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Connecting with our Akashic records and the Akashic records of the earth

Connecting with our Akashic records and the Akashic records of the earth

The Akashic records contain your previous lifetime experiences as they are being recorded throughout each lifetime.

They contain thoughts, experiences and what we learn during those life times.

As the Akashic records contain everything, they also are influenced by our belief system of that life time.

So as we move into the Akashic records we have to sort through them to find what we need.

We have a record keeper, a higher part of us that actually can sort through them.

In this workshop we will connect with the record keeper, so we can ask the record keeper questions as to what we need to know about a certain lesson, or we can have the record keeper point out certain things we need to know at this time.

As we connect with the Akashic records we will also ask for a clearing and alignment of the Akashic records so it can fulfill its purpose for us at the highest level possible.

Meaning that as we move into them, we ask for anything that can be integrated at that moment will come into our consciousness allowing us to receive more knowledge of those lifetimes in a direct way.

We will also connect with the Akashic records of the earth as they contain information as to the path of the earth, but also our path and what we can do to assist the earth at this time.

This workshop will be held on Sunday November 7 at 2:00pm EST

Abundance exchange $ 35.00

You can register here

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