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Activating the Pyramids, Pillars

Tonight Friday March 23 at 10:30 EDT the Third part of Activating the Pyramids.

We had the second activation last week and it was again a very powerful experience for all that were present

I can tell you it has been a strange experience for me as i have activated all 4.

My experience has been real physical as I am actually starting to see through the energies, in the energies and into different dimensions with my physical eyes. And yest more changes are happening.

I have always been able to do this with my inner eyes, but now i am starting to see it with my physical eyes.

as i have researched this a bit further, it seems this is connected to the pineal gland, or the third eye.

The pineal gland is the place of the third eye, but it has connectors to the outside as the pineal gland can translate light and dark and knows when its dark outside even though it doesn't seem to have connectors to the outside of our physical body.

Now activating these pyramids seems to connect up the pineal gland with the physical eyes, allowing the pineal gland/third eye to use the physical eye connector to the outside world, merge it and bring in translations of the energy the physical eyes see within the outside world.

sorry have no other way of explaining this.

It is like an upgrade of the physical eyes, but also an upgrade of the third eye.

That brought me to more insight as the older civilizations must have had this type of vision as well.

When we look at certain images and representations of images they have seen, some of the really old ones have different layers, different layers to represent the different layers of viewing the physical and spiritual world.

I have gained a lot more insight into the ascension coding through this activation as well and will sent out an email about this next week.

This week we will be placing a small pyramid within the physical body to assist in the regeneration and clearing of the physical body Friday March 23 at 10:30 EDT is the second activation.

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If you would like to get the previous meditations sent me an email at petra@bluelightstar.com and I will sent you a paypal invoice and place them in the downloads area on our website for you.

Below you can find some more info about these Pyramids

I am not really up to date with all the science and names, but as I was going through some research on the internet and within, I realized that the pyramids are not just buildings to use for activations.

The pyramids also relate to certain parts within the physical body and especially the brain.

They are the pillars of the brain as they are located right at the brainstem, one on each side, just before you move to the neck.

Connecting with certain parts within me I was able to activate them and was able to bring in more information as to why they are there.

Science has actually named those parts of the brain "pyramids" and they are not just in the brain but also in the kidneys.

Pyramids: Two enlargements on the anterior surface of the length of the medulla; they taper towards the spinal cord. Here the descending nerve tract fibres (corticospinal fibres) cross over to the other side to form the 'pyramidal decussation'. Conscious voluntary movements.

Now the brain and the part of the brain where these pyramids are located is connected to conscious movement. To me this explains the connection to become more conscious in a spiritual and physical level and merge both into one experience.

The kidneys are our purifiers for the body.

These pyramids are within the physical, we have the spiritual counter parts that need to be connected and merged with the physical part.

When researching I figured out that this is connected to ascension codings, but also eternal life.

The shape of the pyramids assist in activating and raising the frequency of the physical body, but as research has proven also extend life, actually cells are being regenerated to stay either at the same level, but more importantly, they can actually move back to previous younger, healthier levels.

When I activated the pyramids in the brain, many images came into my view through the third eye, as the two pyramids at the back, connected with the pineal gland and the third eye form another pyramid.

This is something that can assist all of us, in bringing in a new way of cell re-generation on the physical level, but also greater clarity and understanding on the spiritual level. As the pyramids are encompassing the brain, more of the brain cells are being stimulated and become active.

The activation in the kidneys seems to activate a system within the physical body that also assists in further activation and regeneration of the physical cells.

As I will be working on this during the week, I have set up a set of workshops where we will start activating these pyramids within the physical and spiritual bodies.

It seems to take some time to start spinning and integrate or merge into the physical body so this is going to be a 4 week course.

Week one, we will activate the first two pyramids on either side of the brainstem.

Week two, we will activate the pyramid connected to the pineal gland.

Week three, we will activate the pyramid within the kidneys.

Week four, we will connect everything up and merge the frequencies and coding in to every cell of the physical body.

The cost for each workshop is $ 35.00

If you would like to sign up for all 4 the cost is $ 121.00

The third activation is this Friday March 23 at 10:30 EDT

you can register here

If you would like to get any of the other meditations, sent me an email at petra@bluelightstar.com and I will sent you a paypal invoice.

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