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Ra Ne Ma Ri, the time is now.

Ra Ne Ma Ri, the time is now.

ani he yar
Ra Ne Ma Ri, the time is now.

Ma Ti Re Ya, is what we want to achieve, full cosmic ascension.

Ra Ne Ma Ri, the time is now.

We are all waiting and waiting, hope is being brought to us
through many messages.

With the hope also comes despair as nothing seems to be what is seems it is.

They are waiting for us with their ships, there is a gateway in the earth. And many
more ways to have you believe that all is done and arranged.

We now see more messages coming out that urge us to start working on ourselves.

Tio Ra, the earth is ascending.

Mayo Ra, our universe is ascending.

Ma Te Ki, the cosmic ascension is at hand.

Yoa Mi Cari, The date is not set in stone.

Gi Yoa Tio Ra, follow the earth.

Ma ne Ti, many are not ready.

The earth is ascending into non-physical dimensions, many are not able to follow
this and we know that. The plan is made to lift up the 3rd dimension into the 5th
dimension once the earth has fully merged with the new earth. This will be done
by the ones that ascend Ma Te Ki.

As I understand it the many that are not ready will ascend into the 5th dimension,
this is still a physical dimension. And even though it has higher frequencies it still
contains the elements of duality. This will be the great wake up call for many and
there will be a window where they get the chance to move further than the 5th
dimension if they make the choice to wake up at that time.

Ma Ne Ria, You have the choice now.

Connecting with the Universal


Cosmic Crystalline Grid

We are starting new workshops, connecting with the Universal and Cosmic
Crystalline Grids that have been placed a long time ago to assist the energies in
returning to the Source Frequencies. There is one Grid within our universe and
this Grid is connected through the Cosmic Crystalline Grid to all other universes,
or the Cosmos. These Grids have been dormant for a long time and became
activated during the merging of our crystalline core with the New Earth.

There is three parts of us that need to be merged. The Light and Dark light that is
within all of us. We call it Dark and Light, but its two different frequencies that
oppose each other at times of fear. The other part is our own crystalline core.
The spark of Source within us.

Once these three merge fully we can ascend into oneness.

This is how we build the crystalline structure and frequencies to support the
change into the Diamond frequencies that are needed to ascend into full

We have already done a lot of work and it's time for the next steps.

The first one is to connect to the Universal Crystalline Grid to allow for support
in building our crystalline structure further. This will allow for more universal
awareness and conscious universal awareness.

The next step is the connection to the Cosmic Crystalline Grid to raise our
frequencies even more and have the full support of all energies available at this
time to complete the crystalline structure within us.

These connections will bring in more of your own crystalline parts that are
already within the higher frequencies in spirit. Allowing you to work fully as a
master being within your own power. Within your own power is the ability to
connect universally and cosmically with all beings that are here to serve as
conduits for the crystalline frequencies transmitted to earth at this time

So what does it do for you?

It opens your awareness to new levels, allowing you to see what is real and what
is not.

It assist in further bringing in the energies needed to complete your crystalline
structure and from there the diamond frequencies.

Many will think the Merkabah is our ascension vehicle, it is not. It is part of the
crystalline structure being activated. The Diamond Body is our Ascension vehicle.

We attain the Diamond Body by bringing in the crystalline frequencies and allow
these crystalline energies to start building the crystalline structure within us.

Once we complete the crystalline structure ( and this includes the merkabah),
we begin the process of completing the Diamond Body.

In this time however, we can work on both processes at the same time.

" There is much to be learned and you have no time."

This is the truth, and this is how it feels to me many times, I feel like running out of
time, and there is so much to know and learn before I can fully complete the
Diamond Body.

As we work on both process we also begin the awaken the Diamond
consciousness, the connection to both crystalline grids allow for further expansion
of the Diamond Consciousness.

The experiences will be different for each person as we all know. The one thing that
it brings to all is the capability of more fully understand, and being consciously aware.
It will allow you to further explore what it means to be in Live and Light, but the
most important thing is what it means to be in oneness.

We have all been taught to be Love and Light, but as I understand it at this point
in my awareness it's not about Love and Light, it's about oneness within ourself.

Within Source there is no Love or Light, these are still human conditions being
placed upon us until we can fully move into the oneness, where all fear has
disappeared, love and light has disappeared, and only the oneness remains.

With these workshops you not only move beyond fear, you move beyond the
frequency of love, light into the oneness of the crystalline core within us slowly
merging with the dark and light. Ascending into full beingness. Full oneness.

The connections are the first two workshops on our way to completely restoring
ourself into full mastery of oneness.

I do suggest for anyone to fully experience and fully allowing for the energies to
do their work, to have a J-Seal removal and Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment. The
J-Seal removal will remove anything that prevents you from moving into higher
frequencies. The Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment will reconnect the energy lines
within you that connect all part of your crystalline structure to your crystalline

We have a J-Seal removal planned this Saturday August 21st at 5:00PM EST.

We have a Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment planned on Sunday August 22nd at 5:00PM EST.

The normal cost for the J-Seal removal is $ 49.00, the Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment $ 35.00.

For anyone who has signed up for the first workshop the cost will be $ 49.00 for the
both of them. Email me if you would like to attend both of them before starting
the Connection workshop

The connection to the Universal Crystalline Grid and Cosmic Crystalline Grid workshop
is on Saturday August 28th at 5:00 PM EST and Sunday August 29th at 5:00 PM EST.

The cost for this two day workshop is $ 99.00.

You can sign up here

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