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New Capsule Available- Heal Your Journey Through Your Spine

NEW from the Sacred School of Om Na
New Capsule Available- Heal Your Journey Through Your Spine
Preparation for 2012 and Beyond
Capsules of Wisdom
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Guidance to Prepare Your Energies
Capsule 2- 6th August 2011

Heal Your Journey Through Your Spine,

Strengthening Your Physical and Spiritual Spine to Aid Ascension
by Archangel Metatro

Archangel Metatron speaks of the importance of the physical spine and how through a greater understanding of the physical spine we can enhance and develop our journey upon the Earth. Archangel Metatron offers a meditation to assist you in this process while encouraging you to rebuild and strengthen your spiritual spine to support you in these changing times.

Explanation & 2 Meditations
58mins Audio

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As 2012 draws ever closer, we, the Ascended Masters and Archangels wish to guide you all in a process of growth to prepare you for the new energies of 2012. We wish to assist you in mastering your beings, accepting new skills, preparing the Earth for the energies and love that will be anchored. As well as assisting you in placing positive and appropriate intentions into the reality of 2012. We wish to assist you in letting go of old illusions, making much needed connections and supporting humanity as you enter into an era of change. It is our purpose to make you aware of energies that need to be anchored at certain time during this period of growth and expansion. It is with great delight that we prepare to share our wisdom and practices throughout the coming months and as we enter into 2012. Natalie has been asked to channel our wisdom as we feel she will assist in anchoring the vibration of love into the Earth which is much needed now. When we feel it is appropriate we will channel our guidance with meditations or practices throughout the coming months which will be posted on this page for you to participate in and download. A small price has been placed on each download to complete the exchange of energy and to support Natalie in being able to work with us to share such wisdom. We feel that this is the beginning of a wonderful journey of growth and transformation, there is much that we wish to share with you and we will allow a variety of light beings to express their current light and enlightenment.

Archangel Metatron is the overseer of the preparations of 2012; it is his energies and cosmic light that will be supporting all processes of growth at this time. In order to receive the ascension energies that are needed for your growth now, you may call upon Archangel Metatron with this invocation.

'Beloved Archangel Metatron, overseer of the ascension process that is occurring within my soul and upon the Earth now. Please connect your love and light with my soul and assist me in receiving the wisdom, light, love and activations that I need to accelerate my spiritual growth and prepare me for 2012. I am open and receptive. Thank you.'

With sacred blessings of bliss,
The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Light Beings

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