20 Mayıs 2010 Perşembe

JanoshArt newsletter about recent acceleration

From: Janosh Art
Subject: Newsletter Janosh May
To: "Nieuwsbrief Janosh-Art"
Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 2:44 AM

Dear Friends,

We are entering a time, when it’s important to stay close within ourselves. This is the warning received from my spiritual guide Saïe. The times are strange. Everything is accelerating. You probably realize that not only is time moving faster but creation as well. Therefore your creative strength is increasing, which means everything you broadcast becomes reality fast. Positive and well as negative. This is not only in your life, but on a larger scale too. Major events are taking place all over the world at an amazing rate. This means that a lot of people think that only darkness is in control over the world. That is incorrect. It’s only what we are shown through the media.

People as a whole react to this and if you are not conscious of the changing energies, then these changes soon affect the masses: unrest, tiring easily, depression and even aggression can increase

Re-awakening your own strength

It’s now to time to reawaken your own strength. In the new, higher frequencies you are obliged to let go of the past and also the negative energies where a lot of people are trapped at the moment. I call this the old matrix, the energy field around the earth, which is full of negative, constraining programming. If you can break away from this, then you will be able to make contact with the mission, which you as a soul had already planned. Your personal blueprint, the task you set yourself on earth becomes clear. That can be confusing, but it is important, particularly at this moment and taking into account what is going to happen, to believe in your own strength, trust and remain close to your own truth. In this way you will inspire those close to you and be able to help others in their own transformation process. Saïe says: “Convincing others or wanting to be right, often works completely in the opposite way”.

The language of Atlantis

Don’t be afraid if you see that the chaos is increasing. Don’t judge in words of “good” or “bad”. Don’t let yourself be carried away in the river of fear. You can choose for liberation. Something, which can enable us to find peace and something to inspire our sub-consciousness, is the language of Atlantis. By this I mean the Sacred Geometry codes, which played a great part during this time. This is the language of our soul, the building blocks of our creation and you and are are geometry. The power of geometry can inspire us to re-find our inner strength. The frequency of the last code, Ultimate Return, can help you in your reverse strength to come back to the authentic you, before you were born, joined together with the strength and power of the insight of the Universe. We are on the way to deep routed awakening!


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