in the integration of the maximum amount of Creator Light, we have asked our beloved messenger to share a process that we inspired her to create. This is a gift of great magnitude; however, as with all the tools we offer to you, you must make use of them if they are to be effective.

I am honored to assist you to traverse the twists and turns you must endure on the ever-upward path of Ascension.. Won't you join me as a standard bearer in this, the advanced phase of expression and learning on planet Earth, as you prepare to move back into the realms of higher consciousness so that you may reclaim your Divine Birthright? Reach outward, beloved ones, reach inward as well, we are waiting to shower upon you all the love and gifts from our Mother/Father God that you can absorb. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : E-mail:RonnaStar@earthlink.net



Every morning between 5:00 and 5:30 AM, I walk out to our driveway to pick up the morning paper. As I walk to the driveway, I do twelve, deep INFINITY BREATHS. Sometimes, I keep them inside my body, from the Root Chakra to the Crown. Other times, I am guided to send them out into the skies and deep within the Earth as far as they will go. I face East, toward the rising Sun (even though it may still be dark outside), and I do the FIVE X FIVE * BREATH OF REJUVENATION. As I walk back into the house, I say the affirmation series given below three times, breathing the ACCORDION BREATH EXERCISE** as I say each word.

Before I come back inside, I move my consciousness into my Sacred Heart Center, and express my gratitude to our Father/Mother God-not in words, but through my feelings of great love, compassion and overwhelming gratitude and joy..

My heart and entire Solar Power Center swells with a sense of overwhelming love so powerfully sweet that it is beyond description. I know, without a doubt, that a Crystal Seed Atom filled with the Essence of our Father/Mother God resides within my Sacred Heart Core.

As many of you know, I am now in my 84th journey around the Sun. However, I have an over-abundance of energy and my health and vitality are excellent. I also know that this blessing is due to my constant practice of the many wonderful techniques that Archangel Michael has blessed us with. I am excited about our future.

You do not have to do the full routine as I practice it (such as first doing twelve Infinity Breaths or going outdoors), and you do not have to do it every day although I highly recommend that you do so. However, the exercise for the FIVE X FIVE BREATH OF REJUVENATION and for sending SEED THOUGHTS into our FLOWER OF LIFE CREATOR WHEEL** should be followed as Archangel Michael has instructed us to do so.

We feed our body food/fuel regularly and it is just as important, if not more so, that we FEED OUR SOUL on a regular basis. Let us all endeavor to make 2013 a year of miracles, blessings, loving interaction and joy. Let's show the world what can be created using "ANGEL POWER." Eternal love and angel blessings, Ronna

FIVE X FIVE * BREATH OF REJUVENATION (c)RONNA / SACRED SCRIBE THE PROCESS:1. The BREATH OF REJUVENATION is done with the mouth closed, breathing only through the nose. You will be building up a supply of Adamantine Particles of Light within your Sacred Heart. Some AP's will come from the Kundalini Seed Atom stored within the Root Chakra and some will flow into the Back Portal of your Sacred Heart via the Rays.

2. The FIRST FOUR BREATHS are a modified Infinity Breath, whereby you will keep the figure eight, INFINITY SIGN , within the confines of the body. These four breaths will be as deep as possible and somewhat forceful. Feel your stomach muscles ripple as you pull them up and inward in the Inbreath, and as you push downward on the Outbreath. After some practice, you will be able to do these four breaths very quickly and forcefully. You will also be building up and expanding your lung capacity. However, don't overdo at first, for it can make you feel Light-headed. (Appropriate term, isn't it)?

3. FIRST FOUR BREATHS: Breath the Infinity INBREATH from your Solar Power Center up to the CROWN CHAKRA (remaining inside the top of the skull).

4. The OUTBREATH is breathed down into the ROOT CHAKRA (again, keep the Infinity Sign inside the bodily form).

5. THE FIFTH BREATH IS A LONG, SLOW BREATH (not an Infinity breath). Envision a double helix, or two intertwined spirals rising up from the ROOT CHAKRA and going up and out the CROWN CHAKRA as far as they will go on the INBREATH. Then see them arcing and spiraling back down through the CROWN CHAKRA and into the spinal column as they exit through your ROOT CHAKRA-sending them as far down into the Earth as they will go on the OUTBREATH. (After a while, this process will come naturally and you will easily feel the spiral move up and down).

