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The Descendants of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

The Descendants of Jesus
and Mary Magdalene

The Descendants of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

Isis and Sananda

Today we are here to give you more information about our physical family.
As Mary Magdalena and Jesus we had four children. Our first born son was killed at the age of three months old.

Another story, another time.

After this we received three more children, two girls and one boy. They are our physical descendants and carried our DNA. As you all know, 2000 years have past and this bloodline has grown into a bloodline of many. Many of you see this bloodline as of great importance. It is not, it is a physical bloodline and it is not as important as our spiritual bloodline. Many have chosen to incarnate into this physical bloodline, as is their choice.

We are here to ask you to reconnect with your spiritual bloodline. This is who you truly are, you are a spiritual being. This is your bloodline in spirit, this is who you are in spirit.

Your physical bloodline is affecting the DNA, but only in a way that all 12 tribes have a different part of DNA activated. Once all 12 tribes have fully activated DNA, the 13th tribe will become reality.

This tribe will form the tribes of humans that will go with your earth into the new world when your earth ascends.

This physical DNA can only be activated by becoming who you are in spirit.
This is why your spirit needs to come down into the physical. This process will be fully accomplished by finishing your cosmic ascension.

And yes, cosmic ascension is much more. It is where you become a light being on earth not just in spirit. This is needed to follow the earth through the ascension portal that is being activated by those who fulfill their commitment of cosmic ascension.

Many say or think they have already ascended. Yes, you have finished your planetary ascension, maybe. But as you are still in a physical human body, you have not completed cosmic ascension.

This year we have been allowed to guide you in a different way. The rules have changed.

The MANNA , the Gold of the Gods, has been released in a new form. This can assist you in repairing you DNA, in activating all of your DNA. Your job is to make the DNA fully active by working on your cosmic ascension.

The Gold of the Gods will assist you during the process, as it will speed up your opening of consciousness. A heightened awareness of all that exists in your universe and beyond.

The MANNA, was what was hidden in the Arc of the Covenant. The Arc has been opened and the Gold of the Gods was given to the right people to protect and assist you. The Gold of the Gods is sacred in more ways then you think. And the production involves a sacred ritual that has been lost for many ages.

The Gold of the Gods is what allowed Moses to hear God, to be the one carrying the Robe of many colors. To carry the 144.000 Flames of God inside of him, this is how he was able to part the Red Sea.

They carried the last of the Gold of the Gods in the Arc of the Covenant, as the knowledge was lost on how to produce this MANNA.

As we have retrieved the ritual from the time of Horus, he will be the overseer during this process while we provide for you the Sacred Gold of the Gods, the MANNA from Heaven through the Golden tears of Horus.

The Eye of Horus, the Tears of Gold.

In the Law of one we have come to you,

Isis and Sananda

Through Petra Margolis

We are having one workshop on Saturday July 25, at 4:30pm where we will ask for the Manna of the Gods to be poured into our bodies.

The cost for this workshop is $ 25.00

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