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28 July 2012 - 6:37am | erleargonza
Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

25 July 2012

Magandang araw sa inyo! Good day to you all!

This magnanimous servant of the spiritual Hierarchy, messenger & teacher, forthcoming Guardian, will share updates regarding the preparations for sheltering the survivors of the coming catastrophe.
[I will treat the subject of catastrophe forecast in another note.]

As per plan by the Deities and the Brotherhood of Light, the ministering Brothers in aide of human evolution across the entire Manvantara (evolutionary round), the individuals and groups that will make it to New Earth will first be sheltered in temporary refugee areas or safe havens. The said safe havens will be: (a) undersea refugee villages; (b) high ground refugee villages; and, (c) motherships of the Galactic Command or GC.

The first refugee havens are very delicate to handle, so the task of building and administration of the sites went to the hands of Gabriel’s angels. Certain areas in the sea floors have been carved out for the purpose, so that refugee villages, each one capable of sheltering max of 5,000 heads, will rise there.

As of late 2009 yet, when I visited the sites using my LightBody (Christ Body), the villages were already up, though no structures were installed yet. The pyramid of Light that protects each village was already there as of 2009 yet, a shield that will make the village very safe and stable despite the turbulence that goes on around village and facilities installed within it.

It is now getting close to December the 21st, so expect that the temporary shelters (tents) and muti-purpose facilities (one at the center of the village, as hub for meetings, gatherings, meditations, logistics, etc). The sites are in 4th Density, to stress a bit, so they’re invisible to the normal eyes. Furthermore, they’re well guarded by angels, thus rendering them truly safe.

Next comes the shelters built on high grounds. I will use the parameter of 400 meters (above sea level) for indexation, as the minimum altitude where shelters can be built. Each village can accommodate as much as 5,000 heads, much like its undersea counterpart.

During my last spot inspection of some of them, way back late 2009-early 2010, the villages were already prepared. The tents, each one capable of housing a family, were already up in some model sites. So were the central multipurpose hub for each site. Expect that by November this year, all the villages will have respective facilities installed.

The multipurpose hub is a bit stylish, with function rooms for meditation, prayer, meetings, library, and so on. Of course it is also the central hub for logistics and communications. The hub alone can make the refugee shelter so homely, thus reducing fears and stress from the turbulence that goes on around the village.

Angels and sector command personnel of the GC are jointly guarding the sites. These are in 4th Density by the way, rendering them invisible to outside observers from 3D. Each village is also shielded by a pyramid of Light, rendering them safe, sound, stable despite the catastrophic turbulence around post-2012.

Last comes the motherships of the GC. This option for sheltering refugees has been the most prepared, as the motherships were already identified and furnished for the purpose over 2 decades back yet. The motherships are so roomy that Master Sananda’s ship alone can shelter a max of 500 millions of heads.

While Sananda’s mothership will serve as the central base for sheltering the large flocks of refugees, the motherships of the sector commands will also house others for processing, orientation, and preparations prior to being shipped to the GC mothership. Venusian, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Antarean, Lyran, Vegan are among the commands that are already prepared for the purpose.

Note that many of the spiritual aspirants (of White Robes) are now undergoing training in relief & rehab to serve as Quick Response Teams during and post-catastrophes. Though assigned to stay in the GC mothership (they have shelters there now), they are also privileged to station in the Lightships complete with dormitory, logistics, health, and R&R facilities.

So for the Ascension enthusiasts, in case you’re really that prepared today, be glad to know that your shelters are in place, and there will be a place for everyone of the 1.5 Billion survivors. The Underground or UG peoples (‘Telosians’) are already up there in space ready for the forthcoming relief tasks, so do relax and you’ll be sheltered and provided for by all means.
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