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There is some Truth in your Fiction and some Fiction in your Truth, Part V.

There is some Truth in your Fiction

and some Fiction in your Truth, Part V.

Is there a way to delete the program of control?

I don't see a real way at this moment, but am still searching for it.

The deletion of the program is something I think is possible, but I don't know what the effect will be.

I know a very long time ago, before the program, there was a grid system in place to assist human life in staying connected to their spiritual life.

This grid system or network is being used at this moment by the program to control as it runs through the earth and all humans are connected to this grid system.
We have been working on disconnecting and have seen the changes happening within us after this disconnection, but this is only a small part of disconnecting from the control system.

At this moment there is so much happening and many have been working on the so called repairing of this system.

The problem is that they have been working on a system that is controlled already and everything they are doing is just adding more control, allowing more control energy to be sent through this system.

This I see is one of the reasons there are so many channelings form beings that do not seem to come from a very high perspective and are focused on the physical reality and giving false hope.

As well as many messages that are focused on be love, be light and be even more light, do not allow anything negative to enter, etc.

The step toward moving out of the matrix is a very difficult one, one that will show you that this world is based upon a control system, and everything you have believed to be true all this time is nothing but part of how the control system adjusts to control your spiritual experience and moving more into not just your physical life but also your spiritual life.

It is not all love and light when you make these steps and there are things you will see that are very disturbing at times as you find more and more information on how the control system has been implemented and works at this time.

Yes, you might think it is hard to stay within a loving state, but it is nothing compared to seeing through all that and see the truth for what is really is.
There is so much more happening behind the program and I know were still only at the tip of the iceberg as we find out more and more about the control system that is in place.

I will keep on going, keep on researching and bring out more as I find out more.
The other part that is very important is that we will work on finding our way out of this control system completely, as I have no intention into moving into a new program of control that will start on December 21st, 2012.

I know the shift is happening and both scientific and spiritually I have seen what the possibilities are, I know and understand some of these possibilities and am working on understanding it completely to move out of this earthly program back into my spiritual life as a source being.

Petra Margolis
March 23, 2012

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