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Metatron Channel:Transition into Crystalline Light Body

Metatron Channel:Transition into Crystalline Light Body

Key Points:

The Crystalline Transformation

Moving Beyond Mer-Ka-Bah

Expanded Dimensional Access

The Tri-Level Mer-Ka-Va

The Level of the Avatar

Auric Maintenance as the Requisite Foundation

Met Keys Level One - Nov 20-21

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Excerpts From Archangel Metatron Channel

"Edge-lines of sexual polarity are becoming blended in this process for many. Divine Solitude is the path chosen for many master souls who seek to blend internally with the other half of self. In zero field, Masters, you do not require a partner, rather a unification of the androgynous self, well above polarity aspects of gender. This is your true and truer nature above polarity, and within it you merge further in higher level ... into the Divinity of what may be termed Group Consciousness, flowing into the supreme gestalt of All-That-Is. Mer-Ka-Na is the gateway of sacred union of your true wholeness, the Integral Soul. As such you merge into your so called 'Twin Flame' the other half of your soul, as a pre-requiste of Mer-Ka-Na".

The Metatronic Keys

Transition to Mer-Ka-Na - Crystalline Lite Body

Mer-Ka-Na Framed

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"The Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na are above frequencial polarity magnetics and as such beyond & without the limitations of gendered polarity. Mer-Ka-Na System Light Body functions in the Sacred Crystal Field of Unified Oneness. The Crystalline Light Body initiates from the level of the fifth dimension, and that aspect is quintessential to comprehend. So understand that the gendered Mer-Ka-Bah does still function to the level of the third dimension, and most of humanity will remain in this phase for the next few decades. But those advanced souls that seek to rise into full functionality into the Crystalline Dimensions of 5d through 12d, must do so in Crystalline Light Body. There is a clear logic in this. It is indeed the 144 Crystalline Grid that makes this possible and indeed defines the geometrics of the Crystalline Light Body. Consider the 144-Crystalline Grid as 'Windows 2012', a new 'server' that offers many new options to the user...but you need to be in like format ( Crystalline Matrix) to truly access this new program , and that like-matrix is the Mer-Ka-Na you see. The Earth and Humanity are moving beyond the magnetics and the magnetic grid is dimenishing as the 144-Crystalline Grid stretches into great and greater amplification. In basic terms, the Crystalline Light body allows you to carry the greater energy of the expanded dimensionality of New Earth. The Ascension, at its core, is the Crystalline Transition."

"Now, the processes and mechanics of the Tri-Level Mer-Ka-Na system transformation will be made available through the teachings of the 'Metatronic Keys', but may also be achieved individually through focus and deep intent by meditation and understanding that the base point of all Crystalline Light Bodies in the Mer-Ka-Na Tri-System is an intact, optimally functional Auric Field maintaining the 13-20-33 circuitry. Light bodies will not be achievable if Auric Circuitry is not maintained, and the EMF is out of balance, bleeding energy. It has always been so, but few of humanity in present time have taken time to truly study and understand the requisite science of Auric Maintenance."

" The Crystalline Transformation is requisite for all who seek to the ability to carry the expanded light energy that is being showered upon the expanding energy of the Earth. Mer-Ka-Na occurs in 3 primary stages and evolves into a final forth formation that is called Mer-Ka-Ra. Yet truly Mer-Ka-Ra is above the Tri-System and is the final Avatar level that each soul will ultimately achieve when fully completing the Earth-Cycle. The 24-Star Mer-Ka-Ra then is the vehicle that takes you home. Thus very very few in humanity carry this level, (only the rare incarnate Avatar) as it is the level of final completion. When it is achieved, you have graduated from the University of Earth, you see, and you depart within it, but you do not travel within it on the Earth. But understand it is achieved through Mastery of Tri-System Mer-Ka-Na...and Mer-Ka-Na has at its basis, an optimally maintained Auric Field in 13-20-33 circuitry.

1: The 8-Point Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va -Star Tetrahedron (anti-clockwise rotation) - This stage quickly transforms into the true Mer-Ka-Va, the 12 point star, the stellated dodecahedron

2: The 12-Point Crystalline Mer-Ka-Va Stellated Dodecahedron (clockwise rotation)

3: The 20-Point Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na - Stellated Icosahedron (dual inner rotation with double infinity flows)

Understand that Mer-Ka-Na is the ultimate goal in the Mer-Ka-Na Tri-System. The intricate details and mechanics of this shift will be made available in Metatronic Keys teaching and offered to all, for there are other attributes of rotation to be understood and installed."

Mer-Ka-Na Tri System all 3

'To be clear we are speaking of non polarity in frequencial terms, in terms of non-gendered application. We are not referring to non polarity in the assigning of axial points within geometry, which are non the less, truly without frequency charge'


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MK-3 : The Next Level - First Offering

The Metatronic Keys - Level Three

The Metatronic Keys - Level 3 Intensive
The Mastery Level - 20 Point Star Mer-Ka-Na

Mer-Ka-Na Mechanics
Carrying Crysto-Coherent Light
Communicating in the Language of Light
Mer-Ka-Na Maintenance
Mer-Ka-Na Installation Process
Moving Forward

Abundance Exchange - $177 ( Payment By US Bank Check or US Bank Cashiers Check. Five percent added to credit cards and PayPal Payments.)

