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Sekhmet's Crystal Exercise - Healing Mother Gaia

Sekhmet's Crystal Exercise - Healing Mother Gaia

Ashtar On the Road Teleconference -July 10, 2012

"Alright everybody! We want to thank the beloved woman* for creating this joyful song, I have taken such a liking to it. I’m going to share a little secret with you, she got it from one of the 'Mary’s' –– the one called the Magdalene. Alrighty, now the secret is out, if you already didn’t know it. I like it, it’s a happy song and it’s a good theme song for me because you know I’m quite a dancer. I was starting to sing a little but The Voice said, 'maybe not,' so I restrained myself, but it’s hard to restrain myself when I’m with you, everybody, because I just love you all so much!

"Of course, you know, I’m not standing here in front of you by myself. But I get to be the one who speaks, sort of. I’m the giver of the message. Alrighty, I am Sekhmet, and I’m a real powerful pussycat, but I’m all about Love and I’m here to purr with you and we’re going to make some great, great energy; or shall I say we are going to put our energies into the coalescence of a Communion Exercise!

"What we are here to do is joyful and uplifting, and we’re here to celebrate with each other and to especially honor Mother Gaia.

"We’re here to thank her for all that she has endured in order to enable and allow, most particularly, the human kingdom, to experience all that they have. And it has been, let’s just say, painful, for her, but she has never, ever, ever given up on humanity –– ever! She has always seen the brightness of the Hearts of the humans. She has always allowed the Love of the Universe, the Love of Mother/Father God, the Love of all of their creations to sustain her throughout the eons of time. And yes, she has wept at times, but she has never done any of her clearings and cleansings in anger, remember that!!!

"Neither has Father Sky, remember that. That is what you call old belief systems, old programming –– they don’t take revenge, Beloved Ones, they endure; they cleanse, yes, where cleansing is needed, but they do it in Love. And when, in your most recent of times, those wearing the dark hats empowered themselves so they could actually create disasters and then blame it on Mother Gaia, she loved all involved, including them. Mother Gaia sees the dark hats as wayward children who simply have been in a school of darkness, and she is so happy when one or more of her children allow the Light to come in more and more! And she says to them, 'You have always been forgiven, and I am so glad that you have come into the Light!'

"When any of her beings in her kingdoms lose their physical bodies she welcomes them into higher dimensionality; yes, she exists in higher dimensions. Oh, she’s so excited about your Ascensions -- she and her helpers, the Divas and the Nature Spirits, and all of her kingdom members who have been in Higher Dimensionality, mostly so that they could continue to exist because they have been the objects of hunters. Because it was ordained that they should continue, they have gone into the mists of the Higher Dimensions. But it’s alright because Planet Earth is heading up, up and away, out of 3D anyway. There will be huge celebrations!

"Now, it is for us to honor Mother Gaia with our Love. It is to assist her even more in clearing what must be cleared, as gently as she could possibly do. Just by loving, we can accomplish clearings, so she doesn’t have to do anything that would be what you would call destructive. Understand that. Miracles are what we are here to create, for her and with her!!! Healing, oh yes, she so appreciates the healing, and we are here to do more. Then we shall create visions together, each and every one of us, of how Mother Gaia already exists in Higher Dimensionality, and we shall be giving that to 3D Earth!

"That’s right, we’re going to anchor it in 3D Earth so that it’s known, so that it is there for Hearts opening to feel, to see, to experience the Joy of, even before getting up into those Higher Dimensions. So, we’ve got a bit to do. So it’s time now, it’s time for us to join together.

"Breathe in the Love, Beloved Ones. There is so much Love, and so many helpers. Know that Mother/Father God is smiling upon us and that we are receiving great beams from the Great Central Sun, from Mother/Father God, from the sun –– Sol –– of this solar system. And all the representatives of all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia are with us now, so let us form our circle. Hold onto my paws, each and every one of you, and hold on to the hand of the one standing next to you. Yes, I’ve got my multiple paws out for each and every one of you to hold.

"Let’s just breathe, breathe in that Love, that Joy, that Oneness, of who we really are. Let those Lights shine, Beloved Ones, turn them up to the highest, highest, volume. Let’s just relax and be joyful with each other. Now, we are going to come up on the ship, yes. Let the crystals power us right on up. We’ve got some ormes going on, makes a great powerful energy machine, clean and quiet, although, as you approach the ship, you might be hearing some music. Well, I have my theme song playing in the background, but you can tune that out and listen to your own theme songs if you choose.

"Let’s just zoom right on up to my ship -- the landing deck portal is open. Now, we can all move through it because it expands to hold all of us, just right on up to the landing deck. Notice, it’s all crystalline, everywhere –– crystals, yes. Your personal music is received and amplified by the crystals. We form an out-of-this-World harmonious chorus singing the energies of Love and Joy. Savor this, Beloved Ones, enjoy it!

"Let us move into the crystal elevator which again expands to accommodate us. And as the doors close, the music continues. Smell the flowers, your favorite one -- it has a perfume in the atmosphere. You might be smelling a rose while the one next to you is enjoying the lily, and so on. And we move up and into the crystal room upon my ship. Breathe! The elevator door is open, and now we move together in our circle, and all of our guides and angles and all who accompany us, move with us. Let them take their places behind you, Beloved Ones, each and everyone of you –– the Masters, the Angels, the Guides, the Spirits and the Divas. Now, the Spirits and the Divas come underneath our joined hands and move in to make an inner circle, a circle of Light and Love.

