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Celia Fenn Q&A March 2011 (Activation for Japan Radiation and more)


Welcome to our page of Questions from STARCHILD readers.....with answers from Celia Fenn and channeled Sources.

A question from a Reader from Montana in the USA : I have been considering the matter of nuclear radioactivity and how to respond to it from the New Reality/5D. After all the work with Archangel Michael, I do not feel afraid or freaked out, which is very nice.

However, the consideration on my mind is how to respond to a very real physical poison without "having my head in the sand" off in some "spiritual" la-la land. I read in your latest article about how some are in denial about how bad things are. How in this New Reality do we stay in truth and deal constructively with something this tangible as radioactive particles?

Does increasing our personal energy frequency help?

Having studied and worked in the natural health arena for most of my adult life, I am aware of various dietary, supplement and bodywork approaches to dealing with radioactivity in the body. But I haven't felt inclined to jump up and do anything except continue eating lots of raw fats, especially raw organic dairy products and seaweeds, both of which I already eat normally.

I live in Montana, in the northwestern part of the U.S. where much of the Japan jet stream flows.


Thank you for this question. The problem at the Nuclear Reactor site in Japan is by no means over, although attention is now focussed elsewhere. The radiation levels continue to rise and there is evidence that there is wide scale contamination in the water, and so it would seem likely that there may be aerial contamination that may affect people in other countries.

However, this is not meant to create fear or panic, but merely to offer people in Japan and in countries such as the USA a way of coping with the possibility of radiation contamination.

First of all, it is always advisable to follow any health directives concerning food and water that are issued by health authorities. This is only basic common sense.

Then, I had a letter from Marlene at the Flower Essence Center in Australia, alerting me to the use of Yarrow Flower Special Formula made by the Flower Essence Center in the USA. Marlene writes: I thought I would briefly write to you today to mention, in case its of interest to you, that if you know people in Japan exposed to the radiation there, there are a few flower essences that might be benefical for them at the moment (and perhaps you are already familar with these?) Yarrow flower essence is taken to protect oneself against eg radiations. Various essence companies now use it in combination formulas for this purpose. Probably the best known formula is Yarrow Special Formula made by FES in the US. It was developed after Chernobyl and contains herbs as well as flower essences. It is inexpensive and easy to use. Other essences to strengthen the aura might also be beneficial.

I looked up the essence on the Internet and it is now called "Yarrow Environmental Solution" and it is available freely and is inexpensive. It has been used in Japan already for coping with high stress living and ambient radiation. According to the website it can be obtained from Flower Essence Practitioner Mitose Komura in Japan, for Japanese people (mail@afeej.org).

Using this particular Flower essence will help to protect the aura in the case of environmental radiation. Then, Archangel Michael has also provided us with a "Solar Light Body Activation" in his recent work in the Webinars that I offer. This activation is primarily for dealing with the incoming Solar Radiation from Solar Flares, but it can also be used for other types of radiation such as that from a nuclear meltdown.

The underlying premise of this activation is that the Light Body is capable of absorbing and distributing Radiation at high intensity so that it is not harmful to the human body. The effects of Radiation cause "tears" in the human body hologram because the light is so powerful that the holographic information loses integrity and the body breaks down. If the Light Body is strengthened, then it absorbs and distributes the light and the hologram remains intact.

I will be offering the Solar Light Body Activation in the next few days in video or audio, but for now, here is a description of the activation. You can sit very calmly and peacefully and focus on your heart center, breathing deeply. Then ensure that your chakras are opened and aligned, and that you are connected to the soul star and the earth star chakras, and also the Cosmic Heart and the Earth Center Crystal. Then, ask Archangel Michael to assist you to open the Crown Chakra like a Lotus or Sunflower with many petals, and each petal absorbs solar radiation, or any radiation, and distributes this around the Light Body so that it nourishes the Light Body rather than harming it. Then ask also that the Soul Star Chakra be opened as a Flower and also be allowed to absorb Cosmic Light and Frequency to further strengthen the Light Body. At this time you may feel a distinct tingling in your body as the Light Quotient in the Light Body rises and the cells in the physical body start to accelerate in frequency. Then thank Archangel Michael and focus deeply on the Heart Center. Breathe deeply three times and then open your eyes again.

To the Starchild Reader in Montana, USA...I hope this answers your question and assists those of you out there who may have some anxieties about this problem. Remember you are always supported and loved at all times and your Higher Self and Spirit will always protect you and guide you....right into the Fifth Dimension and the New Reality!

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