16 Mayıs 2010 Pazar

Integration and Harmony Between the Human, Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms ..transmission today at 4 PM turkish time

Integration and Harmony Between the Human, Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms

We each individually set our intention to work in harmony with the Nature Spirits, Devas, Elementals and all of the Angels and lesser builders, as well as the Archangels and Elohim.

Within our inner vision and imagination we can see the elementals and nature spirits at work within the grasslands, meadows, gardens, forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, and within the currents and streams of air, wind and the movement of the seasons. We see these beings dancing within the flames that heat our food and warm our bodies, and within the great fire of the sun.

We breathe in unconditional love from our own Mighty I Am Presence.

We now breathe this love outward to the other streams of evolution that share the work and the glory of establishing the Seventh Golden Age upon our world.

We seek them to know us as beings of Light and Love and we likewise acknowledge them as such beings.

We call upon the Masters to help guide us that we may walk gently upon the soil and that our actions are in harmony with the purpose of the whole, which includes the Divine purpose of the nature spirits and elementals.

We ask to be guided and shown how to properly respect and honor them, and request the same from them that we may work in closer and closer cooperation.

We especially invoke the guidance and direction of the great Archangels and Elohim.

We now meditate upon the love, joy, and peace of this Divine cooperation and integration.

We come back into our bodies, infusing each cell with the joy, love, peace, and harmony that we have meditated upon.

We give thanks for the work of the Nature Spirits and Elementals, for the lesser builders, the Angels, the grace of the Archangels, and the Elohim.

We establish our grounding cord within the earth and in so doing make a deeper connection from Spirit to Earth.

Sunday May 16 AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 25.00


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