4 Aralık 2012 Salı

Think Through The Experience Message From VERONICA

A New Message From VERONICA

Think Through The Experience

"In physical reality the immediate need to create often overrides the value of the lesson.

If you find yourself experiencing lack or the tightness in the ability to create, it is important to consider that it may be a component of a much larger scenario.

Confusion sets in when one strives with what they perceive as gusto to create a linear event or thing.

They have followed all the rules and guidelines: The clearing of what they perceive as clutter, visualization, keeping their thoughts aligned, and still no pay-off for what they believe they need and desire.

It is in these moments that one should examine that what they may perceive as denial, as a stroke of great luck.

What one wishes in the linear may not line up with what they really desire as a soul: The mis-step in creating in what they believe they want, actually creating a vortex of energy that will surpass their wildest dreams.

So, believe my dear ones that everything you experience in the linear is part of a huge puzzle of your soul's journey.

Do not lament the perceived immediate outcomes. A higher purpose always prevails. Whatever is occurring is a part of a flow of energy that will lead you to the destination your higher self has designed.

Think through the experience and be patient. The best things in life are not always presented in pretty packages. Often the best comes from a difficulty.

Be open to seeing the whole opportunity.

It may give you the hope needed to create heaven."


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