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~ 06-06-2012 ~ The Venus Transit of Divine Love and the Sixth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~

~ 06-06-2012 ~ The Venus Transit of Divine Love and the Sixth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~

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On June the 6th, 2012, we enter into the Sixth Initiatory Gateway of Light through the Overlighting of the third ray of Divine Intelligence, amplified through the Venus Transit and taking us into the Center of Divine Love and Higher Mind Intelligence. Embraced within the Cosmic Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God, we experience this Sixth Initiatory Gateway of Divine Love and Wisdom through the templates of our Highest Potential as initiates of Light. With this is the “knowing” that we have previously ascended and that we are starting to collectively ascend in this Now as the I AM Avatar Race. We are co-creating Heaven on Earth through the Christed timelines in harmony, peace, joy, Love and abundance consciousness, dancing to the heartbeat of our own creations, in vibrational resonance to Mother Earth and all Life.

The Venus Transit amplifies our creative gifts, taking us deeper into Self Love, as it opens a doorway into our own hearts, while offering a deeper understanding of Service in Love through these merging timelines and the symbol of the Ankh. On the tail end of the partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon of Goodwill, in which we experienced a deeper integration of the Divine Feminine archetype within ourselves, we are now offered an opportunity to merge with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine archetypes of Light within ourselves. And through the third ray of Divine Intelligence, we align into our original Divine eight-cell blueprint, manifesting our Soul purpose through wisdom, experience and knowledge. Additionally we move into a deeper expression of One Unity Consciousness through recognizing the Divine Equality of all Life, and stepping out of “lesser than and better than” consciousness.

Primarily, the focus through this pivotal Now moment in time, taking us into this Venusian Gateway of Divine Love, is about the merging and integration of our beloved I Am Presence, in this sixth initiation, The Resurrection. For this initiation, we travel into the Crystalline City of Light within Lake Titicaca, a Stargate Portal of Light, experienced initially through the 11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love. Overlighted by Archangels Chamuel and Charity, and Elohim Heros and Amora, Serapis Bey will anchor the qualities of this sacred ray in a beautiful yellow color through our throat center, the energy center related to the third ray qualities. We will then merge with our 12 Higher Selves of the Light, and all 143 Soul ray extensions that with ourselves, make up the 144 Soul ray core group of our beloved I Am Presence.

It is in this Now, in this sacred month of June, that the second ascension wave occurs through this “window of opportunity”, which remains open until June 20th/21st, the time of the Solstice. As we commence this spiral into physical ascension through the Light integration frequencies and keycode downloads of our beloved I Am Presence and Higher Selves of the Light, we have the potential to truly become Ascended Masters to the Earth plane, the I Am Avatar Race.

Previously in becoming the integrated aspect of our beloved I Am Presence, we either ascended in our physical body, in which our physical body became a garment of white Light; or more often than not, we left the physical body behind. If we ascended in our physical body, our blood changed to liquid golden Light, and our chakras blended in one unified chakra column of Light, referred to as the “Ascension Flame”, or “Cosmic Fire”. Now, we will raise the atomic vibratory level of our physical bodies in order to experience a radiant, etheric electronic body of Light, the Adam Kadmon Body of Light, which we call our physical ascension, and commences from the sixth initiation.

In the understanding of creating and manifesting, the third ray holds a focus in the building of form, and governs financial and economic structures, a quality also seen in the seventh ray of ceremonial magic. As such, many Souls creating new structures and forms of active intelligence, as well as focusing on philosophical studies will operate from within this ray department, under the directorship of Serapis Bey. The negative side to this ray is seen within the controlling economic and financial institutions around the world, poverty consciousness and a “lesser than and better than” attitude.

As we gently wrap the Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Yellow Flame of Divine Intelligence, we assist in the breaking down of old structures on a global level, particularly financial and economic institutes, to make way for the New Earth Templates of Light.

Additionally we anchor the sixth Silver Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc and two minor discs through the spinal column, to be activated on June the 21st, while focusing on the clearing and Light integration within our 13 body chakra system and that of Mother’s Earth Light Body through her 13 primarily vortices and chakras.

The key to integrating this ray is to recognize the Divine Equality of all Life, regardless of race, religion, ideologies or material status. In this honoring and interconnectiveness of all Life, we come to experience Unity Consciousness, and step into the Wisdom of the Higher Mind with the focus on “Devotion to Great Work” as these transfiguring Flames of Divine Love in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

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