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Mother Sekhmet with a Message on the Full Moon, Galactic Full Disclosure and Questions Answered through Beth Trutwin

Mother Sekhmet with a Message on the Full Moon, Galactic Full Disclosure and Questions Answered through Beth Trutwin
22 November 2010 - 5:17pm | cosmicascension...
Beth Trutwin

Mother Sekhmet~
Greetings, Children of Ra.
Tonight we move forward to the New Reality as the 11:11 Group Project comes to a close. This vast joint effort was matched by twos in the Higher Realms. You were joined by Millions of Beings from the Ships and other Planets. You were partnered up with your family who are here, prepared for Full Galactic Disclosure on Earth. Your Galactic Family projected a Vision BACK TO YOU as you meditated. They connected with you, as an individual. Each one had an Intention to join with an individual who they know from the Ships, from your lives in other places. Your parallels joined with you. By working with you this way, it raised the energies exponentially. Light and more Light poured back to Earth as each of you joined together. Your projections of Love and Peace and an instant release into the New Reality was magnified 1000 fold by your Galactic Breatheren throughout the Nebadon Universe and beyond to the Antimatter Universe of pure white light.

The Full Moon blossomed tonight in this explosion of energy which allows time capsules to release their mighty power for change. Each process counts on what came before to release the next process in the chain occurrence. It is as a stem which opens a leaf and a bud opens a flower. Because you raised Earth vibrations going into the Full Moon, it allows that which could not come before to leap forward in full blossom opening new potentials not possible before. This has to do with awakening the sunken Cities of Atlantis and Lemuria. This has to do with activating the Crystals of Earth. It effects the Pyramids, Portals, StarGates, Tunnels and Inner Earth into activating their full power and reunion with us. This activates the reunions of the Twin Flames.

Thousands of people took to the streets in Trafelger Square in London to protest carrying on War in Afghanistan. The leaders of the protests were the families left at home who have men and women soldiers risking their lives there. In London, many are awake and aware. They carry signs with President Bush’s Face which say World’s Number One Terrorist. There in London, their politicians call for Bush’s arrest for War Crimes. This is how you will know the TRUTH. Look for the TRUTH. You see on the same day stories about Lisbon meetings and Afghanistan going on until 2014. Now you are seeing a sign of the Separation of Worlds. The New Earth in the New Timeline without the War Criminals will end all wars with the Announcement of NESARA Law. Those who choose not to accept their Galactic Heritage at this time, no judgment, will carry on. They will continue with War and confusion, slavery and hunger. They will carry on with fear. They will remove their physical from this Timeline and be allowed to remain in the confines of karma for a while longer.

As the Ships land new worlds open up to you. Completing the rebalancing of the needs of survival will take some months, maybe a couple of years to come to terms with all of it. Almost immediately you will know great happiness due to no longer dealing with fear issues constantly combined with survival. It will be a release and flooding of love that which you cannot at this time fathom.

There will be opportunities for training, for travel, for enlightenment. These new opportunities will bring much joy. There will be opportunities to visit your Home Star and your Families there. You will remember the Higher Dimensional Planets and visit them freely, and remember who you are and why you are here.

You will visit me on Niburu and have all the facilities available to you for your personal healing and growth. Your Twin Flame will return and partner with you in the New Reality, the New Timeline.

You will remember you are a Creator-God and you are responsible for all the joy which will be brought on to your Being. You will Celebrate the end of the Grand Experiment. You will acknowledge and be gratified in the end of duality and the end to darkness on Earth. You will be able to explore the Cities of Inner Earth and your Family there.

The mysteries of the Ancients will be downloaded, remembered, and enjoyed. It will be the New Golden Age with 100,000 years of PEACE.

Questions for Mother Sekhmet:
Shirley: when will announcements be made for the highest good of all concerned? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Why is so much time being spent on the dark? It is OUR time and it is way overdue.

The dark is being considered, soul by soul. Each one of my children is being given a choice. Each one is being treated with love. The ones who will be leaving this Timeline, their time is over. No mistakes.

Emmanuel: What are some of the better ways to handle tightness and pain from Kundalini Awakenings?

This tightness comes from clearing away long ago programmed ideas around sensuality. As these ideas are rejected and washed away, the pain and tightness fall by the wayside. As one opens up more and more to love, and a freedom becomes common place, then discomfort vanishes. Some never completely let go of the programming from parents, friends, old loves and society.
Keep all things in balance with a healthy look at the Divine Wisdom in opening to a loving partner.

