5 Temmuz 2009 Pazar

New Lemurian Energies - Distant Attunement (tonight 4.30 AM Turkish time)

New Lemurian Energies - Distant Attunement

New Lemurian energies mix old and new Lemurian energies.

Serapis Bay is an incarnated Angel and the guardian of this
new energy. He is the mediator between the worlds and will
lead you to the gate of advancement.

With this empowerment you will receive the blue crystal
handed over to your from Serapis Bay, from there on out
you will be able to receive all of the crystals you need to work
with simply by asking for them!

There are 2 attunements to this New Lemurian Energy and there is a
manual included.
The cost for this attunement is $ 25.00

Sunday July 5th at 9:30pm EST

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