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PLANETARY CHANGES - Message from AA Metatron

c 8 April 2011 - 1:01pm | Iza

• Planetary Changes on 15th June 2011 - channelled by Jill Harrison
Channelled Message from Archangel Metatron
Jill Harrison

- Planetary Changes on 15th June 2011

Blessings! We are entering an auspicious time. One that the Archangelic Realm has been working towards, for the benefit of mankind, for a millennia. As the planetary changes take place on the 15th June 2011, there will be an opportunity for many souls who have been trapped within the fourth dimension, to be freed. These souls, who would not accept death, those who experienced sudden or violent death, will be released so they may continue their journey. The fourth dimension will cease to exist for souls.

We will be giving these souls the opportunity to move into the fifth dimension, and this opportunity will not arise again for another millennia. This day will be the last event of the fourth dimension, and signifies the Ascension of Planet Earth and for all souls residing on her. Climate change, tectonic shifts, will signify Mother Earth’s onset of labour. There will be those souls, who are finely tuned into the energies, and there may well be a very strong desire to leave behind physical life, but fortitude is needed.

Strength comes to those who walk in the light, through trust. This process of change heralds tremendous stress upon human souls. Many may question their faith, and many light-workers will face attacks from those on lower vibrations. These changes, beloved ones, are necessary.
Self-mastery is key to those who wish to work with Mother Earth and experience this journey.

It is time to understand your place within the planet, the role you play, and the purpose Mother Earth plays in the cosmos. It is a time of transition, not a time to be fearful. All souls are inter-connected, and they create energy networks around the world. Those energy networks where darkness prevails will be unable to ascend, unless dramatic consciousness changes are embraced. Their ability to see humanity as one, is not part of the critical mass consciousness, and therefore, it is essential you do not feel that you are alone in your journey during the coming changes.
Each Archangel within your universe will hold open the arches, the gateways, so you can access guidance and support. Archangel Uriel will help you to strengthen your connection, and help you understand your roles at this time. This is why the Archangelic Realm was created, to hold open gateways for souls to pass through. We are the gatekeepers who serve and protect God, light, the one-conscious energy.
During this time, call upon me should you feel your channels are blocked, or that you are struggling to remain a pure channel. Everything that you are all experiencing, is to bring about creating a vision of a common purpose, which serves and allows everyone to connect, so they can remember their spiritual beginnings. This ascension process is to help you all achieve oneness. This means seeing yourself as unique, but an integral part of the whole. To begin this phase, energies are now creating the opportunity for you all to recognise the importance of balance, between spiritual and material. The time of excess is over. Those of you are ready, should look to working now with the higher chakras.

At the beginning of 2012, mankind will be given the opportunity to recognise the need to eliminate war.

Although mankind talk of ideologies, a time is approaching for all of you to recognise it is time to learn how to master your thoughts. Your thoughts have far reaching effects. If you think of your thoughts as rockets; you will begin to understand the power behind thought. Your thoughts resonate throughout the cosmos. We call upon all lightworkers at this time to send thoughts of love to those areas where wars are currently occurring. Just using thought alone, you have the power to manifest a great deal of healing.

Already your planet has been greatly affected by much flooding. A period of hardship offers everyone the pathway to regaining balance. Chaos only ensues when humanity does not recognise it is time for spiritual change. It is not about money. It is not about power and control. It is about recognising how material things lack purpose and significance. It is an opportunity to recognise how you have all lost sight of your divine purpose. You have all either witnessed, experienced or heard of these floods. Please recognise the need for compassion, the need to come together, and work towards reawakening the divine nature within your hearts. It is not a time to send money but a time to lend a helping hand, to give of your time.

Recognise money is taken by those in control. Send food. Send blankets, fresh water. Send supplies to help others rebuild their communities. If you wonder why I ask you not to send money, I would ask you to look at those times you have done so, and research just how much has been achieved for those in need, and you will discover that in truth, very little has been achieved. Thousands of humans are still experiencing deprivation in Haiti, New Orleans, Ethiopia; the list goes on and on.
Eons ago, this time was foretold in the Book of Revelations, but at that time, it was channelled to those who did not understand evolution. Times are changing. New diseases, new viruses, are already affecting many of you at this time. The changing weather patterns, the earthquakes, the floods; these are all signs from Mother Earth that she is moving into a higher vibration, and it is essential that she experiences transformation.

Death comes swiftly, but it is a great opportunity for re-birth. Human souls are tired of being ruled by people who seek to destroy and control the masses, for excessive wealth. These old ways are now facing a forked pathway; rebirth or oblivion.

A time of truth is upon humanity. You are all asked to explore the truths given to you by the material world. My keys, (the Keys of Metatron) will allow you to cast aside the chains of deceit. However, to attain my keys; I call upon you all to show obedience. Yes, obedience means accept divine will. Do not fight to control what appears to be reality. Accept divine will, and release your frustrations by opening your heart with love, and accepting that everything is in divine order, and that through these experiences, you are being offered the opportunity to grow into an enlightened soul.

To begin to receive my keys, take time to kneel and give yourself absolution. Forgive yourself for the past and the present. Open your heart and show mercy to the self, for without this, you cannot hope to show mercy to others. Learn to recognise that if you hold guilt in your heart, you will operate from a judgemental perspective.

Within your heart lies your seat of power. Seek to work from your heart at all times. If you say to yourself I can’t forgive, then you are refusing to be responsible for your seat of power, you are turning your back upon your opportunity to awaken and attain higher levels of enlightenment.
June is an archway for you all, and this archway is held open for you by Archangel Uriel.

To advance as a spiritual being, your heart cannot hold any blocks. You must embrace love, show understanding and forgiveness for yourself first, and then you will discover that you are able to show this to others too. Many ask of their life’s purpose, and whilst you have roles to fulfil, on a multi-dimensional level, the only life purpose you have is to achieve a pure heart. Those of you who understand this, have the ability to become this. With a pure heart will achieve the greatest spiritual advancement you can. There will be some of you who egotistically say ‘Yes, that’s me’. I would, however, say that currently there are only nine souls on the earth plane, and I do not include my little one (Jill) here in this equation. When with truth you can say, you no longer judge yourself, you no longer allow negative opinions of others to affect you, and you seek only to empower the world and be of service to Divine Will, then you can claim that you are the embodiment of your life’s purpose.

Blessed Be.
Archangel Metatron.

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