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Sixth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ Message from the Elders

~ 06-06-2012 ~ The Venus Transit of Divine Love and the Sixth Initiatory Gateway of Light ~

Message from the Elders
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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now and indeed in this sacred month of June, as you undergo this Sixth Initiatory Gateway. Through the incredible Light activities and celestial events over this sacred month, you are taken deeper into the experience of Divine Love, the expression of wisdom and knowing, and indeed too, into a deeper level of your service work. Additionally, you start to ascend collectively, taking on the creation of the I AM Avatar Blueprint Body of Light, the etheric electronic Body of Light.

Sweet ones, the ray Overlighting this sacred Initiatory Gateway is that of the Third Ray of Divine Intelligence. This beautiful ray Overlighted in particular by Serapis Bey, is called “The Initiation of Resurrection” and is indeed very much about becoming your Mighty I AM Presence in physical form on this earth-plane. It is about your physical ascension as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light. It is further about the Divine Equality of all Life, moving out of better than and lesser than consciousness, in to the knowing that all Life is Divinely Equal, and it is simply the levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness that differs from individual to individual. When you are in this awareness, sweet ones, you have a deeper sense of One Unity Consciousness, and Divine Love and the ability to experience this in your everyday lives, through the radiance and preciousness of yourselves, immeasurable in your magnificence.

Let us start by setting our sacred space as we move into a deeper understanding of these sacred celestial events experienced through this month of June 2012. And how this Now moment has been impacted through the gateways past, and those to come, as a pivotal point in time. Breathing deep into the body sweet ones, expand the lower abdomen as you breathe in; contract the lower abdomen as you breathe out. As you focus on your breathing, breathing in and out through the body, centering yourselves, and coming into this essence of Divine Love, bring a focus to the heart chakra and the chest area, expanding this breath through and around the body. Hold this focus as you ground in to the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, and now in to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Now sweet ones, where ever you are, in your sacred space, bring in a Pillar of Light around you. This Pillar of Light connects you through the Christed timelines into all aspects of your multi-dimensionality, and indeed too, in to a deeper level of connecting and merging with your Higher Self of the Light, and Mighty I AM Presence. Wonderful. As this antakarana, this fluorescent tube of Light comes in through this Pillar of Light breathe in the magnificence of yourselves, sweet ones, as you connect to your Higher Self of the Light and now Christed Overself of the Light, your beloved Mighty I AM Presence.

This Initiation, the Resurrection, sweet ones, is about merging with all twelve Higher Selves. For this matrix of Light forming the prism of Light to your Beloved I AM Presence comes through, through this Higher Self of the Light connection that you have to your Higher Self and indeed to another core group of eleven Higher Selves, making up your I AM Presence. Each Higher Self has twelve soul rays, of which you are one, sweet ones, and now you are expanding beyond your Higher Self into the merging of your beloved I AM Presence, which takes you into merging with these Higher Selves and soul rays, all 144, of which you are one – your soul and star families of the Light. This expansion multi-dimensionally in consciousness, in Divine Love and indeed in Light, is being mirrored through this multi-universe as it expands dimensionally in width and breadth. Bring a focus for a moment, sweet ones, to the heart chakra, to the Golden Solar Sun Disc within the heart chakra, your Inner Sun; for it is this Inner Sun in radiance and Light that expands now to encapsulate you in this essence of Divine Love, as you ground in to the Inner Earth Sun, and now through your Sun, to the Central Sun, and Great Central Sun. There is a Portal of Light, sweet ones, that was activated at the time of the Solar Eclipse on May 20th, and leading through to the Solstice on June 20th and 21st, and it is within this window of opportunity that the most change is to be made for each of you individually and collectively. For you are coming in to deeper alignment with your original divine eight-cell blueprint. Through the freewill of humanity you have been operating from two blueprints, and now you are aligning in to your original divine eight-cell blueprint, bringing with it the deepest levels of your highest potentials, as Ascended Masters, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. This starts in the month of June through the partial Lunar Eclipse experienced through the Full Moon of Goodwill, the third moon in this cycle of Christed Moons experienced through April, May and June. This Full Moon of Goodwill and this Lunar Eclipse energy, sweet ones, takes you in to a deeper level of working on the emotions, of merging into the Divine Feminine and indeed, into the Center of Divine Love.

