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New Workshops for London 2011 Natalie Glasson

Sacred School of Om Na

Four New Workshop Dates for London 2011
Preparations for 2012

Four workshops have been channelled from the many light beings on the inner planes and the Creator to Natalie in order to assist souls upon the Earth in making the necessary preparation energetically for 2012. These workshops have been given as four continuous workshops which lead the participant on a journey of growth but they are also designed so that a participant may pick and choose the workshop days that they wish to attend.

No one can truly understand what will occur in the Earth's new beginning in 2012 but we can ask our guides to make us aware of certain practices, techniques, energies that we need to align with in order to make our transition from old energy into new energy a smooth and joyous occasion. Natalie has invited guides to channel through her in order to build the connection between the inner planes and the Earth, the soul and the Creator so that all may achieve their spiritual potential at this sacred time.

Special Offer- Buy 3 Get 1 Free- When you book all four workshops in one transaction. Offer price £120
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Planetary Energetic Alignment and Manifestation for 2012
with Lord Buddha and Planetary Masters
3rd September 2011, Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London, UK
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

At a time when we are entering into a new cycle of energy upon the Earth it is important that we enhance and develop our connections with the spiritual levels of the Creator's universe. There are seven levels of energy within the Creator's universe, each level holds essential wisdom and understanding that aids a greater integration with the Creator's soul. Now is the time to reconnect on a new and deeper level with the many levels of the Creator's universe in order to ensure that we receive the wisdom and light that we need to begin a fresh energetically in 2012. We are all connected to the many levels of the Creator's universe but we begin true integration when we become conscious of the energies, it is appropriate to realign our energies with these levels in preparation for 2012 as the energies of the inner planes are also altering dramatically.

Lord Buddha wishes to lead you in realigning your entire being with the Planetary light and consciousness of the Creator's universe, sharing with you essential self development practices that you can use to continue your ascension. There are numerous energies within the planetary level which Lord Buddha wishes to realign you to. The planetary level is deeply connected with the animal kingdom and Lord Buddha will aid you in understanding this connection more fully.

In the afternoon session Lord Buddha will speak about the power of manifestation, how it is appropriate for us to manifest in 2012 and how we can begin to create the new beginning that we desire in 2012 right now with the power of our thoughts, the abundant energy of the Creator and power sources on the inner planes. Lord Buddha will assist you in being of service to humanity and the Earth by manifesting the will of the Creator. Lord Buddha will speak of the power of receiving and giving and energetically planning your future. It is essential that we now create for ourselves the reality that we wish to lead especially as old energies fall away and new energies enter our realities, it is a time when your manifestation powers are extremely potent.

Solar Energetic Alignment and Increasing Your Light Power for 2012
with Solar Logos Helios and Vesta and Ascended Masters
4th September 2011, Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London, UK
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

Solar Logos or overseers Helios and Vesta hold a powerful ability of modifying, empowering and anchoring light; their own light holds immense power and radiance. Helios and Vest wish to guide you in realigning your energies with the solar levels of the Creator's universe while sharing with you techniques that assisting you in integrating at a solar level with the Creator. They wish to assist you in connecting with the solar level through the power of your soul, using this energy to empower the presence of your soul; the very essence of your being. This process will truly allow you to understand the power that you hold in your light and energy. Comprehending the power of light is a teaching that is shared with masters who study at a solar level; it is devoid of ego but allows for a greater understanding of light.

Helios and Vesta wish to assist you in connecting with the wisdom held within the sun, raise your light vibration, aid in dissolving karmic energies connected to the miss use of your power in past lifetimes as well as charging you with light. It is essential that the light that you hold is empowered by many fold as the more light you can hold as you enter into 2012 the easier it will be to remain in balance, love and following the correct path for your soul. The anchoring of light is the simplest way of achieving ascension and a deeper oneness with the Creator. Helios and Vesta wish to encourage you to experience a light filled life that is appropriate for 2012. Light will be anchored into all aspects of your being to assist in physical, emotional, mental and energetic healing which will assist in the dispersing of suffering, blockages and limitations thus promoting greater vitality and active consciousness to the entire being.

Galactic Energetic Alignment and Energy Transference for 2012
with Galactic Logos Melchior and Ascended Masters
29th October 2011, Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London, UK
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

Galactic Logos Melchior holds a high vibration of light and is deeply involved in the tutoring of ascended masters both on the Earth and the inner planes. He holds within his consciousness numerous tools to share with humanity to aid their ascension. It is his mission during this workshop to realign you with the Galactic light which is appropriate for 2012, helping you to accept required light and wisdom vibrations. He will assist in neutralising your energy so that the past will no longer influence the future while making important connection between your soul and the Creator's universe and dimensions. Creating essential connections is one of the main purposes of this workshop as it is through these connections that you will be able to channel a new vibration of light, energy and wisdom into your being and into your new beginning in 2012. Melchior will work on transferring energies and habits from negative into positive not just for you as an individual but for the entire humanity. He wishes to work upon enhancing the connection of the Earth with the inner planes in order to dissolve the veils of illusion. Melchior wishes to assist in introducing you to your guides who will be working with you in 2012. Each person will receive a new guide to assist and support them along their journey on the Earth as we enter into a new beginning, it is appropriate to connect with this guide as soon as possible to draw upon their wisdom.

Melchior wishes to reawaken and reactivate your Galactic and Universal connections to aid your spiritual awakening. Melchior wishes to connect you with appropriate energies, qualities, ascended masters, stars and ashrams as a way of building a new energy vibration for 2012.

Universal Energetic Alignment and Reawakening Your Original Source
with Lord Melchizedek and the Melchizedek Disciples
30th October 2011, Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London, UK
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

The universal light of the Creator is profoundly connected to the Christ consciousness which will allow for this workshop to be bathed in love. Lord Melchizedek not only wishes to empower the love vibrations that you experience but wishes to assist in anchoring them into your reality in preparation for 2012. Lord Melchizedek wishes to realign you with the light and teachings of the universal light of a golden colour while assisting you in connecting with the remaining higher levels of the Creator's universe. When you receive the light of the universal level you will receive appropriate wisdom for your ascension and the development of your soul as well as your unity with the Christ vibration on the Earth and inner planes. Lord Melchizedek will enhance your connection with the Creator while his most important mission is to reawaken the divine within you by connecting you with the first separation that you experienced from the mighty soul of the Creator or the first manifestation of your energy. This was when your energy was composed of pure light, before the memories of past life times, when your energies were expansive and free. By connecting with this energy and bringing the vibration into your current reality you will begin to accept your truth and who you really are which will enable much of the ego to be dissolved and empower a greater appreciation of your self and mission upon the Earth. This process is extremely healing and enlightening, taking you away from suffering and illusion into your truth.

Every person has existed on the Earth before and many people allow themselves to manifest in certain ways because of their past lifetime experiences, whether they believe themselves to be a high priestess, a disciple of Jesus or an AncientEgyptian. Now is the time of releasing much energy, by connecting with your original energy you are letting go of who you truly believe yourself to be and simply allowing the truth to unfold. This is a tremendous healing and cleansing process which is greatly important at this time of ascension.

Workshops are subject to change because they will be channelled each day through Natalie. Please book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.
Ticket per day £40
Special Offer- Buy 3 Get 1 Free- When you book all four workshops in one transaction. Offer price £120
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