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Friday March 18,2011
The Moody Hotel - Oceans View Room
Moody Pyramid Hotel Centre
Galveston Island, Texas

Time : 10 AM - 5 PM

Pre Requsite: Attendees Must have Completed Metatronic Keys -Leys Levels One and Two

Cancellations Accepted thru 1 March 2011, with $125 cancellation fee , no cancellations accepted after 1 March, 2011

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Met-Keys Attendee Responses:

Subject: RE: Metatronic Keys Class

Dear Tyb

The workshop on line was brilliant. My guides were very sure I needed to participate in your Metatronic Keys Classes ! My reaction to the workshop: It was awesome !!!

The platonic solids, especially the dodecahedron has been coming up in my dreams and other times. I had looked on line and had not found the answer to my question. You answered that in the workshop. The notes are awesome and very helpful. The meditations were amazing and I look forward to repeating them as necessary. I encourage anyone who has the chance to take this workshop. It is life changing.

Thanks for a great webinar. I loved it.

In Love and Light

Rev Beverly - Australia

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Galveston - All 3 Days - Met-Keys Level 3 Intensive - Friday March 18th

Galveston - Equinox in the Pyramids - March 19th & 20th - Including Equinox Meditation inside the Blue Pyramid

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Metatronic Keys-Level One - Nov 20-21, 2010

Chakric ConesThis course intricately establishes the base curriculum required to understand auric mechanics and maintenance. It reviews the induction osmotic relationship between the human electro-magnetic field (EMF) with the Living Earth, Powernodes & Sacred Sites, and Multiverse. Many erroneously assume that the human auric system (EMF) is essentially auto-maintained. This is a gross misunderstanding, as in fact the EMF requires our understanding and is subject to a myriad of maladies including circuitry malfunction, polar reversal, auric bleeding and attachments. In fact auric dysfunction can lead to many physical and emotional issues including anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, ego-imbalance, ungrounded delusion, anger/victimization syndrome and depression.

In Level One we will review the issues and cause. Learn how to maintain the aura intact, and discuss what circumstances can lead to auric bleeding and attachments from internal and external 'negative thought forms'.

We will explain how the resonate energy of the Earth is increasing, and how each person must now develop a new 'Light Body', the Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na Tri-System, beginning with level one - Mer-Ki-Va. This crystalline light body in non gendered and is geometriically emitted from the Level of the 5th Dimension, operating fully from the 144-Crystalline Grid, and enabling vast new dimensional access, with much higher frequencial capacity, in order to be able to 'hold' the greater energy of the Ascending Earth.

We will review the various mechanics of the Ascending Earth, including solar winds,earthquakes,super-hurricanes,tornadoes and how this increase in energy effects the planet, powernodes, vortex-portals, dimensional expansion and the human EMF. We will teach the geometry and rotational mechanics of the non polarity, non gendered Crystalline MerKiVa. We will also guide a teaching and meditation process toward achieving Level One of the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va.

The Time frame of the Webinar will be 6 hours in two 3 -Hour Segments on Saturday November 20 and Sunday November 21st, 2010.

Abundance Exchange : $144

Register Click Link - http://earth-keeper.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=EVENT36

Registration of $144 for check payment. Plse note 5% is added to credit card and PayPal. There is a 50% Cancellation Fee thru Nov 7th, No cancellations after Nov 8

Metatronic Keys Level Two

Mind is the Builder

(Limited Slots Available for MK-2 Webinar)

Level Two - Multidimensionality & The 12 Point Mer-Ka-Va

- DECEMBER 11-12 ,2010 -

* Detailed Mechanics of Time Holograms
* Consciousness Waves in the Harmonic Cycle of Matter-AntiMatter
* Understanding Multi-Dimensional Responsibility
* Sacred Retrieval: Lifetimes of Power & LOVE
* Entering the Seat of Power
* Changing the Past-Scripting the Future
* Release of Obstacles in the Blue Tsunami Wave
* Installation of Mer-Ka-Va

Abundance Exchange : $144

Limited Slots Available

Call Anne at 936 447-9119 to register by credit card or for queries.

Registration Rate for MK-2 : $144

Register Click Link - http://earth-keeper.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=EVENT43

Registration of $144 for check payment. Plse note 5% is added to credit card and PayPal. There is a 50% Cancellation Fee thru November 31st. No cancellations after 1 December.

The Mer-Ka-Na Intensive

MK Certification Course

The Metatronic Keys Level Three


The Mastery Level - 20 Point Star Mer-Ka-Na

Mer-Ka-Na Mechanics
Carrying Crysto-Coherent Light
Communicating in the Language of Light
Mer-Ka-Na Maintenance
Mer-Ka-Na Installation Process
Moving Forward

Galveston Island - Texas

Moody Pyramid Complex

Ocean View Room - Moody Hotel

Friday March 18th, 2011

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