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Celestial Love Unity for the Earth through Natalie Glasson

Celestial Love Unity for the Earth

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 19/07/09

Archangel Michael- ‘I stand here now as a blazing beacon of love, protection and cosmic light. I, Archangel Michael, am the protector of the Earth and its humanity and leader of the Wisdom of the Light Community. It is a great honour and privilege for me to address all souls of the Creator’s universe and the Earth, sharing with you my love, wisdom and the latest news of changes occurring within the inner planes of the spiritual world. We are gathered now within the Temple of Mercy which holds the sacred and ancient energies and knowledge of the golden times and periods of change both on the Earth and the inner planes. My thoughts are being projected to all so that they may understand and comprehend the unity and synthesis that is manifesting on this day.

We call on the protection of the entire angelic kingdom to surround this precious information that I will share with you and those who open their hearts to accept the truth. We ask that a shield of platinum light surrounds all ensuring that only love of the purest vibration may penetrate the walls of the Temple of Mercy and the energy of those who open to our truth spoken here today.

The community of Wisdom of Light is growing constantly as many light beings step forward to share their love and wisdom through Natalie to humanity, this community is now adopting a synthesised group of light workers who hold a most sacred mission which the Wisdom of the Light community supports entirely. Allow me to first explain myself before we introduce this synthesised group.

Many people on the Earth have accepted the love and guidance of the angelic kingdom and ascended master beings. People are opening to the elemental and nature kingdom, but there is still a resistance for humanity to truly open their hearts and souls free from fear to other loving beings within the Creator’s universe. Extraterrestrial beings have long been seen as negative figures who threaten the Earth and yet the majority of Extraterrestrial beings are composed of pure love. There are many on the inner planes who wish to alter or realign humanity’s perspective so that all may experience the love that flows from the Creator’s universe. Due to the majority of humanity being fearful of Extraterrestrials this creates a blockage over the Earth which hinders the pure light and love of the light beings of the universe penetrating the Earth and souls of humanity. As 2012 draws closer with the prospect of the heart chakra of the Creator’s anchoring onto the Earth in order to change the vibration of the Earth from negative to positive, many angels and ascended masters are sending powerful surges of love onto the Earth to gradually build the love quotient of the Earth and its people. This is creating a major healing process which will continue beyond 2012. The Extraterrestrial beings wish to add their powerful energy to the Earth but the fears of humanity are causing boundaries that need to be dissolved and healed. By assisting humanity in opening their hearts to the loving and sacred Extraterrestrial beings of the Creator’s universe we realise that we are assisting humanity in opening their hearts to the Creator, as Extraterrestrials are the Creator in manifestation as are angels, ascended masters and humans. Many light workers are already working with Extraterrestrial beings but we wish to awaken others to the sacred powers, healing and wisdom of the light beings of the Creator’s universe, gathering their sacred love and anchoring it onto and into the Earth.

I am most honoured to introduce to you the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth, affectionately known as CLUE because they hold the Creator’s keys and wisdom for all of us to access and integrate with, especially those on the Earth, thus offering vital clues and wisdom to aid the anchoring of the Creator’s loving energy onto the Earth.

Please, Celestial Love Unity for the Earth, I ask you to step forward and introduce yourself.’

Celestial White Being - ‘I am a representative aspect of the great source of light the Celestial White Beings of the cosmic level. I have been appointed by Archangel Michael and those involved to head the synthesised group, overseeing all actions and expressions of energy and love created by the group.

First allow me to explain a little about my energy and background. The Celestial White Beings are a pure source of light akin to a vast soul or planet existing at a cosmic level, there are many personalities and aspects within the Celestial White Being soul but all are united as one body of light due to our integration being so profound. We have existed as a great source of support for the Creator’s universe and especially the Earth; we are an energy which you can align to in order to aid and accelerate your spiritual growth. We have seen all periods of time on the Earth and all development on the inner planes, constantly acting as cosmic support, wisdom and guidance when it is needed. We do not hold a name other than the Celestial White Beings because we are a source of light rather than an aspect, personality or character. As a representative of the Celestial White Beings for this sacred mission I realise that it may assist many on the Earth if I was to express a name from my soul so that others may call on my energies with greater ease. I am the Celestial White Being Zeneka holding an equal proportion of feminine and masculine energies from the Creator’s soul. Please if you wish to address me or call me to your side you may use this name.

The Celestial White Beings created the Wisdom of the Light community with Archangel Michael; our energies have always surged into the community and those who connect with the community of light being guides. We were chosen to head Celestial Love Unity for the Earth because of our unique feminine and masculine balance which will divinely influence the Earth and act as a soothing support for the changes occurring and the feminine energies anchoring. It is also our purpose to share the wisdom within the vast Celestial White Being Soul as a source of inspiration.

I, Zeneka wish to introduce to you the powerful and loving team of light beings at my side.

Representing the Extraterrestrial energies of the Arcturians and anchoring the love of the Arcturians into our synthesised group from the star of Arcturus is Anthena Arcturus.’

Anthena - ‘Greeting to you all, I have shared my energies and thoughts several times through the Wisdom of the Light community. I am of a feminine energy and have worked closely with the goddess energy of the Creator, the ascended masters and the angels. I extend from the star of Arcturus and have travelled with Lord Arcturus in the Arcturian spaceship to assist the spiritual growth of many on the Earth. The Arcturians are known for their highly evolved technology such as the Crystal Light Technology which is powered by the love of the Creator. I have been chosen to step forward now as a respective for the Arcturian body of love.’