Now, through the Overlighting of this third ray of Divine Intelligence you receive the gift of knowing, of knowingness, as the DNA is activated to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow, and you start to move into the expansion of the Higher Mind Teachings of Light, in alignment in particular to the Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius, into the wisdom of the Higher Mind of Mother/Father God. You experience this Gateway – 06-06–2012 through the Venus Transit. This Gateway, sweet ones, that takes Venus into this passage between the Earth and Sun, very much like an eclipse, brings with it a deeper level of Divine Love, of creativity, joy, and indeed an understanding of your soul purpose in wisdom, experience and knowing. It aligns you into your original divine eight-cell blueprint through the three-fold flame of wisdom, power and Divine Love, and accelerates the start of the Sixth Initiation, the ascension, in which the physical body becomes a garment of White Light. In this Initiatory Gateway you travel in soul consciousness to Lake Titicaca. This gateway, sweet ones, takes you back energetically into the Gateway of the 11-11-11 - the start then of this Gateway of Divine Love, of the merging of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine archetypes. This Gateway on 11-11-11, sweet ones, amplified in Divine Love and bringing through the higher frequencies multi-dimensionally, activated this earth plane through the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love in increased Light frequencies, and with this, also took you into deeper levels of the shadow aspects of yourselves. It has been an intense cosmic roller-coaster ride, as you have experienced these New Earth Templates of Divine Love which were activated through the 11-11-11 Gateway. And so, sweet ones, all of you in the last six months have experienced oscillations of the emotional and mental bodies, great tiredness and issues coming up needing to be worked with on all levels of your Beingness. For there is no more time to process these issues; and as well as experiencing a deeper level of Divine Love and Light, you have experienced these intense karmic patternings or shadow aspects, false beliefs or judgements being cleared and transmuted, and increased tiredness through this cosmic roller-coaster ride.

And now, sweet ones, what this Venus Transit brings, and indeed this third ray of Divine Intelligence, is this merging of Love and wisdom. Though the anchoring of the New Earth Templates through the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love, you have the ability now to remain steadfast in the Light and to find a deeper level of balance so you can proceed lovingly, and more harmoniously and joyfully through the balance of this sacred year of 2012. The Goddess of Love shines upon you and assists you through wisdom and knowing, and indeed, Divine Love, clarity and purpose as to deeper levels of your service work and the ability to magnetise and bring in to your reality all that you need in any given Now moment as these co-creating Master Beings and sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Light.

Have a sense, sweet ones, of finding yourselves now within the Lake Titicaca Vortex of Light. Experiencing this Venus Transit, initially through the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine archetypes of Light within, as the kundalini and tantric channels within the body are now activated to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow. Within this sacred Crystalline City of Divine Love, this sacred vortex of Light, you are surrounded in this beautiful Yellow Flame of Divine Intelligence and Higher Mind Teachings of Light, finding yourselves in a sacred merkaba now, through the rotations of the star tetrahedron. Have a knowing of all your gifts, sweet ones, as this alignment in Light amplifies all levels of your Beingness in Divine Love and particularly through the heart, as Venus and the Sun open this doorway into your heart, into the golden Solar Sun Disc within your hearts.

As you look around you and see all these sacred Beings of Light, have a sense of connecting to all the light-workers and star-seeded ones and Beings of Light from On High gathered at so many sacred sites around this beautiful gem on which you physically exist – Mother Earth. As you feel this Divine Love within your hearts, within the Inner Sun within your hearts, sweet ones, share this feeling through this beautiful Yellow Flame of Light as you wrap it around this earth-plane. Bring a focus in particular to places needing this Flame of Divine Intelligence. This ray governs financial and economic structures, so you are seeing a breaking down of this, as well as lesser than and better than consciousness. Hold a focus of knowing and truth as you journey through this passage of Divine Love and wisdom of the Higher Mind, as a Warrior of the Light, and sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love. Wonderful.

And now, sweet ones, as you bring your focus back to Lake Titicaca and this Crystalline City of Light, let us tell you more about this ascension process, and indeed the amplification of your creative gifts, through the raising of the atomic vibratory level of the physical body in creating this radiant etheric electronic body of Light. Sweet ones, when we talk about the ascension process, we talk about the amplification of these Light frequencies, of your ability to raise the physical body in these atomic vibratory frequencies of Divine Love and Light. Now previously, as an Initiate of Light, in the completion of the Sixth Initiation you either ascended in your physical body in which your physical body became a garment of white Light, or more often than not, you left the physical body behind. Now what is happening now as part of the earth contract, sweet ones, is that you are assisting all Life to experience this ascension process, by being here in form, choosing to remain in form, as this Ascended Master, as this sacred Being of Light. So this ascension process has been ongoing, sweet ones, but is amplified now for you to experience these increased Light frequencies within the body. As the subatomic particles spin in increased frequencies of Light you will find your way into a deeper expression of the magic within your lives, in joy and Love, in prosperity consciousness, as you weave the New Earth templates through this sacred Grid of Light around and within Mother Earth, through your consciousness and your Light, as physical vessels of Divine Love.

