22 Temmuz 2009 Çarşamba

Activate New Solar Light Codes, Awaken the Diamond Heart

Activate New Solar Light Codes
Awaken the Diamond Heart

Dear Sevgi,

On the 22nd of July, the New Moon will be in Cancer and there will be a Solar Eclipse which will also activate New Solar Light Codes. These will be the Activations for the Solar Feminine energies, the Ascended Feminine Christ energis that are being encoded into the Diamond Heart of the Planet and into the Diamond Heart of each Awakened and Ascended Human Angel on the Earth at this time.

At this time, the old "victim" energies of the Feminine in the old energies will be replaced in the Collective Consciousness with the Ascended energy of Empowerment and Creation with Spirit. The New Human Angel will be open to Receiving with Grace and Gratitude the Abundance that is offered by the Cosmic River of Life. The Base Chakra will be realigned from the lack and poverty of the old consciousness and will be set at the frequency of Acceptance and Gratitude, within the knowledge that Abundance is always present and that lack is an illusion. On the level of the Sacral Chakra and the Sexual and Creative energy, the New Code will allow the Feminine energy to be empowered to express Passion and Creativity and to receive these energies from others with Grace and Gratitude. At the level of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the new Light Codes will allow the Feminine energy to express its power and empowerment through the energies of Equality and Sharing. Giving and Receiving will be held in balance at this point, and the new Light Codes will enable the Human Angel to ensure that he or she Receives and Gives in a balanced and loving way that honors the essence of each individual within the group or community.

Within the Collective Consciousness, the old energies of Polarity and Duality will be replaced by the Yin and Yang of Complementary and Co-Creation.

Join us Wednesday July 22 at 9:30pm EST

The cost is $ 20.00

You can sign up here

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