Zeneka - ‘Anthena Arcturus will also act as an anchor for the feminine aspect of the Creator’s energies into the synthesis of light, wisdom and consciousness that the group creates. Also anchoring the feminine energies of the Creator is Glorious of Venus.’

Glorious -‘Appointed as a reprehensive of the Venusian energies, I, Glorious of Venus step forward with the body of love expressed from Venus to anchor into the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth and into the Earth. The Venusians are known for their pure expression of and existence as love; it is my mission to share our consciousness with all and to assist humanity in existence as pure manifestations of love on the Earth. Working with Anthena we will anchor the feminine aspect of the Creator into the Earth, Anthena will anchor the loving consciousness of her sacred technology while I anchor the consciousness of the embodiment of love. I will allow Mikial to step forth.’

Mikial - ‘I express to all now the energy of the Pleiades, I am Mikial, representative of the Pleiadian energy and consciousness, acting as an anchor for the Pleiadian body of love so that it may be surged into the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth and into the Earth. I am holding the masculine vibration of the Creator bringing balance to our energies as a group. I wish for all to understand that this is a group that is anchoring a balanced consciousness in order to illuminate, support and inspire humanity, helping many to realise that they have a tremendous network of support when they release fears and open their heart.’

Zeneka - ‘Bringing equilibrium to our energies is Soncie of Sirius, we are greatly privileged to welcome Soncie who is a resident Sirian teacher within the Sirian university and spiritual/soul growth programme.’

Soncie - ‘Divine blessings of love are sent from all Sirian beings to the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth and into the Earth. This is a magnificent occasion as many energies and vast sources of light step forward not only to share their energies but to unite their energies as one body or source of light for people on the Earth and throughout the universe to access. Helping many overcome their fear of Extraterrestrial beings and accept our consciousness, love and insights to aid their ascension, achieving unity with the Creator’s soul and all aspects of the universe. It is indeed a most remarkable occasion and one that symbolises that change is integrating onto the Earth and humanity is awakening. Our gathering here today is due to the intentions, thoughts and growing openness of humanity. I am greatly honoured to be integrated with the sacred energies here and to channel the body of love from the Sirian into the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth. ‘

Zeneka - ‘There are many other Extraterrestrial light beings who have anchored their energy into our group creating a synthesised body of love, their energies will be revealed with divine timing, but it is the four sacred bodies of energy who I have introduced who are supporting and leading the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth alongside the Celestial White Beings.

The Purpose of CLUE is to assist in the anchoring of love from celestial Extraterrestrials beings within the Creator’s universe and anchoring this body or source of love onto the Earth. We wish to dissolve fear and insecurities that Extraterrestrials are negative and help people realise that we have a wealth of love and wisdom to share. We have united our energy to create a source of light that is healing, cleansing, can be used to aid manifestation, awakening and to access guidance. In truth humanity may call on the energy and light of Celestial Love Unity for the Earth to assist them with all aspects of their spiritual development, it is a supportive energy of love that stems from the Creator’s soul, it is the essence of the universe and the Creator. We wish to build strong bonds with the Earth so that we may integrate our light and love, assisting the Earth in achieving its goal and purpose of anchoring the heart chakra of the Creator into the Earth by 2012. We are reaching our hands out to humanity and hope that the light workers and people of the Earth will embrace our energy.

We will now activate and bond the energies of all present, channelling the energy of our love into the Earth. In this sacred chamber within the Temple of Mercy which has been gifted to us by the great masters of the Temple and named the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth Ashram, we have placed a large etheric crystal which has existed on the planet of the Celestial White Beings since its creation. We realised that this time of integration would manifest and have treasured this crystal nurturing it with cosmic light; we have now placed this crystal within the centre of the ashram to hold the core energy of Celestial Love Unity for the Earth. Once our energies are anchored into the crystal it will receive a constant flow of energy from the Celestial White Beings, Venus, Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius and many more. The crystal will manifest a divine alignment with the Earth and channel healing loving light of the most appropriate vibration into and over the Earth to support humanity and Mother Earth in their quest for the embodiment of love.

I now invoke the body of the purest form of love to anchor into the Celestial Love Unity crystal from the White Beings, Venusians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians.

The energies pour from all areas of the Creator’s universe to anchor as pure love into the crystal which activates and pulsates, synthesising with the love channelling into the crystals consciousness.

We now ask that the crystal and the ashram create a divine alignment with the Earth channelling healing light and the pure energy of love into the Earth. The light cascades from this ashram and over the Earth, it is continuous source of light for all of humanity to draw on and meditate with to assist in the embodiment of love and the integration of the Earth with the Creator’s universe and dimensions. We wish for all of humanity to understand that we are here as a source of support, wisdom, enlightenment, guidance, consciousness and healing, simply call on our energy and ask for a divine alignment to the core energy of love within the chamber and crystal of the Celestial Love Unity for the Earth.

With divine love we offer our services to you.’

Archangel Michael - ‘I wish to thank all beings involved in this sacred integration; we have waited in anticipation for this synthesis of energy and know that it signifies that the Earth and its people are ascending to gain unity with the Creator. May all allow themselves to sit in meditation and anchor this sacred energy into their being and soul, experiencing the energy of love expressed. May it activate the source of love within humanity and allow love to manifest eternally. We wish to thank humanity and all souls throughout the universe for taking time to acknowledge and witness this momentous occasion.’

Archangel Michael and Celestial Love United for the Earth

This is a channelling from the live ceremony of the activation and anchoring of the energy of Celestial Love Unity for the Earth.

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Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

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