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The Rainbow Bridge-ANTAHKARANA

The Rainbow Bridge-ANTAHKARANA
31 July 2011 - 5:59am | Heather S

There is the material world and the spiritual. Between lies the universal mind which is also the universal heart. It is wise love that makes the two one.

The Rainbow Bridge or antahkarana, as it is also known, exists for the purpose of bridging the mundane to the spiritual. It does this through three channels: A life thread or direct link between our spiritual and physical being; a consciousness thread linking the soul to the mind; and a creative thread which extends the spiritual axis outwards into daily living. If the life and consciousness threads are thought of as the rails of a ladder, the creative thread can be seen as the rungs. These rungs link two independent rails into a fully functioning whole down which spiritual truth may descend and the aspirants of the world may climb up. Consequently, the Rainbow Bridge is responsible for conditioning human existence in line with divine purpose and plan. In other words the two most important commandments, to love God and to love humanity, rely entirely on the construction of the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge derives its name from the fusion of all the colours of the seven Rays, the archetypal universal energies that are wielded and mastered by the pilgrim upon the eternal Path of Life. This connecting bridge eventually brings about right relationship to all spheres of planetary Life: the natural, the human and the divine. Like a spider that builds its gossamer web, so we, too, weave the connecting threads out of our own being that link the outer and inner worlds to eventually reveal “a promised land of beauty, love and future vision.”Such an inclusive sensitivity enables us to respond to the unfolding Plan of God with skill in action. From a human perspective, weaving the Rainbow Bridge, through meditation, nurtures a purposeful loving rapport to God and to our neighbours. The practice of focused lighted thought or meditation results in the alignment or the unimpeded relationship between soul and personality. The Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, calls this state “seeing deeply”. When we see with the eye of the soul, all is light. We can see the interconnectedness of all the lives that surround us. In the Ageless Wisdom teachings, we are reminded that, before we can tread the spiritual Path, we must become the Path itself. Step by step, and stage by stage, throughout the millennia, each human soul draws out of his or her being the radiant rainbow bridge, which connects us to the one universal Fount of Life. The path is an ever progressive inward movement in consciousness, from the periphery of the outer worlds to the inner causal realms, liberating us from the imprisonment of matter, and releasing us into the “freedom of the heavens”.

Youtube video Antahkarana : The Gateway To Heaven

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