8 Ağustos 2010 Pazar

8-8 Lion's Gate connect with the New Earth

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The merging of the New Earth with our Earth.

In the previous email I wrote down what I know about the beginning. This is where we are right now.
Since the last full moon, the merging of our Earth with the New Earth has begun.
The crystal core of our earth is almost completely merged with the New earth. Yes the merging is starting at the core.
Don't forget we think in a linear way, this is not how the energies work.

The Lion's Gate is coming up and I hope we will have the merge completed by then. From there we still have to take it step by step to complete the rest of the earth. I really don't know at this time how that is going to be done, I follow the energies and assist, that's my job. Any problems will be solved when they come and the future is ever changing so I don't even start looking at that.

I do know there are many more people needed to assist and I know there are many willing to assist. You have to ask yourself the question though if you are willing to take it all the way.

On Sunday August 8, at 10:00PM EST we have a workshop to connect you to the New Earth. This will allow for a more easier integration of the new energies coming onto our Earth at this time.
It will also assist you in coming more into your being fully as you are all integrating the new energies.

Cost for this workshop is $ 10.00

You can sign up here