1 Temmuz 2009 Çarşamba

Complete Planetary Ascension NOW!!!!!

Complete Planetary Ascension

Dear Sevgi Ozer,

Finish your planetary ascension NOW!!!
Clear and Balance all 12 chakras and bring them into the physical body.
Bring your light quotient up to 50%.
And more.

We have been doing several workshops that were focused on planetary ascension. This one is to complete it now. There is no need to wait. Just finish it and move on to the Cosmic Ascension.

We will be assisted by of course Kuthumi, but also Isis, Sananda and many more of the Ascended Beings of light.

This will be a personal experience for everyone, we are not going to look at how far you are and what is needed, we are going to finish it NOW!!!!
So you can move on and make the choice to complete Cosmic Ascension this lifetime as well.

We will have this workshop tomorrow, Wednesday July 1st at 9:30pm EST.

The cost is $ 35.00

And you can sign up here and don't wait any longer

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