"All of the wondrous ones from the Higher-Dimensional kingdoms, the Fairies, the Unicorns, the wondrous plants and animals come and join. And now, now, let us welcome into the very center of our circle, Beloved Mother Gaia herself. Pause, and just let the Love flow back and forth, and forth and back, and among all of us standing here in our circle, absolutely empowering, surrounding, and permeating Mother Gaia herself. See how she glows in the Light of our Love, see how she smiles, and yes, even tears of Joy, High-Dimensional tears! She recognizes each and every one of us and she has a smile and a Lovebeam for each of us as we stand here beaming her!

"This is a moment of togetherness, of Communion, and of such Joy! And it is that we now prepare, even as the Love continues to flow throughout this grand company; even as the room, the crystalline walls, light up even more with Love; even as the music becomes more and more grand, and the beloved flowers share their wondrous perfumes with us, let us focus upon Mother Gaia, and let us, as One, assist in energetically clearing her of all that is disharmonious for her, of all that is toxic, of all that is not Love, but its opposite based in fear. Let us do the clearing with great Love and great Joy!!!

"See Mother Gaia smile as she is relieved of all this heavy burden that she has been carrying with such Love for ages of time on your Planet. Now let us reach into our Hearts, Beloved Ones, each and every one of us, and let us shower healing energies upon Mother Gaia. Notice how the beams are coming in from the Great Central Sun, from Mother/Father God, from all of the Masters and the Angels, from all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms, 3D and beyond!!! We stand to honor her and we shower her with our healing Love!

"Feel the warmth of her Love, even more glorious, even more bright, as she opens her Heart to us and enables us to share with her the visions of the pristine Planet Earth. Go ahead, add your visions to hers. See the waters falling into the clear and beautiful ponds below. See the oceans happy as their waves move freely, not burdened down any longer by the materials which they have been carrying for so long. See the seeds for the old-growth forests already yielding the beautiful trees, and the woodlands, the forest lands, restored. See the Joy of all of the animals now, whose homes have been restored to them. See the Joy of the animals who live in the cities, who now can go and enjoy with their human companions, these beautiful, serene and pristine places, so sacred and majestic, and so loving to all.

"See other lands, the fields, growing the most beautiful, and health-giving, nurturing foods, and flowers, and all manner of beautiful and wondrous, wondrous, things. And now see the fishes happily jumping in the streams, jumping in the oceans. Here come the dolphins, and the whales, in such Joy. And the other creatures of the sea and the creatures of the lands, from the very smallest to the very largest, look at how they greet each other, with such Joy. Look at how the land creatures are careful to stay upon the paths so that they do not trample the beautiful flowers, the ferns, and all of the wondrous, wondrous beings who are growing there. Look how they greet each other with such Joy, such Love!!!

"They swim in the waters -- go ahead, jump in! That lake is so pure you could drink out of it. And it may be that one or more of the beautiful creatures will jump in with you, or swim along side of you. Or jump into the ocean and swim with the dolphins, and yes, the whales. See the multi-legged ones, the octopi, and the squid, and yes, the starfish, they are waving at you with all of their arms, they are so delighted to see you. Look up into the skies and see the beauty of the day, and the stars gleaming at you at night. The color of the sky is clear and beautiful, and you know the skies are clear, and the atmosphere is nothing but beautifully clean and clear air for you and all life upon Planet Earth to breathe!!!

"This, Beloved Ones, is the vision. Add your own, add your own! Your passions, your Joys, and what you see in this vision. All life is honored; all life is respected. And we have, in this Communion, given such Joy to Mother Gaia!!! Feel her Love, let it bathe you. And it is upon the wings of this Love that we now send our visions out, throughout all of the Universe and, most particularly, to be grounded upon Planet Earth. Yes, grounded -- Love. The pristine, cleared and healed Planet Earth is now being grounded, being anchored everywhere.

"The consciousness of the new Planet Earth, the Higher-Dimensional Planet Earth, is now going out on the great wings of Love from Mother Gaia herself and, indeed, from all of us! The Love is further empowered by the radiant beams coming to us from beyond, from the Universe, from the Great Central Sun, from Mother/Father God. Such empowerment Planet Earth has not known until this moment, and it is indeed anchored now in the consciousness of all the inhabitants, below, on and above. And it is thus that it is seen and known in the consciousness of the One we all are!!!

"This is a grand and glorious step indeed, as we prepare even more for the Ascension of planet Earth. Mother Gaia has thanks and Love. Feel it, open your Hearts; open your Hearts. And Mother Gaia comes to each and everyone of us, Beloved Ones, and hugs, and thanks and communes Heart-to-Heart, now that we have done such grand Communion together, that we have answered the call that she has put forth, and that we have given her the empowerment to continue with even more gentleness, even more expression of Love. Thank you, Mother Gaia, for all of the gifts that you have ever given us, for your patience, for your forbearance, and for loving us through all time!!!

"Thank you, Mother Gaia, for joining with us, so that we have come together in our Oneness of Communion, so that we have indeed created clearing and healing, and that we have anchored the visions of Who You Really Are, for all to take into their own consciousness. All of those who are in Ascension Preparation, consciously and otherwise, and all who will jump upon the path in the next moment, and those to come, thank you Mother Gaia! We love you beyond words, and we accept with great Joy your Love for us, into our Hearts. And so it is that we remain in our circle, and you, Beloved Ones, are invited to remain for as long as you choose.

"When you are ready it is simply to say that you are ready to return, and you can allow Mother Gaia herself to hold your hand as you journey back to the new 3D Planet Earth. And so it is. Namaste!"

*Lei'ohu Ryder, Let Us Remember To Dance, from her CD, Mary's Songs. www.leiohuryder.com

Transcribed by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, July 10, 2012. www.AshtarontheRoad.com © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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