In this Sixth Initiatory Gateway you are given the opportunity to further experience the merging with all 144 soul rays of which you are one, as we have explained, sweet ones, through the merging of the twelve Higher Selves of the Light creating this matrix of Light forming your beloved I AM Presence. And now, within this sacred space in this sacred Now moment through the energies of this Venus transit and the Overlighting of this third ray of Divine Intelligence, this sacred vortex within Lake Titicaca, this stargate of Light into the higher dimensions, activates now to draw upon the energy of all twelve Higher Selves of the Light that you are connected to, in starry streams of Light. Different planets and stars are coming through now energetically, these planets and stars connecting into the essence of Who You Are as your magnificent Higher Light sweet ones. Feel this connection now to each one of your 12 Higher Selves of the Light, as they come through in prisms of Light through the constellations, stars and planets. Connect to Venus initially, connecting to your Venusian Higher Self of the Light, sweet ones. Feel this essence of Divine Love in this Now moment, amplified and experienced through this Venus transit as you merge now with all twelve soul rays. Experience the merging now with your Lyran Higher Self of the Light and all twelve soul rays. And now experience this merging with your Andromedan Higher Self of the Light, this vast multi-dimensional seventh dimensional cosmic Being of Light that is part of your soul family and friends of the Light. And now you merge with your Arcturian Higher Self of the Light and all twelve soul rays, feeling, knowing the connection you have on some level to your Arcturian Higher Self of the Light. You now merge with your Orion Higher Self of the Light through the Kingdoms of Light within Orion and the teaching of Light experienced through the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light. Wonderful.

Each planet, each star, holds a particular vibration, consciousness resonance, and as you integrate the energy of these sacred Beings of Light you come again into White Light, into the Return of Original Innocence. You merge now with your Chiron Higher Self of the Light and all twelve soul rays. Now with your Alcyone Higher Self, your Maldekian Higher Self, your Antarian Higher Self, your Alpha Centaurion Higher Self, your Higher Self of the Light within the Pleiades constellation. Wonderful. And lastly now, sweet ones, you merge with your Sirian Higher Self of the Light and all twelve soul rays, for this is the Higher Self of the Light, the Guardian Angel that impulses you in your everyday life, guiding you and directing you intuitively into greater levels of self-mastery. And lastly now, experience yourself merging with your beloved I AM Presence. As you merge with your beloved I AM Presence in this energy matrix of all twelve Higher Selves, all 144 soul rays of which you are one, you expand into this essence of Divine Love, wisdom and knowing, through the heart and mind of Mother/Father God. Through the Christed timelines you see with clarity and vision your service work. Your ability to move graciously and lovingly and joyfully, in prosperity consciousness, fulfilling your sacred contract and assisting others in fulfilling their sacred contract, as this Ascended Master to this earth-plane; as the sub-atomic particles in your body spin in increased Light frequencies, as you build the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light.

This process is ongoing, sweet ones, but these Light amplifications spinning the sub-atomic particles in increase Light frequencies, activating the dormant DNA, realigning the body, activating the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands, merging the chakras in one unified column of Light and taking you simply into the knowing of your multi-dimensionality as these glorious Master Beings of Light is to be experienced in this Now. Sweet ones, it is ongoing, this process of integration through all levels of your Beingness, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, as these Ascended Masters, but you have chosen this path, and indeed many of these gifts will now be revealed to you. Wonderful.

We would like to let you know about the additional Light activities over this sacred month of June and how it impacts you, in this sacred Now and in this knowing of yourself as your beloved I AM Presence. We let you know the next shift in consciousness experienced through this beautiful Yellow Fame of Divine Intelligence and passage of Divine Love will be through the New Moon on the 19th and 20th of June. It is the second New Moon to be experienced in Gemini, sweet ones. The first was through the Solar Eclipse on May 20th. This brings the unification again, at a deeper level, of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and also shifts you into a more balanced emotional state of being, as you come within and focus on the Solstice energies through June the 20th and 21st to the new beginnings through these Templates in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. This is happening now for all of you, sweet ones, and all you have to do in this Now is know that this journey forward is going to be moving you into more gracious and harmonious energies individually and indeed collectively as you experience this change within the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love.

The ancient Mayan Prophecies say that the “New World of Consciousness” will be born on the occasion of the Venus passage in 2012, and know that this is indeed the case, sweet ones. You are shifting dimensionally and this gift of knowing further takes you into the teachings of the Great White Lodge. So as we leave you now, sweet ones, we suggest to you to connect through these starry streams and prisms of Light into the etheric of Sirius and ask to be taken with your Master Guides and soul family and friends of the Light and indeed through the embrace of your beloved I AM Presence, into the Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius; into a deeper level of the knowing of “Your Selves” through these Ashrams of Light of Melchizedek Consciousness, and Higher Mind teachings of Light.

We leave you now as you ground in to the energy and Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, sweet ones. Choose to either come back into your sacred space or to move into the Great White Lodge. Either way, keep this connection open in wisdom and Divine Love and empowerment. As you connect into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, feeling her Love and her support, feel your connection to all lightworkers and Legions of Light, surrounded now in this sacred Yellow Flame of Divine Intelligence and this Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness and Empowerment, Overlighting this sacred year of 2012. We truly appreciate each one of you, sweet ones. You are the beloveds of this earth-plane and indeed you are doing so very well as the caretakers and facilitators and custodians, star-seeded ones and lightworkers to Mother Earth and all her Life, leading the way to Heaven on Earth. And with this, we bless you and bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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