10 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

CELIA FENN in PORTUGAL 13th to the 16th May, 2010 Sacred rose activation Magdalene Shekinah City of light activation


13th to the 16th May, 2010

Dear Portuguese Family of Light, I will be making my second visit to Portugal in May of 2010. I look forward to being with you again and sharing the New Light and Energies with you. In Harmony with this year's theme of Divine Harmony, Balance and Sacred Relationship, we will working with you to align with Divine Will and to create Inner Harmony and Balance, and to develop a Consciousness of Sacred Relationship.

Languages will be English and Portuguese.

On Friday the 14th of May I will be in Lisbon at the "Cura Cristalina Center", where I will be offering a Channel evening with Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene. After the channel there will be time for questions and sharing. We will also work with the "City of Light" for Lisbon and activating the new Light Codes for the New Earth.

On Saturday the 15th, I will be in Tomar, where I will be offering a one day gathering and retreat and where I will work with Mary Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael. We will work with the Magdalene Flame and the Energy of the Holy Grail. Archangel Michael will guide the "Sacred Heart" energy meditation, and Mary Magdalene will guide the "Sacred Rose" activation and the "Kingdom of Heaven" activation that was given in Jerusalem in December of 2009.

On Sunday the 16th, I will be leading a group to work with the Elemental Energies and the deep Shekinah energy of the Great Mother in the woods around Tomar. We invite you to join us for these activations and for a Water Ceremony to bring the Crystalline Energies of Peace and Joy to the Planet and to anchor the New Earth energies with the help of Archangel Michael, the Christ Consciousness and the Cetacean energies. We will also do a Dolphin Healing transmission if there is a suitable place for this work.

There will also be some time for private channels in Lisbon.

I look forward to being with you again in Portugal and sharing this time with you!

For further information, please contact the Organizer, Isabel at isabel11@gmail.com

Information in Portuguese at Www.espacocuracristalina.com/eventos/celia-fenn

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