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Message From Archangel Michael, September 2010 Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

Message From Archangel Michael, September 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

"The Way Of One Who Achieves Greatness"

Dear Ones,

At this time many of you are at a crossroads. You have opportunities to raise your consciousness, to raise your vibrations to new heights, or you may stay with the status quo you have achieved and continue on in this way. There is no right or wrong Dear Ones; it is a personal choice which each one of you must make. It is a personal choice for each one of you as to how long you choose to remain in the lower vibrations. There comes a time in your spiritual growth when you will reach a plateau, and it is easiest to take the path of least resistance, in this case remaining at the plateau which you have spent much time, much dedication and perseverance, in achieving, and reaching this level of growth. We tell you, Dear Ones, that you must keep on reaching for the higher level. You must polarize the higher level, you must begin to magnetize the next higher lever to you, even as you are achieving, integrating and bringing into balance and harmony, the level at which you now reside. These levels also coincide with the initiations you must pass to continue to new levels of spiritual growth.

There is a time of integration, balancing, and harmonious acceptance as you settle at a new level of spiritual growth. As you integrate new concepts, new truth, the old truth which was yours, is replaced with a new and higher truth. This is the path of spiritual attainment. One may call it climbing the spiritual ladder; one may call it climbing a spiritual mountain. It matters not, the words used for description. You must understand that you will rise up the path, and you will fall back on the path, you will rise up on the path and fall back. It is as if there is an ebb and flow in your integration, and you must stay focused as you experience the ebb and flow, so that you ultimately move up the path. You must remain in your dedication and your truth and your diligence.

We ask you now that as you achieve a new level of spiritual growth that you do not "rest on your laurels." We know you are weary, we know you are tired, but we ask you, Dear Ones, to be the greatest and highest version of your Selves that you can possibly be. We ask you to persevere, to stand in your light, and to raise your light quotient to the highest level that you are capable of holding with ease and grace. We ask you to continue on the path, once you have integrated the last segment of truth and wisdom and growth that you have attained.

Move forward once again, Dear Ones, reach up the spiritual ladder to the next step. The rungs of the spiritual ladder are not linear. You may be on one step of the ladder, yet reaching up into the higher steps, the higher rungs of the ladder for much greater truth and wisdom. Allow yourselves this great movement, Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to step out of linear time, as you see it. Allow your Selves to continue your path, expanding and ever increasing your wisdom and your truth. You must go within your heart center as you become comfortable at a level of attainment. Your will know when this time is. You will instinctively know that you have achieved a new level. You must go within your heart center and be within the love of your Sacred Heart. You must ask for the strength, the courage, the wisdom, and the vigilance, and the dedication to continue on.

Each level you achieve is as if you have polished yourself, as you are a shining diamond and you now shine just that much more brightly. You are a jewel whose light has been dimmed, and now this light is being refined, and polished to the brilliant light that it shone upon its inception.

This is the way of the spiritual warrior, Dear Ones. This is the way of one who achieves greatness; it is the way of the one who achieves ascension, liberation, and integrated ascended mastery. It is the path of wholeness, the path of completeness. It is the path leading to the All That Is, the God Source within you. Each level you achieve brings you into a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and your inner Divine Self. Each new level of growth you achieve brings you into a stronger and deeper integration of your God Self. Each new level you achieve brings you into greater balance and harmony within your four bodies. You must seek and you must ask for integrated ascension. This is the way of the great ones who have kept on the path, never giving up, in the face of all adversities.

As you continue to lift yourselves up on your spiritual path the rewards become greater and greater, even as more is expected of you. You are expected to light the path for others, as others have shown the way for you. You are all teachers, and you each have been given gifts which are unique to you, to share with others. As you awaken to your spiritual potential, you awaken to your gifts. We ask you to share your gifts, radiate your light out to all humanity and the planet, and be the bright, beautiful, God Selves, which you came here to be, in all your glory.

We of the higher realms are here to assist you on your path to self mastery and your return to the higher realms. You are never alone, we are here by your side in love and in joy.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

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