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Love Yourself Unconditionally ~ A Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada

Love Yourself Unconditionally ~ A Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada
10 August 2011 - 8:17pm | Acaana

Julie Miller
Love Yourself Unconditionally - A Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada
Channeler: Julie Miller
August 10, 2011

Welcome beautiful children! It pleases me so to speak to all of you again.

There are more and more awakening and taking steps along their journey into the Light. Through this journey, all have noticed, it has not been smooth sailing. There have been a few bumps in the road.

Take your journey at a slow pace, a pace that is right for you as there is a lot of learning coming your way. One of the biggest lessons is learning to love yourself unconditionally. Many of you only love yourselves when you are dressed nice, wearing pretty clothes, etc. But they are not the true you that is meant for you to love. As you progress along your journey, you will learn much about yourself and about the world around you. You will learn what truly resonates with you and what does not. There will be times you will need to make time to reflect, take deeper meditations, and seek answers that are within yourself. Learn your positive characteristics and learn the negative ones, as you have both. From what you discover, learn how to incorporate those negative characteristics and turn them around, change them if its possible. There are so many good things about all of you. There is so much about you that is worthy of your own love. How can you unconditionally love another, if you have not learned to love yourself this way first? I am expecting no answer, as I can already see the answers. Part of learning who you are is being honest with yourself, and accepting what you may find and what you actually do find out. You are your own treasure, you only have to sort through a few things that doesn't belong anymore and see the beauty that remains. The beauty that you are is a loving, wonderful child. A child who is learning how to love unconditionally.

As you move along your journey and are faced with situations that require further focus, remember how beautiful you are. I am not talking physical beauty dear ones, but the beauty that is in your heart. Tackle that situation with the purity of your love that comes from the heart. Going into any situation, regardless good or bad, with a loving attitude will make the transition easier. As all lessons have transitions, they are the action of moving forward.

I encourage all of you to begin your day with love in your heart for yourself and for all others. It is easy to do children. Have you ever come across someone you never met, and they said good morning? Or have you had some stranger smile at you even when you didn't all dressed up? Have you went for a walk or go somewhere with so much energy that you feel like you could reach the sky? These are some examples of living with unconditional love in your heart. The enormous amounts of joy you will feel will be very uplifting dear ones. The person that says good morning is so comfortable with themselves because they have accepted themselves and love themselves and wish to share that good energy with you. When you get smiled at for no particular reason, quite possibly you are glowing from the love that is within you. When you feel you can reach the sky, you are overflowing from the energy of that love you have within yourself.

Once you find that love within yourself, you will see your path begin to quicken. You will start understanding more of your lessons and learn to thank each lesson as they come. You will know the lessons you have faced or will face are only to help you learn more about yourself and others around you. From those lessons, you will see what you accomplished, and the pride you will feel will improve your confidence and raise your self love and your own vibration and bring you closer to ascension. When you begin your day, begin it with love and know you have my heartfelt love and support always.

Namaste, Ascended Master, Lady Nada

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