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The Planetary Grid Transmissions New Moon Friday, May 14

Attention all Grid Transmitters, Grid Receivers, Light Teams & Transformation Teams
The Collective Unified Focus for this Friday's Planetary Grid Transmissions

The Planetary Grid Transmissions
New Moon Friday, May 14
A 24 hour conscious connect to the Unified Field of Lightworkers
via the Planetary Crystalline Grid, part our new consciousness matrix!
...with unified meditation during 4 synchronized world times:
Sydney: 8 pm
India: 8 pm
Paris: 8 pm
New York: 9 pm

Due to increase
lightworker participation
we have added a
4th synchronized time for the India time zone!!
World Clock - time zone converter [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103383264749&s=4189&e=001bKvOloEjd-H4lLc-57LAM_JMS7f9mp4cFIjhqHfsujifLsW7G7t26tg2qamZVTLnhKiKwZ8tVCrVjxGHwd0qmt5d1dzvVpQPJUKXqjrJIxRvFz1Rc5C8QkNvCR_hcc-ZeBj7vQ9d3fmSFXD6mOXuzv_4N3HBXD8Z]



Acknowledging and Releasing our Overcharged Electrical Natures

We are calling forth from the
vastness of our Infinite Being the full release from our electrical sheathing so
that the codes of light that hold the program for the new race
genetics can be activated and actualized. We both hold and radiate these intentions
from the Love of our being and qualify in accordance with our highest good and the
highest good of all life concerned.

Those of us choosing
to make this ascension with Mother Earth while retaining a formed expression
are now being asked to seriously deepen our focus of personal purification. Each
of us alone must take
this very critical step in dropping all resistance and offering up,
completely, our controlling ego complex and entire human genetic structuring
for a complete redesign.
Together, may we hold highest intention and the deepest sacred space for every brother
sister on the path of ascension currently undergoing this most challenging yet
rewarding process of transformation.

Full article [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103383264749&s=4189&e=001bKvOloEjd-ECY1F6kPIeoyjEdTSq-QoxZfhi8Kle1ha7p3jcgPZAOew7ifGJUECUX8oN3vZnyffetdjLgJjYrBes3VA2Kc8XCIoobCcrf7xFglEwfL2tqvIUGICPC1uPNFbADW0f881p_YRTvM64aQh9nrMpriLNIqQzKfdY_48XPcWlX6qaXkOXnWCCdURN9VK2WgOTPNaj3murqRU2jUB_U5LaM8-FVJ0mJ4yPkAubaU4CcriaODQJ_1NgktsJzQf9cyEptlhKwJOet1z-OYHbYv8B8PGe]

For those people
needing personal support,our Light Transmission Team is ready to assist with areas
of your transformation to
help bring increased understanding, balance and quick realignment.More info [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103383264749&s=4189&e=001bKvOloEjd-GxtNXrp_Uhk4V2-ri1fIp9DV8z-RYs99YHxIK7Ym_gAgj107AXUoSF1wcuVLBFZ7AqzHD9b62HgBD_n7HryH4XWmQgNr4In9Ct6mRnDzRT4nSSC7GlJrySTgJYXX9PKy2j6I_hZGv0N9lqN8S5MPNa5bV9FUTHYfy-DXVAOUZ2R3P3F7WCvmXsBU8VAaN203gfjcLIWEAZ1i5KjGqwaRby]...

The Importance of Releasing the old

can feel the tremendous quickening of
energy that has occurred in the last two weeks and on all fronts. It is of utmost
important that each
every one of us step into a more proactive role in what is unfolding.
single greatest thing we can do right now is to shift our own
natures (EGO) and continue to raise our frequencies beyond that of
controlled" and from the inside out.

As the peacekeepers and wayshowers
into the new consciousness awareness, we maintain that all in external
is as result of what has been and is still held withinthe
individual consciousness of the human being.

new moon cycle and our conscious unification this Friday on the
Crystalline Grid, we are stripping ourselves humble of all beliefs and
surrendering up to the Divine our entire human blueprint... including
imbalanced emotions and negative controls still in play by the very
manipulative egoic mind. The quicker that we can transform internally,
quicker external controlling influences can be removed from our

say "offer up" due to this sacred
request and our entire process of regenesis receiving great Divine
from the Grace Light of Creation. We unify on the Crystalline Grid due
to this
bridge of light being a pure energy source from which no energy of
duality can
enter. It has been lowered into place exactly for this specific focus!

Emotional Frequencies are the

is important for us to
realize that ALL current involvement upon our Earth at this time is in
Divine Orchestration to wake us up and move us OUT of duality. In our
current awareness, the light is reflecting how we control and how we
have been controlled.
It is very important to
understand that it is the emotional frequencies that we carry and
allow to be
entertained within our conscious experience which are the gateway for
forms of unwanted energy to interact in our continuum.

Negative Emotions
Feed our Ego

Whenever a human being
holds inner resistance to a situation,
emotions such as frustration, anger, disappointment, judgment,
fear, righteousness or hatred may arise. By holding these energies
within us, we create a
frequency to which other outside resonant energies attach, gaining
access to the life force within us.
These attaching energies fertilize the
emotion to perpetuate it. We feel this as a strengthening of the
accompanied by the conviction that we are right. Once access has been
gained in
this way, the ego mind communicates to us by mimicking the voice of our
shadow side. This voice sounds like our own, but is not our true
nature. This
is the voice that we hear inside our own heads which justifies our
actions when
we injure another. It is the voice that says "they" are wrong and "I"
am right.
It is a voice of division, self-righteousness and judgment.

is easy to accept, even to welcome this voice because it feels good to
be right. When we align with it, we feed the emotions of polarity, we
feed our negative ego and we are shielded from Divine Guidance.
through Understanding, Loving and Allowing

It is so
important at this time, that each one of us actively chooses the
emotions that
we hold within our conscious experience in any given moment. Walking in
love is
the ONLY way in which we can co-create consciously. Loving allowance
acceptance is the foundation upon which the New Earth is built. We MUST
walk fully in
this energy if we are to manifest it here, and to claim our own Earth
conscious human beings.

If you have fear or resistance
within you to the seeming energies of opposition, take heed. Our
freedom from such external controlling factors is not won through
resistance. Our freedom is found in understanding, loving
and allowing. When we choose to love others as a mother would love a
child, we present the gift of a new choice. Some will embrace this gift
and enter into a new way of being
which is transparent and mutually beneficial. Others will find this
foreign and frightening and will simply lose their foothold here as we
phase up
in our collective resonance.
There is immense assistance available to everyone
if we choose to
accept it.

There is Only Love

is no fight. There
is no enemy. There is no struggle. There is ONLY LOVE. The awareness of
all of the negativity surfacing is important because it highlights the
urgency of
choosing love in each
and every moment.

It is very wise to keep
our focus inwardand to walk consciously in our own power.
These lower
frequencies affect us ALL, no matter how spiritually advanced or
awakened the
individual may be. They are part of our human body's original
programming which
is now being overwritten. It is not something we can conquer by outward projection
or doing.
The only
way to move beyond the ancient programmed response and reaction is by
surrendering on our knees to the Light of Source within us, releasing
in each
moment to the Love of which we are made.

Let us join together in releasing
all resistance to outward forces, realizing that what is outside is a
reflection of what is inside. Let us release all ties to the old
programming of
reaction and control. Let us ask to become the Love which transforms
our world,
and every form upon it.

Let us Choose Only Love.

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