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There is some Truth in your Fiction and some Fiction in your Truth, Part IV.

There is some Truth in your Fiction

and some Fiction in your Truth, Part IV.

Were there times where there was no control program?

Yes of course and I think that is why we remember all this, especially at this time where the old control program is running its last run of stories through the program to keep as many as possible in the control program.

There is nothing wrong with that, we all have a choice and at one point, either now or in the future each person will wake up one by one and find their way out of the program.

Is it easy to move out or disconnect from the program, no it is not.
When I was watching the Matrix movie, where Neo was saved and brought to the ship, it took him time to rebuild his muscles as they had never been used.
This somehow applies to us in a way that we haven't used our spiritual muscles in a long time and now we are beginning to use them and integrate them in the physical body and that takes time and it is not easy as many have experienced the physical sensations, and sometimes pain that is experienced during the integration of those spiritual muscles.

The program runs on different levels, so not just in the third dimension, but also in higher dimensions where we still have a physical attachment. The program also runs part of our universe as we are not the only ones as humans that are connected into the program.

Many of the groups out there seem to be connected and are part of the control program even though they seem convinced they are here to help us change the program.

During ancient times where it became clear that there was a group building the control program, a lot was done to warn us, to assist us and to give us messages about the control program that was slowly implemented at one point in time.
The program kept us attached to the 3d reality and some have found their way out, but even more have actually come here to go through this experience and find a way to stop this control program.

Are we the only planet or universe with such a program?

We are unique in one way, but I think we are not the only ones, or the only universe that has programs like this.

At this moment it does not matter as we are to focus now on the choice we have.
This is where the problems are, the choice we have.

One of the problems is the choice.

What to choose is up to us, it would have been very simple if there was only one choice, one choice and that choice would be to stay within the matrix, within the control program and make changes to this program so we would have a world that is more loving and where we live in peace with each other.

But there are two choices at this moment.

Number one is to stay within the control program.

Number two is to find our way out of the program.

It seems that the control system has put at least part of our spiritual body in a sleep state and what many are going through now is the upgrade needed to move into the new program, the 5th dimensional program.

As we look at it further, the relationship to the earth is influenced as well.
The earth herself is a body just like us, she is ascending out of this program, but the program is controlling us in a way that we will not experience this ascension in a real way as the new earth has already been prepared to take on all humans and everything else that is living upon earth.

The new program is being built and adjusted at this moment to be in place once the shift happens.

Does this mean it will be all that you are hoping for at this moment?
I don't think it will be as it requires a lot more people to adjust than the small 1% that are awake now.

It will be different as far as energies, a 5th dimensional level, but it will still be physical and depending on how much can be cleared at this moment from the old energies still present within the consciousness and within the human and spiritual bodies, it will still contain the control system.

There will be differences in how some feel, but most are feeling different already as they have connected with some of their inner parts.

Changes can and will be made, but they will be small changes as the reset or new program is just an adjustment to the control and how to control the human reality.
They give some and they take some.

They give a more enlightened feeling, but this is just to make sure you won't make the choice to go all the way, and by all the way I mean, move out of the program, disconnect from the program and move back into spiritual living instead of physical living.

This is what many of the messages have accomplished though, as they give hope, hope for a change, but also denial of what is really happening as many go for the feeling of being more content, more peaceful and a more loving society as far as it can be accomplished, instead of going through the more difficult path of moving out of this reality.

Petra Margolis
March 23, 2012

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