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Principle of Easter, Ascension, and Mayan 2012

Principle of Easter, Ascension,
and Mayan 2012

Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

During this time of year, I turn my attention to themes of spirit. As many of you know, my religious faith originates with Catholicism which remains at the core of my beliefs. However, I actively sought and embrace several spiritual beliefs, or perhaps better put 'spiritual understandings'. One can 'believe' - but not 'understand'. This is often referred to as "faith." On the other hand -- one can understand but not believe. This is called "choice." Therefore, it is with choice and understanding that I formulate principles of faith in my life; and nothing grabs my attention more than the principle of Easter.

I say "principle" of Easter to broaden the message and meaning as it relates to spiritual evolution. I would suggest this 'principle' of ascension is not tied only to Christians or Catholics. In fact, history suggests Christianity is really the 'new kid on the block'. Our ancestors have known of the principle of spiritual evolution for centuries. Some might say it is the foundation of our being. This is where you might hear the popular saying: "we are not human beings seeking a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings seeking a human experience." If this is true, then our journey is more about "remembering" rather than "finding."

Could this be what our Mayan elders have been telling us as it relates to the Mayan calendar and 2012? The same goes for our Hopi elders and every other ancient tribal wisdom. What may be coming is simply the end of one world (understanding), and the beginning of a new world (understanding). Could it really be the end of "greed" and the beginning of true community? Is it the end of political power plays, and the beginning of unity?

Remember: The ushering of a new world (5th World) has already begun. December 21st -will not- be as if flipping a switch and all is changed. No. It will be gradual and the journey will be easier for some than others. Most often change does not come without its thorns. The earth changes that our currently unfolding and will escalate for some months, is perhaps a snap-shot of what many will encounter "internally" with emotions, confusion, trying to make sense of a fast changing world.

One of my most favorite biblical writings is a time when the most loyal of Jesus' followers, (or students) - best known as his "disciples" - would repeatedly ask Jesus for his guidance and wanting him to make every single decision for them as if they were in a never ending loop of indecision and helplessness. Then on this one day - Jesus turned to his disciples and said: (paraphrase) "Stop following (mimic) me. It is not for me to be your idol of worship. I am not the one who has the only power. The power dwells within each of you. I am the way, the giver of life (renewal), in my name I make all things holy. God is my father, I am the Son, and you are my brothers and sisters."

I believe Jesus was wanting to instill the knowledge and principle of resurrection; the principle of "ascension". The understanding of what we Catholics know as the "Holy Trinity".

The 'Trinity' is made up of the uniting of three.

1) the Father (God, Creator, Great Spirit)

2) the Son (Jesus and all his brothers and sisters)

3) the Holy Spirit (some might call this the soul, or life force energy)

Some describe the 'ascension' process as raising our vibration to a higher frequency. This is certainly one area I step beyond the structure of the Catholic Church and venture into several realms that are more metaphysical. Some believe in the principle of "Christ Consciousness". This idea would suggest the higher level of spiritual knowingness is described as the "Christ". Hence, the term Jesus the Christ, which of course is different than Jesus Christ -- or is it?

The idea of rising into a higher state of being is an exciting premise I so well remember during Easter. Not the punishment, not the sacrifice, but the renewal and ascension back to a place of which we began.

May we find the Maya, Aztec, Anasazi, Hopi, Sumerian, Canaanite, Essene, Egyptians, Dogon, Aborigine, Tibetans, and so many others are right in their singleness of purpose which suggests a time of transition is upon us. Our next level of awareness or state-of-being is unfolding in this very moment. May the principle of Easter and Ascension bring us to a place we shall recognize immediately upon its presence---

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