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Sacred Heart One Path DNA Reunification Ascended Masters

Sacred Heart One Path DNA Reunification

This is an important part of our spiritual path toward a non physical reality, but also to change our physical body as the DNA contains many coding related to how the physical body operates and handles the influences from our outside world.

We have all seen images of the DNA and usually we see two strings, entangled, or moving around each other. Our DNA is however not only present within the physical body, it moves through our energy bodies as well.
It is part of the pathway, gates and coding related to finding our way within back to our full original being as source.

We have already activated and repaired so much of our DNA through previous workshops and now it is time to work on this last part that is important to bring in new steps needed for our path within.

This as I have experienced it brings in a new frequency that changes each cell of the physical body once again as we work on cell regeneration and bringing in more and more of the nonphysical appearance that we used to have before we took on the physical reality of living upon earth.

According to my husband I am almost ready to levitate, I don't know about that even though my energies feel like it, the physical is still there but I can feel the change within the physical body as it is adjusting to these new frequencies.

The Sacred Heart shown in so many ways holds the key to start the untangling of our DNA in the physical and spiritual bodies, although the most important part is to start within the spiritual bodies as the physical body will start to adjust after that but needs more time.

The Sacred Heart is the doorway or gateway into our own being and is seen by many on a spiritual level.

This is where the decoding, untangling and returning to the original path of our DNA starts.

I have been searching through much of what has been sacred ancient knowledge and realized that the two strands we always see are actually supposed to be one strand.

We all know we have a certain path within to find our way back. The moment we made, or someone made it into two paths. Actually split the path, it was made more difficult to find the path within.

Each path is part of the one real path and this is what I have found is of great importance as we can untangle the two and make them into one path again.
The name used by the Masters for this ancient alchemy is "DNA One Path Reunification.

This is part of the ancient knowledge within the Christ Consciousness as it was left behind for us in the image of the Sacred Heart and the Crown of Thorns. As the thorns are responsible for keeping the strands entangled.

We have been working for several weeks on activating more and more of our DNA through our ascension workshops and now we are ready to start the return to bring in part of our original path within toward building the complete ladder within back to our own inner being.

For those who have not done these activations of DNA, you can still start this process of untangling and restoration of the one path, as it will assist in restoring the DNA in the parts of your spiritual bodies that are active at this moment and will just restore any other parts of the spiritual bodies once they become activated and you move deeper within.

The purpose of this decoding and untangling of DNA is to support your spiritual and physical journey no matter what choice you have made for the future.

By this I mean, some of us have chosen to move into the new 5th dimensional earth and others have chosen to move beyond that even back into their original state of being.

This will support any process as it returns the DNA within your spiritual being to its original state and allows you to find the way to move in more deeply and clearly as we are still within a period where the energies around us are supporting a fast movement within.

This workshop will take place on Saturday March 31 at 10:30PM EDT.

The cost for this workshop is $ 49.00

You can register here

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