Gautam: Its becoming extremely difficult to live without cooperating with corrupted people & practices ...what is the solution to this ??
There is a way to be in contact with these ones and not participate with these ones. It is a very fine line. It is about understanding you are a sovereign spiritual Being. One must be confident in their understanding of truth and one must stand in their truth.

Its against our principles to work in corrupted systems ...should we finish our lives or should we attack the corrpupted ppl & finish them ???

Attack, no...Out smart, yes. It is not difficult to ‘beat them at their own game’. President Obama does this all the time with the dark Ones. He works with them and forces their hand. He has them indicting themselves without having to do anything, except for out smarting them at their own game. In their foolishness and greed they are undone. This is a very loving practice.

Gail: I have dreamed of the #'s 12, 21, 36, 144 and some dreams have been holographic and I think I'm recognizing my soul group. Please ask someone to channel what these numbers mean.

When we dream numbers, it is inherently individual. In your case these came to you during your night training in the holodeck. This has to do with your work on the Ships. The numbers themselves, in this case, do not hold the meaning. How you work with the numbers in sequence with biology and computers is the meaning behind these numbers.

Be: What month will UFO Disclosure be released in the USA with the major media broadcasting it?

Ashtar has a saying, No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. When it happens it will be broadcast, not only in the US, but all countries, youtube, internet, television, newspapers and it will not be denied by anyone any longer. Niburu will be openly discussed with NASA and all the Agencies. The truth the scientists have known for years will be released to the public.

Be: Is there a plan to financial empower those who have specific missions that require money to fulfill? If so, what is it?

NESARA Law, which includes war reparations of millions for every non criminal woman man and child on Earth. No one who has a project in mind will lack funds, training, or equipment to complete the project.

Be: Is there a block on starseeds and angelics to prevent them from reaching full enlightenment for any reason and if so why? I'm thinking that we would probably fly off the planet if we did so I'm wondering why no matter what we do none of us can seem to lift the veil completely.

You are only allowed to experience what you can handle emotionally. You are also required to ask. You get what you ask for. Ask a lot, get a lot.

John: How should the light workers prepare over the next couple of years for changes to come?

Continue to ask for more training, healing and loving relationships. These are required in order to go higher. As the Truth sinks in, you become more aware of your surroundings and ask for things you never dreamed of before.

Patricia: Today is there a Blue or Red full moon? and spiritually what does it represents to all creatures on mother Earth?

The Sun conjunct the Milky Way three months ago.
November 21, 2010 Full Moon is a blue moon. It is because there are four moons this fall season. There are 4 full moons in this fall harvest of abundance for Earth followed by a December red moon which spends part of the day in fall and part beginning winter or summer, as the case may be. The November 21 Full Moon is conjunct with Pleiades and will bring with it tragic loss of the Fallen Angels from this TimeLine. You may feel sadness or bereavement for the permanent loss. That is the meaning of the end-of-time. It is carried out with the help of our Galactic Family originating from Pleiades and Niburu. This Full Moon in Taurus is also a Portal to True Love and a return of the Twin Flames on Earth. The next Full Moon (on Dec. 21) is a red moon. On that day there will be a total eclipse of the moon and, for a short while, the moon will actually glow with a reddish hue. This Red Full Moon represents Fire which transmutes us into the finest gold. This extra harvest moon energy continues into the fire moon of transmuted golden perfection. The beginning of the Golden Age.

Eva: What information do St Germain or Mother Sekhmet have regarding the role of karma in making it difficult (or impossible) to ascend in this lifetime, and how can I facilitate the removal of those energies? There are some pretty high level individuals currently working on the planet, such a Master Sha, who offer karma cleansing and curse and vow removal -- would that be something to pursue?

As your Galactic Mentors come they will help you clear these issues once and for all. If you are here now, you may be assured, you are Ascending. Your record does not get purged, it gets healed. The greatest obstacle is Ones attitude related to this.
As you face life from an attitude where you are willing to take responsibility for your own healing, any and all obstacles are removed. You will be shown the way as your heart forgives and you open the door to greater awareness.

Leslie: I was "scanned" a couple of weeks ago at the Detroit airport. I was caught unprepared and unaware and have been following the news reports. I am wondering if they are creating some sort of data base, or if there's another motivation beside just plain terrorizing us. And if I fly again, what is the best way to deal with the scanning situation.

