8 Kasım 2010 Pazartesi

The New Moon of November 6th & Retrograde Planetary Cycles

The New Moon of November 6th

Tomorrows New Moon is an especially powerful day, and a brief breath of fresh air from the intensities that have covered the planet recently. Neptune moves forward on Sunday, and Venus is completing her trip thru the underworld. Take time to meditate on this especially unique and potent new Moon on Saturday. It is an excellent time to put dreams into place. Time to envision and take action!

The past 2 weeks have been a very interesting energy, containing the intensity that is more and more becoming the norm, yet none the less, an energy with the dual edge aspect of cutting both ways.

Used in positive affirmation, this energy can be employed to reach new and prolific depths of vision thru introspection, for the veil is extremely thin just now and thru the next 10 days. Yet keep in mind that this unique energy gestalt can heighten emotions either way, and one must be careful not to become overwhelmed or fall into imbalance that can easily lead into the untoward throes of negativity and personal conflicts in relationships. Tread lightly, and focus on positve expressions !

Four planets are currently in retrograde - Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune ....and solar flares have fired even greater intensities over the planet to add their potent power-surge to the mix.

Help is on the way. Over the next 2 weeks, 3 of the 4 retro planets move forward. Neptune on the 7th of November and both Venus and Jupiter move direct on November 18th.

The astrological planetary gestalt is helping us this month of November 2010. Within these energies we can more easily move forward in manifesting dreams, and scripting our hopes for the future as we approach the heralded 2012 Ascension!

Enjoy the three weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving Holidays. It will be a wonderful time for family and for counting our belessings, taking stock of all that we have received and offering gratitude.

This is a time for deep expressions of true appreciation for the love and beauty in our lives. It is a time to gather with family and friends. It is a time to nurture one another.

Keep this love in your heart as you enter the month of your Holidays year end holidays.

December gets a little tighter with Mercury going retro on the 10th, and leading to the Extremely embellished Dec 21 Solstice. The Solstice is also a Full-Moon Complete Lunar Eclipse, with Mercury in retro ... leading to a Solar Eclipse in early January 2011 !!!

Retrograde Planetary Cycles

* Mercury
Retrograde 24 days
Stationary approx. 3 days

* Venus
Retrograde 42 days
Stationary approx. 11 days

* Mars
Retrograde 80 days
Stationary approx. 20 days

* Jupiter
Retrograde 120 days
Stationary approx. 10 days

* Saturn
Retrograde 140 days
Stationary approx. 10 days

* Uranus
Retrograde 150 days
Stationary approx. 16 days

* Neptune
Retrograde 160 days
Stationary approx. 16 days

* Pluto
Retrograde 160 days
Stationary approx. 16 days

Current Retrograde Movements

Venus retros every18 months,in 2010 from Oct 8-Nov 18

Jupiter from July 23, 2010 until November 18, 2010.

Uranus from July 5, 2010 until December 6, 2010.

Neptune from May 31, 2010 until November 7, 2010.

Soon to Go Retro

Mercury usually turns retrograde three times a year, but in 2010, it's four! Wow !!! Mercury is currently moving forward but turns retro on Dec 10th for 21 days. This will be powerful !!!

There will be a full moon, lunar eclipse on the Dec 21st Solstice

during Mercury Retro. Hold on to Your Hats !

...Things feeling a little intense and amplified this past week? Computers blanking out, electricity shoring, cells fones dropping more calls than usual? ... Is it the Solar Flares ?

Space Weather News for November 3, 2010

FARSIDE SOLAR FLARES: An active region just over the sun's eastern horizon is crackling with solar flares and hurling material high above the stellar surface. One of today's flares, a C4-class event, created a wave of ionization in Earth's upper atmosphere despite the fact that the blast site was not directly visible from Earth. The source of this activity appears to be old sunspot 1112, which has spent the last ~12 days transiting the far side of the sun, and is now about to turn back toward our planet.


"Solar Flares are one of sevaral up-shift mechanisms for the increasing frequency of the Earth, and are essential for the Plantetary Ascension. While these have a sharp influx of intensity, they can also be used for enhancing meditation and visualization , indeed for great & greater manifestation of desired change" AAMetatron


Vernal Equinox

Mar 20 2011

23:31 UT

Summer Solstice

Jun 21 2011

17:16 UT

Autumnal Equinox

Sep 23 2011

09:04 UT

Winter Solstice

Dec 22 2011

05:30 UT

2011 Jan 04: Solar Eclipse

2011 Jun 01: Solar Eclipse

2011 Jun 15: Total Lunar Eclipse

2011 Jul 01: Solar Eclipse

2011 Nov 25: Solar Eclipse

2011 Dec 10: Total Lunar Eclipse

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