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Hilarion's Weekly Message: November 7-14, 2010

Hilarion's Weekly Message: November 7-14, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Lightworkers,

There is a great feeling of excitement and anticipation being felt at our dimensional levels that is coming from the Earth plane as you take part or prepare to take part in the momentous massive Worldwide meditations that are scheduled to begin taking place this week. Truly, the energies are high! How wonderful it is to see people of all faiths from all over the World get together in common purpose to bring about a positive and lasting change upon the Earth. We applaud you all for the efforts that are being made and for taking action at the time of these events. Your Light radiates outwards in ever greater and greater waves of loving energy.

Many are now Awakening to the realization that there is more to life than the continuous and relentless distractions that keep them ever chained to the same old scenarios, day after day and they are realizing that they have the power to change their World by becoming more conscious of their thoughts, words, deeds and actions. All over the World, the consciousness of Humanity is rising to higher and higher octaves and this is creating change in a peaceful manner.

Most of you are now fully cognizant that there has been a great purging taking place within all aspects of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and you are aware that this is a requirement in order for you to keep climbing the ladder of your ascension into greater Light and consciousness. We see you all so valiantly proclaiming the Light that you are and your intention to manifest your Christ Self in you and through you, even when you have just finished releasing all that is not in alignment with it. This is good, for it means that you understand the need for self forgiveness as you release these from your every cell. As you do this, remember to invocate and ask for more Light to come in and replace what has just been released.

It is time to relax into the knowledge that you are a Being of Light and that you are firmly on the path of restoring your innocence, your goodness and greatness. Much of what you are releasing has been planted within the cells of your bodies by the constant barrage of thoughts, words and images that have been constantly influencing you through your television shows and the movies that you watch until it has become acceptable to speak to one another using low vibrational words. As you continue to uplift yourselves, these will fall away from you easily and will no longer affect you or those around you with lower vibrations. The gross is falling away as you lift yourselves higher and higher into the octaves of joy, peace, harmony, wisdom and aliveness.

As this occurs within you more and more, you will experience greater and longer periods of the feelings of lightness, of joy and good will towards those around you and this will ignite in those with whom you come in contact and they in turn will ignite others. This is what a Peace Ambassador does by just being who they really are without any of the masks that they used to wear in order to protect and shield themselves and their vulnerable hearts. It is now time to blaze these wonderful hearts and the Light that they radiate out to all around you. Radiate your Light, for more than any other time in the history of your Planet, it is what is most needed in order to bring stability and order to the chaos around you. The chaos only means that the Light comes, Beloved Ones. It only means that all that does not align with the Light must fall away.

Continue your decrees, visualizations, and meditations each day, and join together in Oneness when you can, for this helps you to remain grounded and fully experiencing life as the Creator in your physical body. What a joyful time this is! Live, laugh, and love, you most wonderful and amazing Beings of Light!

Until next week..

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


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