The best way to proceed is to refuse the x-ray machine. This machine has not only dangerous radiation exposure, but also makes you into a playboy centerfold. This invasion of personal privacy is unacceptable. You opt in for the pat down. If you travel with another person, you film the pat down. As more and more awareness is raised it is a spiritual test. Ron Paul speaks of people being treated as cattle. If one says ‘its ok, they can x-ray me, they can molest me’ then it proves to your Guides, you have not progressed. If you join the collective Opt-out you are asking for Civil Liberties and Justice for All. You are telling the dark hats you know you are a Sovereign Spirit who will not be viewed naked by a stranger, rubbed by a stranger in public for all who are watching. You are not cattle. It is an opportunity to assert your Individual Power. Those who have the confidence to stand up for themselves will be viewed as able to handle greater spiritual roles.
This is part of a Timeline which is dissolving forever. This is a threat from the dark hats for corruption and control. The more who endure public pat downs the sooner this will end.

May: What kind of relationship I had with my son previously? Why is it that my only son can deeply drain my energy? I keep praying to cut any negative ties
between us but what lesson do I have to learn from him? How and what do I have to change? This is my "only" issue on ascension and I really really want to know..

This may be a gift from your son. He is mirroring some tragedy that had been heaped onto you in your early years. He acts out this ‘play’ with you in compassionate loving presence. He is inviting you to remove forever the programming you had in your early life. It is upsetting to you because it is cleverly hidden. After all, you did nothing to cause him pain so why does it feel so bad? Your son is a Star Seed with great healing ability. As you acknowledge your disappointments from the past, that have nothing to do with your son, your relationship with him will magically heal overnight.

Jean: There are many about whom I care who haven't got a clue what is happening--or don't want to, because they find it hard to believe. Will they be able to heal in the short time before Ascension? Will their healing be easier than it was for some of us, the first to make that journey. I really care about these people, and while I know they have free choice, my heart would like to know if just the possibility exists. . .

Certainly, in the presence of great love and great light from their Star Families, they will remember and they will heal quickly. It may not be easier, it will be quicker. As Ships fill the skies and the Announcements are made public, they will know the Truth and open to the Love.

Crystal: After disclosure what will happen to the indigo and crystal children?

Some of the indigo and crystal children have volunteered to stay behind on the old Timeline to help those Ones to open up and heal duality. The others will no longer be held back by programming, lack or lies piled on to them from parents, teachers and society, wars and religion. They will be the New Leaders of this World.

Fyrebyrd: 1. HOWE To FULLY Bring The LYGHTE Of Galactic and UNCONDITIONAL Universal Love Into Our Lyves... MORE Than Many Of Us Are Already Carrying AND
HOWE Best To Handle The MASSIVE Physycal (Physical) Changes That The Ryseyng (Rising) Vybratyonal (Vibrational) Energys Are Bringing About To Those Here On Mother Earth -- Both Awakened and Asleep.

Bring in the unconditional love by linking with us through your heart center. Handle these energies by staying in the middle of the road. Work at not being too up or too down. Allow disappointments to wash away and do not dwell on them. Stay clear and remain centered in Bliss.



Gri Gri and Lil Baba have transitioned to another dimension, though they did not die. They were here on a Mission which has been completed. They are both doing fine.These were no ordinary house cats.
Butch is reflecting his environment and as things improve around him, his eyes will heal dramatically.

Voice: went down 2 the MEXICAN PYRAMIDS of TEOTIHUACAN - felt the energy quite DEAD

the name TEOTIHUACAN means the PLACE WHERE GODS ARE MADE - but there's no 'history' bout this

had some interesting CHANNELS about the pyramids since but still searching why it IS, WILL BE or IS NOW > THE PLACE WHERE GODS ARE MADE

what is this mystery?

These Pyramids were host to an energy grid on Earth. They had buildings built on top which were portal entries. Also, the Avenue there held Temples where Initiates completed their training. This was Lower Egypt and the Nile was Upper Egypt. Egyptian Royalty first completed their training in the Great Pyramid and Luxor Temples before going to Teotihuacan to complete their training and achieve the Highest Status. They traveled to these places through the portal entries in Ships. We are entering a period in the new Golden Age where all of these mysteries will be available for exploration again. The Earth Grid is firing up and in this new energy miracles can happen.

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