6. You are to do FIVE SETS OF FIVE BREATHS * FIVE X FIVE in one series.


I AM YOUTHFUL (Breathe) I AM STRONG (Breathe)




Copyright: 2012 * RONNA HERMAN *STAR*QUEST* www.RonnaStar.com

**(Illustrations and complete instructions for the ACCORDION BREATH and how to create and use your Twelve Ray Creator Wheel / Your Personal Flower of Life, can be found in REFERENCE & REVELATIONS * GLOSSARY & ILLUSTRATIONS) on RONNA'S website: www.RonnaStar.com

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Communicating with your soul/higher self, your spiritual guides and angelic helpers

Archangel Michael/Ronna Herman

with Randy Monk/Lord Melchizedek

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Abundance Exchange: $33 (The replay of this webinar is still available)

We have given you much theory and information over the years, now it is time to transform the knowledge you have acquired into wisdom, and to integrate that wisdom into your daily life. Therefore, through the guidance of AA Michael, we have changed the theme for our upcoming Opening to Channel Webinar on September 8.

All of humanity, to one degree or another, is apprehensive about what the future holds. Questions abound about what will take place on December 12th and 21st, 2012. Some believe the predictions that it will be the end of the world and all of humanity. Some others believe that there will be great Light ships that will come down and rescue the righteous ones, leaving the rest of humanity to live in desolation and chaos. Those of us who have been seriously seeking Self-mastery by taking responsibility for our actions and striving for balance, harmony and an integration of the maximum amount of Sacred God Light have a vision of a grand new world where all will coexist in peace, harmony and abundance.




More than ever before it is of vital importance that you establish a strong connection with your Soul Self, your OverSoul / Higher Self, your Guardian Angel and spiritual guides in the higher realms of consciousness. During these coming critical times, it is important that you have the ability to receive your own personal timely and valuable information.

This experiential class will include a series of exercises and meditations to assist you in fine-tuning your extra-sensory abilities of Soul-inspired intuition and guidance. We will go through a process of activating your inner senses to assist you to become more sensitive to the signals your Body Element is giving you. This will help you move thorough the Ascension Symptoms more easily.

We will focus on connecting with your OverSoul Higher Self so that you may develop an ongoing interaction with this powerful aspect of your Self.

Archangel Michael will take us through a profound meditation of Blending our consciousness with the Essence of our Father/Mother God.

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Secrets of Self-mastery * Keys to Ascension

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Are you ready to step onto the accelerated path of initiation?

Are you ready to attain soul-awareness and God-consciousness?

Transpersonal inetration is a blending of physical, wor ldly intelligence and scientific data, overlighted by spiritual awareness.


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REFERENCE & REVELATONS * GLOSSARY & ILLUSTRATIONSCompanion spiral-bound booklet for Archangel Michael's five books of messages. This booklet contains in-depth descriptions of the most important words and terms that AA Michael has used in his messages over the past sixteen years. It contains excerpts of the latest and most essential concepts, techniques, meditations and affirmations from AA Michael's wisdom teachings, plus 18 pages of illustrations. It is a valuable tool for those who are seeking en-Lighten-ment, and also for those who have a desire to share and teach the tools of ascension and the secrets of Self-mastery.

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What is a numerology reading?

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Your Birthday indicates some special talent you possess, a gift to you that will help you along your life's path.

Your Hidden Passion number reveals a desire and aptitude.

This is a sampling; there is much more.

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Healing Dysfunctional Relationships - Breaking Agreements and Cutting Cords

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Open the way to a new relationship.

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The purpose of these sessions are to break agreements and cut cords created in relationships that became dysfunctional and painful, enabling one to move forward, unencumbered by energetic ties to the past.

By doing this we clear the way for new harmonious relationships, or change the dynamics of a current relationship. In other words we unload excess baggage. Private Sessions are recorded as an mp3 and sent to you via email, normally within 24 to 48 hours of the appointment. Ses

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