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August Energies Jennifer Hoffman

August Energies

July went by so quickly that I look back on the last 31 days and wonder what happened. Where did the time go? In many ways last month appeared to be less challenging than May and June but was it really? Or are we now so accustomed to the roller coaster that we can anticipate the wild ride and don't get so excited about it? I think this is partly true and August brings a whole new set of energies for us to consider.

The first week of August is highlighted by a rare and powerful astrological configuration, which astrologers have been talking about for several years. This is a Cardinal Grand Cross, involving nearly every planet in the zodiac. Everyone will feel the call to change, re-think their life, re-consider their options and move forward with whatever they have been holding back on. This is a 'my life (or I) will never be the same' energy. Can you remember what happened around June 26? This week's energy will complete that cycle. Take nothing for granted, even the smallest, most insignificant insights are valuable.

On the 20th Mercury goes retrograde and the shadow period begins on the 8th. Aside from the usual retrograde warnings, use this time to reflect on what you want in your life. As the Miracle Coaching program students are learning, many of us have learned to expect disappointment and no longer trust that we can have what we want. With this month's energies of clearing, release and taking action, fill the vacuum left by what is released with what you want.

I know this has been such a long journey but we are nearing its end and some of you, based on your emails, are already there. There was a definite shift last week and this past weekend I completed the landscaping around my house, something that has taken over 4 years to do. As I planted the final plant and cleaned up, my house looked 'finished' and I knew that it was. What a relief! Whatever you are guided to complete this month, whether it is planting a garden, cleaning out your closets, releasing beliefs or getting closure on something in your life, follow your guidance. This is part of your final steps on this path and how you are being guided to use the support we have for transformation to make lasting, fulfilling change in your life.

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