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The Energies of September Jennifer Hoffman

The Energies of September

This year has been relentless as far as clearing energies, making peace with our current and karmic past (which are intertwined), releasing things that do not serve us and basically doing an energetic house cleaning that is long overdue. We have made a collective commitment to ascend, the desire and will are there but the process has been much harder than we thought. Getting into the dark corners of our physic and emotional closets has revealed layers of pain and cleaning them out has taken all of our resources.

It's not surprising that TV shows like "Hoarding: Buried Alive" are popular. We have been buried for lifetimes by our baggage and were not aware of it until we started shining our light within. Light does one thing, it illuminates the darkness-all of it. Light is not judgmental, it will shine on the dust bunnies under the bed just as brightly as it does in the window to show us that a new day has begun. Now that we know where the dust bunnies are, we have to clean them. Mercury is still retrograde the first half of this month, so we have lots of support for our process. This is a time to take charge and do it or it will be done for us.

September is another month for release but now we have to start the work of renewal. Now that we know what is holding us back, we have to replace it with something else. As in August, we have to be clear on what we want and start manifesting. As I was thinking about what to write for this article, the words "manifest, manifest, manifest" kept coming up. So September is a month for manifesting in conjunction with clearing. And I believe that the manifesting will flow more smoothly, as long as we go in the direction we are guided.

I have a lovely conversation with a friend over the weekend who was struggling. She was manifesting but things were not flowing and her life was a series of efforts that led nowhere. There was an aspect to her work she had been avoiding and she was not willing to go in that direction. But that is where she was supposed to go, and she knew it. This is our path as September begins. What are we being guided to do that we are avoiding and how can we go there, as we are shown and release the fear that holds us back? The Universe is relentless and it will push us in our chosen direction until we decide to stop fighting and surrender. Be brave, courageous, bold and take action. Clean the dust bunnies out with gusto and manifest the most wonderful, amazing miracles as you replace fear with trust and lack with effortless manifestation. Have a wonderful month.
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