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SEVEN SACRED WEEKS Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation ~ November 15, 2010


* Our Power of Attention with 49 Masters for 49 Days

* Dispensation Granted by the Great Divine Director

* End of the Year Program Dates and Activities

* Children of the Sun Transformation Support


49 Days, 49 Masters, 49 Gifts

seven sacred 120

November 25, 2010 - January 12, 2011

Beginning on the American Holiday of Thanks Giving !

For seven weeks and 49 straight days, we are gifted a gracious opportunity to come together to receive Divine Intervention during the greatest concentrated period of love and joyous celebration upon the Earth.

"Seven Sacred Weeks" is a radiation governed by a mighty Divine Dispensation and granted to the Earth from the spiritual office and Being referred to as the "Great Divine Director". The consciousness of the Great Divine Director is part of the intervening cosmic light rays descending as the Will of God. Merged with universal cosmic cycles, this blue fire light intelligence assists to propel the momentous direction of the Divine Plan for Earth's evolution.

The Great Divine Director has served as an integral training forcefield of initiation for many Ascended Masters and currently works very closely with Saint Germain to herald in our new Golden Age. He now comes to us.

Divine Purpose:

This intervention creates a window between the human world and the Ascended Octave. It is a portal in the fabric of time in which the great cosmic signature of some of the primary Divine Guardians of our race enter deeply into our consciousness, being and world. Through the power of our attention, we may receive their gifts of support, activity of the Sacred Fire, record of their own ascension and their all enveloping magnetic love.

Through our call, they come to teach us how to communicate with the greater aspect of our true self and to expand the activity of the Sacred Fire in our body. The Sacred Fire is used to liberate ourselves from the human consciousness and to pierce the veils of limited human perception. At this time, this especially concerns the dismantling of one of the last major veils...the false belief of good versus evil. This will continue to allow the consciousness of the Higher Mental Body, the illumined and unified Christ Mind, to integrate as part of our new I AM Race Divine Blueprint.

For 49 days, during the energy filled holiday season and our passage into 2011, may we acknowledge and receive this immense gift by placing daily focus upon the designated Ascended Being of the day. We are invoking their Divine Signature and radiation to pour in, through and around ourselves, our loved ones, our groups, communities, cities, nations and world.

When we put our body to sleep, we may also ask our Higher Mental Body to take us to the Temple of Light of the particular Ascended Master, to receive their great blessings and bring this gift back into our physical being to support our mission activity upon the Earth.

Join us for Seven Sacred Weeks!

Chart of Dates and Masters

A brief Description of each Master and their focus to the Earth will be posted soon.

This humanitarian effort is coordinated through Children of the Sun Foundation and Radiant Rose Academy. Your assistance in circulating this information is greatly appreciated. Special thank you to the Messengers, the Communicators and the Coordinators.

season of love

We now enter into the Season of Love!

End of the Year
Program Dates and Unified Activity

Seven Sacred Weeks is in support to these upcoming activities occurring during the holiday season.

Take note of the incredibly powerful Equinox alignment on December 21 in momentum with a full moon and lunar eclipse just days before Christmas. May we take every advantage of the matured strength of our unified field and our training from the Crystalline Grid Matrix these past years in how to channel, move and shift energy. Together with our universal family, let's continue to build our radiatory forcefield and shine our Divine Light into the pockets of darkness that this alignment will indeed trigger to the surface.

Our work has been stupendous this past year and the blessings so immense. God bless everyone in this incredible endurance in the great consciousness shift! May your holiday season be relaxing, peaceful and most joyous as we make preparation for passage into 2011. YES to Life!

November 21:
Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions
Global Unity and World Calls

November 25:
Start of Seven Sacred Weeks for 49 straight days
American Holiday of Giving Thanks and Gratitude

December 5:
New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions
Global Unity and World Calls

December 12: ( 12:12)
Another Powerful Energy Gateway to Higher Consciousness
Global Unity and World Calls

December 21:
Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse
Planetary Grid Transmissions
Global Unity and World Calls

December 25:
Worldwide Celebration of the Christ Light upon the Earth

December 31:
Our Sweet Passage into... 2011 !!!


Personal Transformation Support

with Love from Children of the Sun Ambassadors of Light


Join in The Planetary Grid Transmissions
Global Unity and calls made for our world, our communities and loved ones

NEXT: Full Moon Sunday, November 21
more info
Join 1000's of global light servers in the Unified Field of Divine Grace as we strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies as one synergistic beam of Love and transforming energy. This activity also profoundly assists us in developing skills of expanded consciousness. Every new and full moon, Equinox and Solstice. (Free to all.)


Enroll in The Ascended Master Teachings ~ focusing on the Path of Becoming
We have just opened the Center of Illumination - A private educational student support site!
more info
A empowering curriculum presented through Radiant Rose Academy in alliance with Children of the Sun Foundation. Key spiritual understandings of the I AM Presence and Path of Becoming are shared to assist everyone undergoing the great consciousness transformation. (Student enrollment monthly or by the week.)


Receive Personal Healing, Energy Clearing and Activation Support
NEXT: Full Moon Sunday, November 21 during the Planetary Grid Transmissions
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A highly transformative program facilitated through Children of the Sun's Light Transmission Team. This is the transference of high frequency energy through the planetary Crystalline Grid to assist you in clearing patterns and activating your Divine Blueprint. (By Love Donation or Pay it Forward.)

One-on-one Private Sessions - Clearings, Activations, Transformation Services
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High Frequency Healing is an accelerated form of clearing and alignment to help prepare you for ascension while keeping pace with the accelerating planetary energies. We scan your entire energy field to determine exactly what is needed. (By energy exchange)


storycove125Children of the Sun Storybook for our Precious Youth... a Great Holiday Gift!
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Book plus CD with a story teaching universal spiritual truths and principles of the I AM Presence through the power of the written word, story telling, rhyme, music, songs and beautiful, full color illustrations. (Purchase plus shipping.) Written and produced by Laurel and Larry Savoie.


Our charity to Earth is in ensuring we for global Group Avatar, empty of self and one with coherently connected, Ascended and Free Divine Consciousness. We serve for the fulfillment of the highest potential of all Humanity and the new I AM Race. This is our reason for being, individually and as a group.

Visit us www.childrenofthesun.org

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