30 Mayıs 2010 Pazar

Entering the Field of Cognitive Awareness

Entering the Field of Cognitive Awareness

Many people have been talking about ascension and the physical Earth changing into other dimensions or a parallel universe. The higher dimensions are right around the corner. By way of distance we are not closer today than we were yesterday or the year before, because dimensions are not separated by distance. The density of all things and beings can be measured, but humanity has not yet discovered how to influence, and therefore alter its own density in order to benefit itself and its future.

Think of all the work you have done up until this point. Are there any issues that keep coming up for you to address? How do you deal with issues when they come up? What emotion are you feeling? Can you remain neutral and centered so you can deal with the current issue or problem? How do we escape the negative, imprisoning forces that continue to confine us and the human spirit? What needs to be done in order for us to break free from these re-occurring patterns?

With each level of work comes a deeper level of processing. With this level of work coming through this time of year can assist you in releasing very old emotional relationship issues that stemmed from your family of origin. You will finally be free of some very deep psychological pain and issues that seem to have been stored deep in the marrow of your bones. When you process this level, do not hold anything back as we may have been forced to do in our formative years. Allow these things to finally be released in any way your body can do this.

Join us on Sunday May 30 at 3:30pm EST

Cost $ 25.00

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